Ultimate Work From Home Office Makeover!
Get inspired by this light, bright and totally DIY'd shared, husband and wife, small business home office! Sponsored by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. Columbus, Ohio bit.ly/MrKateNationwide

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These two Creative Weirdos asked for our help getting their perfect home office. The twist is they wanted to do the work, so we design it and they do it! With lots of DIY, fresh paint, a new awesome wall mural and some fun furniture watch this couple totally transform their converted garage into the perfect work from home office. It's an interior design before and after, you won't want to miss!

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Creative Credit: Audio Tracks - Epidemic Sound: share.epidemicsound.com/rGjgC , Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr, Supervising Producer: AJ Tesler, Producer: Annie O’Rourke, DP: Jan-Michael Losada, Assistant Art Director: Emily Banks, Editor: Vianne Robitaille

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  • Nel Rios
    Nel Rios

    Omg mr Kate great job with getting them to follow the plans ya'll made for their office

  • witty pedia
    witty pedia

    You can make this an international series where creative weirdos across the world can have their homes transformed😊 I would love to have your help in transforming my new house and making it home ☺️

  • Shamsa

    I love this couple!

  • A GZ
    A GZ

    They forgot their theme song??? I love this theme song!!!! :(

  • Tiaunna Deleo
    Tiaunna Deleo

    I think mr.kate should do more videos like this. that way u can do room makeovers for people who don't live where u live. like i live in ohio and ive always dreamed of having a room makeover by you guys

  • Ariel

    I need these two to have a RSloft vlog channel 😂

  • Shannon Nevid
    Shannon Nevid

    This is so sweet to help an upcoming small business, I hope it continues to grow.They did an amazing job. What I love most is you made ot seem as anyone can do a project like this. Wishing you the very best on your upcoming new line.

  • Michelle Pouliot
    Michelle Pouliot

    That is absolutely stunning!!

  • Jennifer Beth
    Jennifer Beth

    One of my favorite designs yet! Not J; but S!

  • Afreen Khusru
    Afreen Khusru

    I love how Kate and Joey themselves did Work from Home for a Work from Home space makeover 😂😂

  • Olivia Bulanda
    Olivia Bulanda

    Congratulations. This is a great video. Just feel in love with this couple and will always love Mr Kate.

  • Poppy Keech
    Poppy Keech

    I would be sooo happy if this was on Netflix!! Like if u want Mr Kate on Netflix 👍🏻

  • Arlene hartwell
    Arlene hartwell

    What is the white paint color you chose for the walls? I want to do that to my home but not make it look too sterile.

  • Hiba Nizami
    Hiba Nizami

    The fact that they were able to execute it so well is amzing!!

  • Yajaira Lindley
    Yajaira Lindley

    When can i buy the coffee table ??? I love the colors

  • Haidyn

    Nationwide is on your side😩

  • cj wins
    cj wins

    This is awesome! Kinda a diy makeover 💜

  • Batooly Abdullah
    Batooly Abdullah

    I love u guuuuyyysss💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘you’re my favorite

  • Andrea

    an amazing design and they executed it so well

  • isnazzy17

    loved this makeover so much!!

  • Ap Ple89
    Ap Ple89

    Wow they did great following instructions! 😍👌

  • Ladell Wright
    Ladell Wright

    2:55 Tht chair in the background, is it in the furniture line or can anyone help me cause I want/need.the chair haha?? Love all the Mr Kate videos and always excited to see more :D

  • Nicole Penny
    Nicole Penny

    okkk but did val killed it on that mural or whattt. and her styling on that shelves omg! are u sure she's not a designer?

  • ca-ke

    I love how the interior design came together. There was definitely a moment when they put the couch next to the shelves and it was like weird but thats why you need an interior designer to place and design the layout and colours to match!

  • ca-ke

    Im curious about the camera work?

  • Britzel 1
    Britzel 1

    Wow, they seriously brought it all! You guy's all worked so well together 🙏 This job turned out fantastic 👏

  • Rachel Ann Agapito
    Rachel Ann Agapito

    Is she a Filipina? Wow! So lucky to work with you Mr.Kate and Joey 🥺💓💚

  • LUMI

    Moon is so grown already😭

  • Garden My
    Garden My

    I like the couch

  • Halla Rahman
    Halla Rahman

    Please speak on the injustices happening in Palestine 🇵🇸 keep Palestinians in your thoughts and prayers !

  • Danielle Celeste
    Danielle Celeste

    Loves it ❣️

  • Gina Martinez
    Gina Martinez

    I love that terrazzo coffee table !!!! Is it going to be back in stock?

  • Rinny Dale
    Rinny Dale

    👍🏻👍🏻 💖💖💖💖💖 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


    Hi Mr Kate, i ❤ watching you guys. Could you help The Ahern Family with a budget home makeover? Maybe you could reach out to them. They just got to the states and just bought a house.They still have an emty house and struggling to put what where.... Ps.hope you will read this🙏

  • Chaz Evansdale
    Chaz Evansdale

    I love how Spread the Love is commenting on a ton of comments! 😂💙 Val killed it with the mural. I was like she could have a career just in that. Zack looked like a natural on the Joey 2 Roll and wall mounting. Val and Zack did the obligator rug cuddle and they're both very RSloft creator energy friendly. YAS!

  • kaylabear

    The designs in this video look great, but the sound levels for the music and the audio are all over the place. I have to keep turning my sound up and down

  • GypsyHayes

    Such a cute and functional space. Lovely couple. Cute kids. Kate , LOVE your hair!💖 HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY❣️

  • yagirlnesss

    Wow they were such an attractive beautiful couple! So hard working too and they well deserves this office makeover. They match each other so well and if I see their peanut butter in a store one day I will for sure buy and support. Great makeover also Mr.Kate and Joey ❤️

  • Jasmin Choudhury
    Jasmin Choudhury

    Omg when is that coffee table going to be available?! 😍😍

  • Evonet Diaz
    Evonet Diaz

    I could really use some closet tips and tips on how to organize in a rental with my daughter and her dad!! Help please!!! Desperately crying for advice!!

  • Chelo Jamero
    Chelo Jamero

    U watched princess diaries 2 again. And I think mr kate was the girl who gave the queen a chicken? She look sooo much like u. Please tell me that it’s u😍

    • Cayla Tesner
      Cayla Tesner

      Yes it is her lol

    • Chelo Jamero
      Chelo Jamero

      I mean I watched

  • Victoria Lopez
    Victoria Lopez

    I can’t wait to see Mr. Kate decorate a whole room using only furniture from their line

  • Natasha Wright
    Natasha Wright

    Omg hey Kate and Joey have been watching all your videos and I got a peak of the chair in the background between 4:20 - 4:25 and was wondering if this is in your furniture branch if not where can I get one!!! :D love the videos, keep up the great work and Moon is gorgeous :)

  • Tracy Morris
    Tracy Morris

    Love the room! Great Kobe on the mural!

  • Danica Wood
    Danica Wood

    It would be cool if you can do my bedroom

  • Riley Colona
    Riley Colona

    You are such a great designer!! It would be my dream for you to makeover my bedroom!! ❤ except I don't have the money. Lol

  • Karla Kramer
    Karla Kramer

    Totally love that pop up coffee table beautiful design!!

  • Karla Kramer
    Karla Kramer

    That tape trip just blew my mind lol how have I not thought of this!:)

  • lilia Kalash
    lilia Kalash

    What color paint is that green one called ? I love it!!

  • K. A. Werts
    K. A. Werts

    This was an awesome episode! The couple was so sweet and worked so well together. :)

  • Iany Gayo
    Iany Gayo

    such a beautiful couple!

  • Heather Etheredge
    Heather Etheredge

    Where did the Coffee table come from?

  • ellenixs

    Love this couple!

  • Prerna

    The space looks so cool,n the coffee table is awesome. In love with the mural❤️❤️❤️

  • Bethany Barnes
    Bethany Barnes

    It’s so cute and functional. And for someone who's career isn’t DIY, she did a great job on the mural.

  • Diane Trampe
    Diane Trampe

    This is soo inspiring 🥰

  • kyla mclaughlin
    kyla mclaughlin

    They are the sweetest couple

  • Angela Patricia
    Angela Patricia

    Love your furniture pieces!! Will they ever be available in Canada? I NEED the mustard velvet Neely futon in my life!!

  • Shopaholic Lady
    Shopaholic Lady

    That coffee table... 🥰 screams Mr Kate.

  • flowervanessa

    The wall with the two shelves is my favorite!

  • Itai Ovadia
    Itai Ovadia

    Good vibes only! 2021 is my year! Thumbs up if you agree

  • rtd1791

    I am inspired to eat peanut butter. With carrots. Yum.

  • Di Ana
    Di Ana

    Ahhhhh I need that coffee table in my life 💜

  • Vivian Lequang
    Vivian Lequang

    Anyone know where I can get those bookshelves? ☺️

  • Annie Zambito
    Annie Zambito

    Dude this is perfect flipping timing for this video haha why am I not surprised!

  • Alyssa Opatken
    Alyssa Opatken


  • Esther Perez
    Esther Perez

    You three are so Precious. Thank you for all your inspiration!🥰

  • Alonzo Johnson
    Alonzo Johnson


  • I see Jewelz
    I see Jewelz


  • Chesca Alston
    Chesca Alston

    Loooove this office makeover! 😍😍

  • Linda Jones
    Linda Jones

    It looks awesome. The only thing I would add is a cool looking back splash in the kitchen. It needs a pop of color there. Great job.

  • Katie Ferney
    Katie Ferney

    I ADORE that coffee table!! My husband and I are saving up for a house in the new future, and I’m excited to fill my house with your pieces!

  • Lilith Blackmoon
    Lilith Blackmoon

    Omg everything is so cute!!! The couple is cute, their finished space is cute, and their company is cute!!! I am so happy for them ❣️

  • Danielle Hanselman
    Danielle Hanselman

    This is amazing! Love the vibes! Can’t wait to look into their peanut butter more!

  • Saren Sommerville
    Saren Sommerville

    I am honestly in love with the at home put it together makeovers!!!! Don’t get me wrong I love your normal ones but I think it’s so amazing to watch the couples and the families are roommates put together their own rooms in the sense of accomplishment they feel afterwards because it looks beautiful with your help but they got to do it and it’s fun bonding experience

  • Macayla Brooks
    Macayla Brooks

    Y’all Always do amazing 🤩

  • Candid Official Art
    Candid Official Art

    Moons teacher: introduce me to your parents moon ❤️ Moon: Pointing at dad: Joey Moon: pointing at mom: mama Moons: 😏

  • Mary-Ann Z. Reynolds
    Mary-Ann Z. Reynolds

    what a great makeover. I Love it 💕

  • Mercurial Pierrot
    Mercurial Pierrot

    All this grey and white has got to go. It's over like Rae Dunn. Why does every single house these days have to be grey/ white? Color needs to be reintroduced.

  • Teresa Hills
    Teresa Hills

    Awesome outcome! 🎊

  • Ana Gabriela
    Ana Gabriela

    It looks beautiful!!!

  • Millennial Nurse Mentor
    Millennial Nurse Mentor


  • M H
    M H

    When he said “I think I like terrazzo as well”😂

  • baguette

    I love this couple!

  • Life of Aimée
    Life of Aimée

    this is gorgeous!!!!

  • Jana Žáková
    Jana Žáková

    Such a fun couple!

  • Rhylee Kroll
    Rhylee Kroll

    My dad works for Nationwide

  • Ivette Castellano
    Ivette Castellano

    Joey looks like he can be an actor

  • Anjhuli Romero
    Anjhuli Romero

    What a lovely couple Val and Zack are. Wishing then all the best with their business.

  • Jackson McNuggets
    Jackson McNuggets

    Moooooooony 💙

  • Jackson McNuggets
    Jackson McNuggets

    Love everything except the mural

  • Rahma Ali
    Rahma Ali

    When Zach said "I believe this is an accent chair as they say in the industry" I Died! 😂😂

  • Adri Orozco
    Adri Orozco

    You guys are amazing!! Great job to the recipients!!!

  • joyous2theworld

    It turned out so well. I love how you blended their branding and color scheme into the design.

  • wrinkles & sprinkles
    wrinkles & sprinkles

    Can I hire Moon to dust my house?🥰

  • Lysette Loreto
    Lysette Loreto

    Love love so much positive vibes ❤️❤️❤️

  • Camila

    "i believe this is an accent chair as they say in the industry " lol

  • Kathleen Grehlinger
    Kathleen Grehlinger

    I’m always impressed by your designs but something about this one just warmed my heart. A perfect blending of spaces both function and style. Love your little family and all you bring to the world.

  • A 37
    A 37

    Man!! That coffee table is awesome! Y'all are killing it with the furniture line!!!

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