We Surprise Our Kid With a Playroom Makeover!
We’re creating a DIY magical playroom for our son Moon and surprising him with the reveal!
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  • Mr. Kate
    Mr. Kate

    What was your favorite toy as a kid!? 😃

    • Emilia JP
      Emilia JP

      a massive brown teddy bear that was 3 times the size of me called bruce 😂

    • Allpal

      Those like, hiking is Legos lol

    • simone dcosta
      simone dcosta

      i have a lil build a bear called sugar-

    • Tetsu

      I got bored with most toys pretty easily but I think my favorite toy was a ball that had mirrors and stuff inside the little mirror rooms.

    • Abi Archer
      Abi Archer

      My thumb

  • Emily Le
    Emily Le

    Moon has so much Joey in him. In his facial expressions and mannerisms, I love it!

  • Emilia JP
    Emilia JP

    moon is so cute, you guys are like the best parents ever, the way you play with him and talk with him is so sweet

  • Charis Roberts
    Charis Roberts

    I seriously can’t wait to make a playroom this amazing and inspiring

  • Adriana Moffett
    Adriana Moffett

    We need a whole video of just moon cause he is so cute ❤ btw amazing mskeover!🙂

  • Jennifer Maddamma
    Jennifer Maddamma

    Ooh my goodness you and Joey did a fabulous job on Moons new play space...

  • Cate steck
    Cate steck

    this room reminds me of my Waldorf preschool!

  • Luiza Costa
    Luiza Costa


  • Auto1ooxd

    I’m confused. I left for a few seconds, I come back and Moon is grown... But you was still pregnant like...idk...whatttt

  • Luiza Costa
    Luiza Costa

    kates curly pigtails tho🥺

  • Niyah F
    Niyah F

    Moon is sooo cuteee

  • Sumaiya Meah
    Sumaiya Meah

    I bought 6 chickens and a month passed by 1 of my chicken died 😕 1 like 1 rip for my chicken lulu

  • Sheila Scoyne
    Sheila Scoyne

    Absolutely beautiful, hi Moon, your amazing momma and daddy😊👍❤

  • Gisselle roman
    Gisselle roman

    this was so cute and wholesome

  • A Schmi-Mü
    A Schmi-Mü

    Hi guys, where did you get this train pipe, please?

  • Genesis Alisson
    Genesis Alisson

    cute handsome boy.. mix of both of you

  • Paige Leonard
    Paige Leonard

    I love that you co sleep with moon! I have been sleeping with my lil one for 5 years now. There is just something so special sleeping with the family. 🥰

  • Sabrina Waldman
    Sabrina Waldman

    as a former Waldorf kid Joey's comments had me dying XD

  • bubblegirls1234

    CAN WE TALK ABOUT YOUR PAINTING SKILLS ?!?! You are sooooo good😍

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    Needed a rug cuddle with the 3 of you!

  • hecravesambriana !
    hecravesambriana !

    Kate is such an amazing artist and an amazing fun, loving, positive person 💗💗💗

  • Carly H
    Carly H

    Lmao @ Moon fake laughing when TT said ”Myy Mooon” he is such a character 💕

  • Love YaYa
    Love YaYa

    Oh my gosh he's sooo big!

  • The Shar and Joe Show
    The Shar and Joe Show

    Loved that family song moment at the end!

  • Tetsu

    I can't wait till their furniture line launches. Our landlord kicked everyone out because they were selling the building so we are looking for a place to stay rn. And since most of our furniture came with the last apartment we're gonna need some new stuff and I really like the designs of the stuff we've seen so far!

  • Lori Humphry
    Lori Humphry

    Moon has the most special glimmer in his eyes when he smiles! I just love this channel. Just became a Creative Weirdo recently, or I was one, just not a member of this channel. LOVE what you do!

  • Mia L
    Mia L

    BRUH he’s getting so old i feel so weird...i thought he was still a new born😭😭

  • Millie Lach
    Millie Lach

    The rug cuddles but with moon this time kinda made me tear up

  • juliette marchand
    juliette marchand

    I CAN’T Moon is the cutest 😱😍

  • Joelle Elizabeth
    Joelle Elizabeth

    random but i'd love to see more videos about how you're raising Moon, how family bed has been working out for you guys, etcetera! I'm rly inspired by ur approach and would love to learn more.

  • Mariela Romero
    Mariela Romero

    I haven’t been on RSloft for a while and their newborn as I remember is already so big, it hasn’t been that long since I haven’t watched their videos either😭🤧

  • Kaylie K
    Kaylie K

    Awesome makeover, and moon being adorable in the outro made my day! 😂🥺💜

  • j. wilson
    j. wilson

    Pikkler triangle is R.I.E.! I love how you engage with Moon. Very R.I.E.

  • tams mac
    tams mac

    Your husband looks like Ace Ventura lol especially when he taps the camera haha

  • Jack Hobson
    Jack Hobson

    Moon is soo cute and I can’t wait until he grows up to be a creative werdio like his crazy parents!

  • Tima •
    Tima •

    Moon is growing up so fast

  • KATahum S.
    KATahum S.

    Wow! It really looked like a Waldorf classroom! Almost everything in the room reminded me of school. Wood touch, the rainbow, the dolls, everything! Hahahaha! I love your makeovers too! 💙

  • CJ OperAmericano
    CJ OperAmericano

    Moon is so obviously a super intelligent little guy! You can tell he has such a sweet soul too 🥰 so cute guys! Love this family content

  • Mallory Stewart
    Mallory Stewart

    Cosleeping is so dangerous. I’m glad he is ok! Moon is so cute :)

  • Marley Art
    Marley Art

    What a Devine space for Moon. I wonder what your next little human will be called....I know a Willow, Storm, Raven, Summer and River. All Such beautiful names. ✨💕🌛

  • Pernilla S
    Pernilla S

    I still can't get over your beautifully painted wall of animals and trees, I wish you sold it like wallpaper =) And so in love with his Waldorf toys and play items, always loved the silks so much, yay Moon must love it so so much. I went to a Montessori school myself and I have SO many fond memories from there with the creativity and independence they encouraged.

  • Taylah Bergin
    Taylah Bergin

    I have a good feeling moon will be fairly mentally stable bc if Kate and Joey, that warms my heart

  • Clio B
    Clio B

    And of course, Moon is gonna be drilling and hammering stuff on walls. this is so adorable! 🥰

  • Odarlyn’s Vlogs
    Odarlyn’s Vlogs

    He’s so handsome and grown up omg

  • kerryanne28

    I wish your furniture was getting released in uk too 😭😭😭

  • Lust

    Will moon get a sibling 😳

  • Patricia Fisher
    Patricia Fisher

    Love his name, Moon and he's so cute.

  • Brooke Lelonde
    Brooke Lelonde

    Uummm where dose he sleep?

  • Mama Oftwos
    Mama Oftwos

    As a montessori mom and love interior design. This is like 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Janelle Mutya
    Janelle Mutya

    I stopped this video at 9:00 to do a thorough deep dive into Waldorf schools. Definitely love it's pedagogy.

  • Life with Anya
    Life with Anya

    I am so confused wasent she just pregnant

  • Jade Fonville
    Jade Fonville

    Why does he look like a 7 year old. I'm so confused I swear you just had him

  • Hannah Eller
    Hannah Eller

    God. I just love Moon so much. I feel like he is the prettiest little kid I have ever seen. And that’s saying a lot because my child is BEAUTIFUL! He just seems so sweet 🥰

  • Izy Alli
    Izy Alli

    Moon is so beautiful!

  • kelly morgan
    kelly morgan

    Let’s not promote cosleeping

  • Marina Schwab
    Marina Schwab

    I just love that you decided to co-sleep with Moon. When I had my first child I was doing the same thing: but half of the stuff I bought I didn't use. Now being pregnant for the fourth time I know exactly what NOT to buy 😁

  • Gwynneth Smith
    Gwynneth Smith

    What a wonderful human Moon is and he's only going to grow more wonderful everyday! What amazing parents he has!

  • Gwynneth Smith
    Gwynneth Smith

    I'm so confused I was subscribed and I realized I haven't been getting video updates on you guys I just saw I had a subscribe option... Wonder what happened?;

  • Gwynneth Smith
    Gwynneth Smith

    We never use my daughter's room. Most beautiful room in the place but she stays in our room. She's three and we don't plan on moving her to her room and time soon 💁 YAY Co sleeping!!🙌💖

  • Adira Aspires
    Adira Aspires

    Is this what good parents are like? I wish my parents were this loving w o w

  • Dessiree Richard
    Dessiree Richard

    Little moon has the sweetest eyes!

  • serotoninbernie

    i just came across this in my feed, i haven’t watched you in forever. moon has gotten so big! the last video i watched was his name reveal :) the playroom you made is so nice, i love the tree, yet again slayed the mural. i love this channel more than anything, it’s so wholesome 💞

  • Marah Eissa
    Marah Eissa

    I’m so happy for moon 🥰 I hope I can afford a room to my 10 months lovely daughter one day

  • Zephy Antil
    Zephy Antil

    Omg his face at 0:24 is literally Kate giving joey the really face

  • skater4life

    Layout really encourages moon to learn independent play and enjoy his own self 🤙🏽

  • skater4life

    Fun to watch you jazz up your hair! Actually, the upswept do looks really good👌🏼

  • opal moon
    opal moon

    completely forgot about mr Kate wot

  • Easel Weasel
    Easel Weasel

    i wish i can paint like that

  • Easel Weasel
    Easel Weasel

    who else would sing the intro song every time: it’s time to decorate there’s so much we can make how will it turn out OMG we’re coming over knock knock knock knock open up here OK you’re like yelling like really loud.

  • Eva Beava
    Eva Beava

    Where does moon sleep??

  • klyn2662

    Moon has Winston’s soul in his heart ❤️

  • Adorbeva

    How much does it cost to hire you for a room makeover in the uk?

  • ainsley woodruff
    ainsley woodruff

    I could moons brain spinning when he was using the drill with joey it was adorable!

  • turkishdelight2013

    What’s his bedroom look like?

  • Claudia Oakes
    Claudia Oakes

    I’m in love with the style of videos you’ve been doing recently, I’ll forever love this channel 🤍🤍

  • May Harris
    May Harris

    He’s so cute

  • Megan Carr
    Megan Carr

    he has grown ALOT i thought he was just born yesterday 💀

  • Oblivion Kandles
    Oblivion Kandles

    you should get a rescue dog!!

  • golden maknae
    golden maknae

    my favorite kids toy was a huge fairy stuffed animal i would sleep on it every night until my mom took it away cause she thought i was to attached to it :< pretty sure i found it on ebay but idk if its the same one

  • Izzy North
    Izzy North

    OMG! Moon is so cute!

  • Vick herr
    Vick herr

    Dayyum the last video of yours i remember watching was the pregnanccy announcement :0 also moon is so handsome

  • TIC IslaCharlie
    TIC IslaCharlie

    what wiston passed noooo

  • #I am Cris Clark
    #I am Cris Clark

    Can you guys caption your videos? The RSloft option misses a lot of the words and it’s hard to keep up.

  • v tran
    v tran

    you guys are so thorough in everything you do and it's amazing!!

  • v tran
    v tran


  • Army tik tok
    Army tik tok

    Imagine being they daughter !!

  • De Kleine Groene Planeet
    De Kleine Groene Planeet

    omg I love it. I went to a walldorf school all my life, well untill ik was 18, and the vibe brings back memories.

  • Alishayne polly
    Alishayne polly

    Guys please support my channel thank you 🙏🍀

  • Mellie Dearwolf
    Mellie Dearwolf

    Imagine growing up with parents who not only has the funds to make these kinds of things but also the CARE and ATTENTION to try to always do the right thing for you to have the best possible childhood. I'm gonna cry!

  • Once upon a time / Pll
    Once upon a time / Pll

    I swear she was just pregnant and what the …

  • ani_ r.1
    ani_ r.1

    Do a makeover gor mr.beast!!!!

  • Annebeau Sark
    Annebeau Sark

    put legos in the table!

  • Tara

    i swear just 2 weeks ago Moon was a newborn!!

  • Kassie Kay
    Kassie Kay

    I remember watching you put together that nursery!!! So crazy how time flies 💛

  • Olivia Edwards
    Olivia Edwards

    Moon looks like Joey with Kate’s eyes!!!

  • Elle C.
    Elle C.

    I had a whole Waldorf playroom with the scarves over the benches, wool dolls, wool mini animals/fairies with raw silk dresses, the puppets, and a a sensory water and sandd table outside, the beeswax crayons. My daughter now in college remembers none of it.

  • Adri B
    Adri B

    Where did you purchase the non toxic stains? Also, would you consider making a video where you share some of your go to stores/materials and anh knowledge etc. that you implement or have used when buying or making things for moon? I am always on the hunt for learning toys and safe non-toxic baby friendly materials. Thanks!

  • Anne Reyes
    Anne Reyes

    Can you do a Modern Restaurant Makeover? 🥺 Would love to get some Idea from you for our business❤️

  • Abbey Reid
    Abbey Reid

    Transitioned my daughter’s room as well! She’s only a month older than moon!

  • _Akrose642_

    How long do you think you will be cosleeping with Moon.

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