Transforming Our Garage Into the Perfect Multi-purpose Bedroom, Office and Workout Space!
We're showing you how to create the ultimate budget friendly multi-purpose room that works as a bedroom, office and a gym, all in the same room!! Thanks to Salesforce for sponsoring a portion of this video! Go to to learn more!

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Edited by: Vianne Robitaille

  • Mama Birdie
    Mama Birdie

    What white paint color name and brand did you use on the walls to make it feel so light and airy?

  • Dannus MK
    Dannus MK

    ABSOLUTELY, EXQUISITE, SENSATIONAL, WORK! You guys rock! You are an inspiration on so many levels. God bless your talents, skills, marriage , business and continued robust health.Evy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • mosaïq

    Can you pleaaasseeeee gold leaf the body cast? It's begggginnnggg for it!!

  • Chelsea Diaz
    Chelsea Diaz

    When the grandma asked Moon “did you get a rug cuddle” and he goes in for a cuddle, love it! ❤️

  • Olga Ortiz
    Olga Ortiz

    Soo nice!!!

  • Olga Ortiz
    Olga Ortiz

    Wow solo great

  • Kreatif Consulting Concepts
    Kreatif Consulting Concepts

    Thank you for posting! The bathroom and plumbing is not highlighted here which I’m sure took a bit to finagle. Can you please film or share this in a garage space?

  • Shirlyn Kate Layoso
    Shirlyn Kate Layoso

    I heard some guy lost 12kg in just one month by following diet plan from Agoge Diet so I tried that too. Although I didn't lose that much, I could say this thing really works and it's definitely worth trying

  • Moon

    I really love what you bring together every time 🥰

  • Alexus Sok
    Alexus Sok

    watching this made me renovate my garage into my own room! its kind of a struggle since theres so much to fix, but your videos motivate me to do such more!!

  • A R
    A R

    LOL i love the new intro!

  • itsRockk

    4:30 i like ur shirt!!!

  • Emmy Lucinda
    Emmy Lucinda

    I really wish I could find out where that zebra print tee Kate is wearing comes from!

  • Steve Stanley
    Steve Stanley

    Where did you buy the mattress from?

  • Teresa Brewington
    Teresa Brewington

    I’m a newcomer to your channel ! I Love it. I’m not creative in any way form or fashion . I worked in a privately owned Day school for typically developing children as well as children with special needs. For 30 years.I worked in the infant room . I always wanted to see furniture with a more rounder corner on the edge for parents with small children . Wouldn’t be a bad idea to have it day cares either.Due to my getting older and bumping into corners. The legs on high chairs are Kinda too out there. Corners on tables window seals Etc. Thank you very much if you really had time to read this . With Love Teresa Brewington LUMBEE Indian strong.

  • Valery Constante
    Valery Constante

    Exactly will your website be coming out because I need a new bed frame my is breaking

    • Mr. Kate
      Mr. Kate

      It’s out! Go to

  • lily

    me: can’t wait to decorate, there’s so much we can make, how will it turn out, omg were comin- we bought a house 😂

  • Dawn Bouchard
    Dawn Bouchard

    Joey you gotta stop carrying heavy stuff or your going to hurt your back Dude! Gotta get you some wheelie things please please please,,,🙈💗

  • Noa Hakimi
    Noa Hakimi

    this is still my favorite mr kate video!

  • Puran Yash Kapoor
    Puran Yash Kapoor

    You could simply convert it into just 2 decent size rooms with 1 being a master bedroom for your parents and the other a multipurpose office but not gym. Adding the gym really compressed and suffocates the space making it very heavy on the eye.

  • Queen Williams
    Queen Williams

    Mr Kate, where did you guys get the workout the mirror with it...n love that it folds down.. oh n that desk I'm so going to try and make it

  • Karen Wong
    Karen Wong

    The space turned out gorgeous! Where did you get those hinges for that cool bed table?

  • Nicole Clouden
    Nicole Clouden

    I really love the cozy chair. I would keep the fabric the way it is🙏❤️🥰

  • Lora Beth T
    Lora Beth T

    Moon wearing his Daddy’s shoes melted my heart ❤️ it reminded me of my sons at that age- yesterday my husband got a hand me down pair of my 16 year old’s shoes that he has outgrown! Full circle ⭕️

  • Sarah Currence
    Sarah Currence

    Absolutely loved the pregnancy belly painted! Was so very cool! The painted photo was EVERYTHING!! This turned out so good! So proud of you guys and all that you've accomplished as a team! Such good people!!

  • Bluewren Reilly
    Bluewren Reilly

    I don't quite understand this is supposed to be for their parents and their gymn equipments is in it? They don't have room for it in their house? The grandparents are gymn addicts?I think grandpa was on my wavelength "Do we have to stay in here twentyfour hours a day"?No room in the Inn?

  • Bethany Runyon
    Bethany Runyon

    That moment when Moon scooted closer to his Granny for a rug cuddle made my heart MELT.

  • Talya Matz
    Talya Matz

    I love you all so much. Stay amazing

  • Talya Matz
    Talya Matz

    Joey lifting that rug

  • echwagh

    You are my favourite creative family May Allah bless your beautiful family mashaAllah ❤️❤️ I’m a Biiiig fun from Mauritania 🇲🇷 Love you ❤️

  • Patricia Broz
    Patricia Broz

    OMG! That desk!!! Such a great idea!

  • Maria1992

    Beautiful! But even just watching you sitting in the bed with the table made my back ache. An ergonomical nightmare 😅😅

  • Meilina A.
    Meilina A.

    I’m lovin joey’s striped pants moment 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Tricia Rose
    Tricia Rose

    Ok but this is SOOO cute 🥺😭💕

  • Eryn Jordan
    Eryn Jordan

    What is the dads name

  • Jack Larus
    Jack Larus

    Wish we could have seen a bit more of putting in the half-bath! Was that already in the gym? I love seeing the more construction-ey parts of the makeovers.

  • Angela OConnor
    Angela OConnor

    I love how you include Moon in your projects.. Ya dont see parents do that these days. Mine were Always helping, even if they were under our feet driving us nuts. So long as they were happy we didn't mind at all.

  • Patrick

    It would have been fun to make up a mini-fridge menu with the prices being things like, tickle Moon, or give Moon a ride on your shoulders, or give Moon a kiss, or read Moon a story:)

  • Aranza

    Love the room and Moon is so adorable 😍

  • Kaylee Hottle
    Kaylee Hottle

    where can i buy that cute bed?

  • Rose Pink
    Rose Pink

    I absolutely love how you guys decorated your Garage...multi function bedroom, gym, yoga studio, play area for Moon 🌙 and work desk idea is amazing! Love it! ❤️

  • opelayo75

    Will you be making a convertible work desk to sell ? I totally need that ita perfect!!

  • Jessica

    grandma was so SHOOK hahaha

  • MK Wilson-Rodriguez
    MK Wilson-Rodriguez

    Add that desk to your collection it’s amazing!

  • ghozalie

    hi guys I love your stuff, you could add the desk in you furniture line, it's a great furniture peace :)

  • Ashley Alexendra
    Ashley Alexendra

    please start a parenting podcast 🥺🥺

  • Patty Contreras
    Patty Contreras

    Omg, I would love that in my garage! Moon is so cute. You both are amazingly talented

  • Meredith Leftwich
    Meredith Leftwich

    I just love your videos so much

  • Whitney Levitan
    Whitney Levitan

    So cute!

  • Roxy Haze
    Roxy Haze

    wish i lived in america just to buy your furniture

  • Holly_k1

    Moon is so cute!! I’ve been watching y’all for years and I’m so happy that you guys have such a beautiful family 💜✨

  • abeer ️️
    abeer ️️

    let joey talk

  • Esther Lopez Caballero
    Esther Lopez Caballero

    Can y’all sell that bed side moveable table in your furniture line? Bc that’s SO functional especially for college students. 🤩

  • Hexagon Heather
    Hexagon Heather

    I wish I had even an eighth of creativity Kate has in her whole body 😂

  • Esther Lopez Caballero
    Esther Lopez Caballero

    You think his first word was rug bc yalls rug cuddle is so iconic and he feels the love in just that word lmaooo

  • disappointing magic
    disappointing magic

    ik im not the first to say this but... kate and joey have a "son" named Moon

  • Payton Hartline
    Payton Hartline

    I love what she did with the pregnant belly cast

  • deloris hart
    deloris hart

    Put a shirt on why don't you!

  • srxo

    Great video 🤍

  • Melissa Nguyen
    Melissa Nguyen

    When your workplace uses salesforce ♥️

  • Stephanie Lovett
    Stephanie Lovett

    what garage?

  • Marsha Young
    Marsha Young

    Stripes are too overdone in fabric design. I love the black & white plaid.

  • h c
    h c

    Moon is just adorable

  • Shaista Faisal
    Shaista Faisal

    Love you Kate family

  • Alex Kane
    Alex Kane

    moon is the cutest little man ever he's soo independent

  • Priscilla Egan
    Priscilla Egan

    All it was missing was joeys water 🤣

  • Lush

    The belly cast DIY 😭😭😭

  • Blu

    Cool. I want to turn my garage into something similar to this. A workshop, gym, and study/office space.

  • kathy Thompson
    kathy Thompson

    Add strange taxes and charges to their visit just like real hotels do?????

  • Heather Holley
    Heather Holley

    Mr Kate, my mom is moving to her new apartment and I need to make her place this fictional!! It’s her in a two bedroom. How can you help me design the floor plan??

  • Heather Holley
    Heather Holley

    That room is SO AMAZING!!!!!!

  • lisa taylor
    lisa taylor

    The “Moon pregnant belly” is totally out of this world!!!

  • MsPartenos

    The final rug cuddle with the granny was sooo cuuuute!!! 😆😆👍👍👍

  • Taylor & Amy LeBlanc
    Taylor & Amy LeBlanc

    Who else wants to see Joey go back blonde????

    • Taylor & Amy LeBlanc
      Taylor & Amy LeBlanc

      @The Evileye Effect What are you talking about, it seems like your angry and taking it out online. I literally was just saying i miss his blonde hair he looked really good with it, and asking who else misses it. I'm commenting because i have been having a hard time lately, my great grandmother just passed, that is my profile pic, my mom holding her hand that night it happened, it literally happened a few days ago. I watch them because they make me happy, and you are literally just ruining that for me.

  • Liv Lucky
    Liv Lucky



    Moon 🌙 is the sweetest!

  • Lexi Tingley
    Lexi Tingley

    by far one of my favs

  • Delia Keegan
    Delia Keegan

    Moon with his grandparents had me sobbing! My nana passed away Thursday and she was 86 she lived with me and my two kids for the last 8 years since my daughter was 2 and helped me raise my now 10 yr old daughter and 5 yr old son and they truly kept her going she always said it and they made her smile more than anyone else could ever. A couple weeks before Halloween my 5 yr old found her on the kitchen floor unresponsive and thank god he knew to come get me and an ambulance rushed her to the local hospital she was med flighted to one of the best hospitals in the country she had an aortic aneurysm and a collapsed lung she survived TWO heart surgeries then breaking her ribs to inflate her lung and was in the hospital and rehab for the last two months and she fought as hard as she could my babies FaceTimed her every other day saying I love you Mimi and telling her about their day and even still doing their usual bedtime reading at night they always loved to do. But Thursday came and she took a nap and went to heaven. Shes with her husband she lost 26 years ago and her sister and brother. I know she’s not suffering. But I can’t tell you enough capture those precious moments and photos because you’ll want them forever. I’m so happy I always got photos of my babies and their Mimi even though she ABSOLUTELY hated photos and never smiled she always gave a grin for her great grand babies. P.S. I need a room like this for myself never mind guests lol my own little home away from home to just relax and unwind or work or workout whatever I’m feeling hahaha

  • 1nkksmom

    Where are they both supposed to sit and watch TV, 1 chair?

  • Rene Leeuwendal
    Rene Leeuwendal

    Moon is just the most adorable little boy. He is such a peaceful calm little boy. This is a compliment to the way Kate and Joey is raising him. So much love❤️❤️❤️

  • Halyn Boyd
    Halyn Boyd

    I loved the original fabric on your chair!!

  • Every new day is a blessing
    Every new day is a blessing

    Kate, why would you want to change the fabric on that chair? It's brilliant as is! That was such a lovely episode.

  • Tisha

    loved the theme song

  • Lynz Medina
    Lynz Medina

  • poppy poopy
    poppy poopy

    ALso they posted this on my b-day

  • poppy poopy
    poppy poopy

    can you guys do a house tour??

  • Victoria Simonson
    Victoria Simonson

    Moon is really putting in the work

  • Lumia Mulligan
    Lumia Mulligan

    Is it just me or does Joey look like Ruphus Humpfery(Matthew Settle) from gossip girl?

  • Mayya . Artist
    Mayya . Artist

    Loved it

  • Ghada Kandoly
    Ghada Kandoly

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  • Susan Horan
    Susan Horan

    Omg Moon helping his Papa. He’ll be using a drill before you know it.

  • Doreen Wyatt
    Doreen Wyatt

    Oh I love how the garage turned out it’s beautiful 😍 one of my favorite rooms

  • Doreen Wyatt
    Doreen Wyatt

    I love this couple their passion for decorating people’s homes apts,condos garages,no matter where you live they make it a home 🏡 and they personalize to the clients wishes their extremely thoughtful. Not like other decorators put their ideas 💡 in way to much not from the clients perspective and they always make something special for the person or persons .they work together 100%a team it’s wonderful to watch them decorate together they complement each other ,and the baby 🌙 moon is so Cutie and it’s sweet how he’s a cute little helper, that baby is much loved 🥰❤️💙🤎💚🤍💛💗and he’s a good 🍼 👶 with a sweet temperament like his parents. I would love for them to do a room for me .

  • Skye Nicole
    Skye Nicole

    Moon is so helpful🥺🥺

  • Diana Santiago
    Diana Santiago

    Gotta see some pleasure...dude he deserve some thanks for being so good 😊

  • Jill Dierker
    Jill Dierker

    Moon is getting so big ! I feel like he was born yesterday

  • Jessica Bruno
    Jessica Bruno

    Moon's rug cuddle with Grandma at the end was priceless. xox

  • Cristina Carter
    Cristina Carter

    When you announced that you guys were expecting, I was finding out I was expecting as well, now I have a beautiful 4month old son.

  • Julia K.
    Julia K.

    can we please appreciate their beautiful, humble, cozy & most important homey home?! like it’s perfect & not an obnoxously big empty cold mansion like most youtubers have. its actually a home, i just love their style 😍

  • Flower

    That was fun hearing Kate free-flow brainstorm about the room theme: pregnancy and exercise being about transformation and body positivity. "I wanna be positive about it." Oh and very good to know faceted light bulbs are a thing!! That rug cuddle...oh my goshhh