We Treat a Fan to a Total Kitchen Makeover!
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Sound: Nick Carignan
Art Department: Emily Banks, Leo Martinez, Gabe Gonzales

  • olivia lopez
    olivia lopez

    Just took the quiz and it helped so much! Ive been struggling to find my aesthetic and i loved how the results were in percentages💕

    • Nadine Weller
      Nadine Weller

      @Azar Safi i wonder...

    • Zenita

      Omg Mr Kate liked and pinned your comment

    • Charlotte Facho
      Charlotte Facho

      Me too! I had a lot of results with 44% Quirky/Whimsical 22.% fahouse/beachy 22%Mid-centuary morden 11% Traditional I feel like this is so like true... Because I'm like Carly, I see something I like it, I buy it. But I've never known by asthetic, I mean like I have answered so many quizzes, but never one so accurate. So thank you mr. Kate, I love you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️❤️❤️😍🥰🥰😘

    • Raymond Suman
      Raymond Suman

      olivia lopez I wish u can come to our home to fix it when we buy new home.

    • hailey

      I mostly have the industrial aesthetic, so finding decor for my room won’t be as hard now lol



  • Pamela Fox
    Pamela Fox

    Awesome Joey!

  • Wild Raconteuse
    Wild Raconteuse

    OMG Love the herb garden on a dowel idea!!!!! I am stealing that idea for my new house. You are "such and upgrade!" Thank you for your show, my happy place in a curious time.

  • Jacqueline Barrera
    Jacqueline Barrera

    this was pre covid imagine not knowing what is to come 😔

  • Abby Grace
    Abby Grace

    Omg that quiz helped me so much!

  • Abby Grace
    Abby Grace

    But wonderful job! You guys are great

  • Abby Grace
    Abby Grace

    Haha she said minimalist so many times lol

  • Ted Ivan
    Ted Ivan

    Who hates mr kate? Absolutely ZERO❤️

  • Diana da Goddess
    Diana da Goddess

    It's simply beautiful 😍

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl

    Who pays for the stuff?

  • Eveyn Chavez
    Eveyn Chavez

    Who’s watching during covid and is cringing at how close they are around each other 🙈🙈wow it was a different time

  • Eveyn Chavez
    Eveyn Chavez

    Only Kate can wear a bike sweater and a fedora and make it look chic 🙈

  • Jane Synnot
    Jane Synnot

    Great job to you both. 💕💕💕💕

  • Aileen Kawagoe
    Aileen Kawagoe

    It’s funny, while I ordinarily don’t like the ubiquitous beehive pendant lamps, I think they would have done better here than the “minimalist lamp” here.

  • Madeleine Perkins
    Madeleine Perkins

    Carolina...you are darling.

  • Adv. Mokshada
    Adv. Mokshada

    Why I love Mr. Kate.. because no boundaries to their creativity 😊.. no mould to fit it. Everything is flexible according to client's preferences and style❤️

  • Rushdha Hazim
    Rushdha Hazim

    i am not really always into these designing stuff but after i discovered Mr kate i am in love with it. you guys just make it fun and inspirational

  • Missy Sharon
    Missy Sharon

    I love the chairs, herb garden and new appliances. Sorry the exposed shelves instead of upper cabinets is not my taste but glad the fan loves it!

  • edita armanis
    edita armanis


  • Ashley Mufasa
    Ashley Mufasa

    This is one of my favorites!

  • Kate FX
    Kate FX

    Check out Stone Coat Countertops for great counter replacement ideas

  • Ellie Bustillo
    Ellie Bustillo

    I need y’all to come to my kitchen!!!!!!! also I’m 30% farmhouse/beachy 20% traditional 10% industrial 10% quirky/whimsical 10% mid-century modern 10% glam and 10% bohemian 😅😁😂😂

  • Dawn Cormier Jones
    Dawn Cormier Jones

    Mr.kate should me on Netflix

  • jhessa tapang
    jhessa tapang

    The sink should always be in the middle of the working triangle in a kitchen.

  • Jacklyn Mason
    Jacklyn Mason

    You two ROCK❣

  • gabby

    tried to do the quiz but kept tapping things when i was scrolling 😐 and i couldn't go back so I'd have to redo the whole thing which I'm too lazy to do- but the layout is amaaazingg!! and it's such a great idea! not rating it any less because the tapping was my fault but it's a super amazing idea! 5/5 looovvvee itt!

  • Bam Bam
    Bam Bam

    I'm creating a website for my business and listening to Mr. Kate because these videos keeps me motivated to design and create. 😊😊😊

  • Heiry Bonilla
    Heiry Bonilla

    Que lindo son increíbles

  • Ashley McDaniel
    Ashley McDaniel


  • Gnomie

    I was thinking if she wasn't bothered about a dishwasher they could've done a covered bin store.

  • Proverbial Woman
    Proverbial Woman

    Love that you help folks who can’t afford to do for themselves. Like this much more than helping wealthy people.

  • Chantal Hernandez-Sierra
    Chantal Hernandez-Sierra

    ive never used a dish washer and im college apartment i had one and none of use used it because we were used to washing dishes by hand

  • Heather Ryan
    Heather Ryan

    Love the herb garden wall !!!

  • lara

    How often can you say minimalist in one video 😂😂 But what a beautiful outcome! I could only wish to have such a fancy kitchen!

  • chefboyrdee1

    what I dont get is .. where'd all the reno garbage go?

  • Radha

    Such a wonderful makeover ❤️ I also took the what's my aesthetic quiz and got 8 different types! Lol😄. I didn't think I could have achieved that even if tried and here I am😂

    • Radha

      Just so that I paint the whole picture, the results were like so- 20% - Mid-century modern 20% - Modern / Dramatic 10% - Farmhouse / Beachy 10% - Industrial 10% - Quirky/ Whimsical 10% - Minimalist 10% - Traditional 10% - Bohemian

  • Kokeb selie
    Kokeb selie

    Can you please please 😧😧 do your magic work in my flat 🏢 if you come to London , i have been watching your videos its so amazinggggggg 💯🥰

    • Kevin

      Kokeb selie Chances are if they are in London, they probably don't want to work for free, lol.

  • Miranda Milner
    Miranda Milner


  • CandidWith Glee
    CandidWith Glee

    off of subject y'all are a beautiful couple. Did your husband play on bring it on?

  • Anty Rochandhi
    Anty Rochandhi

    the schmoll rug cuddle is so cute!!!!!!!

  • Jordan D
    Jordan D

    such a stunning transformation and carolina was precious!

  • Julissa Molina
    Julissa Molina

    This is so my dream kitchen and dining room 🥰💕💕I love y'all so much

  • Moriah

    Is she trans? Or her name is just Mr. Kate?


    Wow on the kitchen!!!!!

  • ele flower
    ele flower

    OMG big big change,I loved the DIY ...

  • Manon X
    Manon X

    You guys aren’t creative weirdos you guys a creative artist

  • Olivia Kimball
    Olivia Kimball

    I took the quiz and matched me so amazingly well. You guys are amazing and interior design is my DREAM

  • Stef B McCoy
    Stef B McCoy

    i hate dishwashers. i lived in 4 places with dishwashers and it is such a waste of space in the kitchen. the dishes always came out dirty. i tried each dishwasher two times and now finally live in a place without one.

  • Lauren Dubberke
    Lauren Dubberke

    Nick forever amen

  • Aloha Leslie
    Aloha Leslie

    I love that DIY herb garden. Genius!!! :)

  • U OL
    U OL

    Oooh! Love the hanging plant idea.

  • U OL
    U OL

    Hey, that older stove is MY stove. Nothing wrong with it.

  • Jessica Pienaar
    Jessica Pienaar

    I love EVERYTHING, the only thing that bothers me....is the gold handles on the cabinets that do not match the silver esthetic

  • Andreas A
    Andreas A

    I also took your aesthetic test and it's legit spot on! I got 50% Vintage eclectic and Traditional 25% and minimal 25%

  • Aneeqa Karu
    Aneeqa Karu

    I love this video, helped me with so many ideas. I am planning to give my mom's kitchen a makeover with some new paint job and other projects. I love to see how you use space, likes and dislikes as ideas to move ahead with. Thanks! You're my inspiration to take over more makeover projects for home

  • Girl Talk by Sinthia
    Girl Talk by Sinthia

    🤩 OH MY GOD!! .. I couldn't belive my eyes! All my life, I had multi-taste in almost everything .. whether its food, deco, dress etc. & I used to get restless/sad most times thinking why don't I have any specific pattern choice/aesthetic 😔 .. like others?! But, then I took your quiz today.. & it made me feel like.. " IT'S OK " to have multi-taste 🥰 Also, those ## like .. #whynot #moreismore .. just loved it. Ane the result .. ahh Its like, this little quiz made me know myself more better 😇 🌿 Thanks Kate.. Thank you so much really! 💜🖤 I love you guys for being this kind, talented & thoughtful. May god bless you 🙏 Oh n congrats on having a lovely child, I absolutely love that blue eyed angel 😘 💙 🌹My Result: 30% Quirky/Whimsical 20% Farmhouse/Beachy 20% Bohemian 10% Traditional 10% Modern/Dramatic 10% Glam

  • Kimberley Derricutt
    Kimberley Derricutt

    Joeys fake tan makes me laugh in this. I hate when I get to the patchy stage lol

  • Stephanie C
    Stephanie C

    I took the aesthetic quiz I was literally 10-20% of everything 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️I’ll never be able to decorate my house and have it make sense lmao

    • Love you
      Love you

      My parents too! So they decorated each room with a different style😂

  • meenakshi kandpal
    meenakshi kandpal

    Soo it's a great show but just wanted to know who pays for the stuff.. Like here the dishwasher and refrigerator costed much, so who pays?

    • Kevin

      meenakshi kandpal You.

  • Prom Man
    Prom Man

    U guys are the best. U should be on TV. 🙏

  • Sameen Omair
    Sameen Omair

    Where did you buy the plants from?

  • Meg Miller
    Meg Miller

    I love these sponsored videos where they get to spoil people! #thankslowes

  • Erika Mae
    Erika Mae

    I never saw a bad makeover. You guys are REALLY amazing.

  • KathRon Channel
    KathRon Channel

    Wow😍Mr.Kate Simple but Beautiful new Design of her Kitchen..and I like it so much..

  • Caylee Lorenz
    Caylee Lorenz

    I took the quiz and I hav like 6 different results

  • Keely Rao
    Keely Rao

    I know this was made ages ago but I made the quiz and I am mostly bohemian and minimalist!

  • Lauryn Stewart
    Lauryn Stewart

    I love her, I totally understand why she didn’t care too much about a dishwasher at first- immigrant families don’t really use them. I can relate. She worked so hard I’m so proud of her for accomplishing her goals 🤍🤍

  • Sharon L. Grady
    Sharon L. Grady

    I just became asubby to your channel because l normally love your style of designs,but this video????Do you have any idea of how many times are you gonna say the word "minimalist? I didnt think that the piping chandelier fit well with those hanging plants, a wicker chandelier would have looked better,in my opinion.

  • BobbieBrownie

    The whole video I felt like I was in The Sims building a kitchen :D

  • Ameesha Shohini
    Ameesha Shohini

    I love that

  • Kenneth Sagun
    Kenneth Sagun

    Joey do you ever get to speak?


    Love from India

  • Lilliam Jefferies
    Lilliam Jefferies

    Quarantining and found this amazing channel. I am obsessed... love this one made me cry.

  • Victoria Christian
    Victoria Christian

    That didn’t look like a counter depth refrigerator to me, was it?

  • Camilla Nicole
    Camilla Nicole

    Not joking I had a baby sitter once and she genuinely didn’t know how to look after a plant so I told her and she said “ohhhh so that’s why my plants keep dying” I was about to cry. ( She was a mature and old enough adult to know that). 😂😂😂

  • Akshita Jain
    Akshita Jain

    Loved it SO much Kate and Joey!!! P.s I need to know where can I find that gorgeous steel KNIFE SET ????????

  • Debra Jackson
    Debra Jackson

    That's a beautiful job done,( as usual). Love it.

  • Angela Sealana
    Angela Sealana

    Such a fabulous job!! Lowe's was a lifesaver.

  • Sai Shreya
    Sai Shreya

    Hey Kate nd Joey..!!!! Love from India... Can't you people just come to India nd help us make our home feel home... Like warm nd cozy... Nd reflects our personality :'(

    • Kevin

      Sai Shreya No, lol.

  • ariadna García
    ariadna García


  • Ami Kh
    Ami Kh

    great work

  • Kim

    this is 100% my aesthetic wow

  • Pamela Johnson
    Pamela Johnson

    You all did a fanstastic job.

  • Pamela Johnson
    Pamela Johnson

    Her kitchen is beautiful she deserves it.And I wished many blessings for her and her 👪 family.🌹🌹🌹🌹💃💃💃💃🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉❤❤❤

  • lee sheckler
    lee sheckler

    This is so random but Mr. Kate looks like Beth from dog the bounty hunter like a lot ! Just me ? lol .. RIP to Beth tho 😿💕

  • Rebecca H
    Rebecca H

    I’m so happy, she really deserved this. Thanks Kate and Joey! You made a difference for this girl ❤️

  • Leslie Hernandez
    Leslie Hernandez

    Leslie Hernandez office room

  • Josephine May
    Josephine May

    I did the quiz and I got 20% beachy 20% Industrial 20% vintage 20% bohemian and 20% minimalist... I think I would have Mr. Kate’s biggest challenge yet 💀😂😂😂

  • marilyn gil
    marilyn gil

    How can you get them to get your place done ?

  • K Gooding
    K Gooding

    SO GREAT! I love your design!!

  • Maddisen Jacques
    Maddisen Jacques

    They swapped all the fixtures except the sink😔😔 i wish they gave her a pulldown faucet but everything else is beautiful🥰

  • Mini Téa Leoni
    Mini Téa Leoni


  • Mini Téa Leoni
    Mini Téa Leoni

    I wish you could come to my house

  • Rachal Nelson
    Rachal Nelson

    Between this acct and my other youtube acct I've been watching you for atleast 8+ years. Girl you are so awesome! If you ever come my way to VA and I get to meet y'all I might fan girl faint

  • Cintia Perez
    Cintia Perez

    😢😢 the love between you all is soo pure &beautiful to watch I'm in tears I'm so happy for you guys ❤

  • Jayden Maybery
    Jayden Maybery

    I guy I love your work so much. I will love to get in contact with you . I whant to make my mom’s room over . Becous she works so hard and she does everything for us I really think she need a little exitment in her life . I jus whant to show her how much we appreciate het and that we love het . Im 15 years old and what to surprise my mom with a room make ofer . Do you guys think you can pull this off ?

  • Blue Birds
    Blue Birds

    I wish she can makeover my room

  • Tommy

    I took the quiz and I’m a lot

  • Janet Becker
    Janet Becker

    I Love your Uniqueness. I'm Glam, Hippy bohemian, Maximalist. I like to see my things. I like dressing from a glam day to my hippy Stevie Nick's, to whatever. When I retire I'm going to dye my hair into deep purple graduated to Lavender, and when I return for a touch up I want dress once in life. Love what you do.

361 хиљ.