Tiny and Cluttered Bedroom Makeover!
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Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Director & Editor: Vianne Robitaille
Producer: AJ Tesler, Annie O'Rourke
Shot by: Marco Bottiglieri, John Dowd, Jan-Michael Losada, Chris Miller
Assistant Camera: Ben Smith
Art Department: Emily Banks, Jamal Hollis, Leo Martinez, Gabe Gonzalez
Audio: Nick Carignan

  • Autumn Harvest
    Autumn Harvest

    Loved it! This is officially going in my collection of favorite Mr. Kate episodes! I can't decide which project was my favorite in this room. They were all so good.

    • Rebecca Lopez-Powell
      Rebecca Lopez-Powell

      Wow! I’m very impressed with this makeover!! I’m gonna subscribe! ❤️💯

    • Izzy Bentivenga
      Izzy Bentivenga

      Weird Panda it’s because it’s mix between her husband and her

    • S BT
      S BT

      Weird Panda I think they are mixing Joey and Kate

    • Caoilinn Ruhan
      Caoilinn Ruhan

      Violet Rain I %100 agree

    • eeyore productions
      eeyore productions

      isn’t mr.Kate a girl so then why is it mr Kate I seed of mrs Kate

  • Eva Parker
    Eva Parker

    That is beautiful. So where do you live and how far away do you go?

  • AbbeysAccount

    1:34 27:12

  • Arti Patel
    Arti Patel

    Y’all mfs better subscribe to Tiny😠

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    Danya Abraham

    Mr Kate: Celebrating windows Me :Celebrating Windows 10 on my laptop for homeschool

  • Sophie Martin :P
    Sophie Martin :P

    Whats Tinys Yt channel name??

  • GabiSPN

    My favourite room makeover.

  • R OD
    R OD

    My Room is Tiny where you can fit a twin size bed and have just enought space to walk and i turned my space into my office,living room,bedroom and i have my closet and some extra storage.

  • Glitch

    I’m a little late but are you sure that’s the same room?

  • Greta Harden
    Greta Harden

    16:39 he looks like mr. clean haha!!

  • Jack Hobson
    Jack Hobson

    She has now got 38.6k subscribers!

  • Pamela Fox
    Pamela Fox

    Wow, you did great for her.

  • Pamela Fox
    Pamela Fox

    Kate is being so kind and teaching Tiny how to be you tuber.

  • Mikayla Harrington
    Mikayla Harrington

    This room is the most me Mr. Kate has probably made I love it so much and I see a lot of tiny in myself ❤️

  • 2eresbella

    What happened to her (Tiny) channel? It is no more😑

    • Glitch

      It’s now called the tiny diaries 😌

  • alana jones
    alana jones

    thats looks amazing tiny

  • The Editor
    The Editor

    Kate and Joey are just the best. They're doing the Lord's work ❤😭

  • Ilana Bass
    Ilana Bass

    i want this to be my room XD lol

  • Jacqueline Barrera
    Jacqueline Barrera

    I was so surprised at 9:00 cause I forget there is a camera crew. My mind just thinks there is a floating camera that films everything 😂

  • Kaitte Murry
    Kaitte Murry

    How small is this room I have a 9 by 9 room

  • Emme Marjanovich
    Emme Marjanovich

    Shmall you say

  • Gracie Yorkie
    Gracie Yorkie

    The fact that my room is a little bit smaller then that

  • Rick Rivera
    Rick Rivera

    I just found you guys and love your energy and creativity. I wish I lived close enough that I could apprentice and learn how to make the things you both do. I am getting some cool ideas from both of you. I just wish I could put it all together the way you do. I love both of you, you compliment one another. If you ever want to travel for a challenge, I'd be a 911 case. I live in a tiny 600 sq ft tiny place and run a small pet rescue. I think what I like best about your videos is seeing the appreciation Of the people you both help. Thank you for your videos. Rick R. Stockton CA.

  • Kim Ryals
    Kim Ryals

    Omg 😳 wow 🤩 I love this the transformation is spectacular GREAT JOB 👏 GUYS

  • Kim Ryals
    Kim Ryals

    You guys are so darn creative I love ❤️ it omg so AMAZING

  • Holistic Abundance
    Holistic Abundance

    I love watching your videos while I breastfeed or rock my newborn 💕

  • TeyBunny

    In the beginning it sounded like she said “Hello my greedy weirdos” when she said creative. Did anyone else hear that lol?

    • Glitch

      I heard ittt

  • Anna J C M
    Anna J C M

    Dear God, please create a lot more Joeys because the world needs more men like him. I'm not even asking for myself as I have a great husband already but there are plenty of single girls out there who would love a handsome handyman who would adore them like there is no other woman in the world.

  • a

    love the ending with dad’s reaction too 😄

  • Michael stark
    Michael stark

    tiny is dogs name

  • Jessica Garay
    Jessica Garay


  • Nancy Juarez
    Nancy Juarez

    so adorable, love how you incorporated her heritage. So Awesome Mr Kate. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

  • Kenna Scott
    Kenna Scott

    Who else come from Molly's channel and watched when got her room make over and has been a creative weirdo ever since?😍😆🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ Please like if you did

  • Stephanie

    Tiny’s channel is in the description and it has 38.7 k subscribers now :)

  • K I U
    K I U

    you brought the room to another level - kinda more adult-ish. Before the room reminded me of a teenage girls-room.and I felt bad for Tiny having to live as a teenager when she was actually 28 yrs old. You nailed as usual! ♥️♥️♥️

  • sueliz mungai
    sueliz mungai

    2020 and Tiny has 38.8k subs.. Wow!!

  • Lucy Legend
    Lucy Legend

    I love the yellow shirt and pink hair together

  • Connie Garrick
    Connie Garrick


  • lulu

    I would love to be an interior designer, I also want to be a multi millionaire but that is besides the point. My family thinks I am crazy

  • Jonathan Ross
    Jonathan Ross

    Rule 1 of becoming a RSloftr... Have a personality

  • Adv. Mokshada
    Adv. Mokshada

    Shmall room.. 😉

  • Paula Herrera
    Paula Herrera

    Mr. Kate, I really really loved how you took the time to make pieces that are part of her culture as the decor. It was really sweet.

  • Gayathri Ruby
    Gayathri Ruby

    Okay but were did the teddy bear go?

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    Lucas Equestrian

    Who whstching this in 2020

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    Lavinua washington

    Adore your work🦋

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    Данил Варенников


  • Missy Sharon
    Missy Sharon

    Looks awesome. I hate the hair color Joey has. He is such a handsome guy with his natural dark hair.

  • Katherine Cregan
    Katherine Cregan

    Haha my room is shmaller😁😂

  • Diana - Lea Baranovich
    Diana - Lea Baranovich

    You two do AMAZING work - always, but this one is my absolute Favorite. LOVE IT !!!!!

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    Brylee Jarden


  • Dawn Robin
    Dawn Robin

    I super LOVE this room! It's my favorite thus far.

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    Veronica Carrasco

    what is Tiny's site so i can join?

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    joselyne torres villafuerte


  • As i Am
    As i Am

    Wow u guys totally elevated the space.... My bedroom could really use u guys rn

  • Ilham Imani
    Ilham Imani

    My room can't even fit a queen size bed.if I put one in,that'll be the only thing inside

  • Allison H
    Allison H


  • Little Miss dynamite
    Little Miss dynamite

    Mr Kate ur such good soul so helping... Love the transformation!!❤️

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    mahrukh adeel

    Does any one else just love this intro like me

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    Sumayh Ahmed

    Wow great job guys

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    Linda Fox

    Dang! how do you think up these things? It's awesome!

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    Krijimet e Megit and the d family Fan

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    Kajsa Aagaard

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    Niamh Hamill-Harling

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    Ella Pericleous

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    Kathye Sargent

    Perfection what a nice thing to do Mr. Kate❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Anna Peacock
    Anna Peacock

    Her “small” room is 3 times the size of mine


    I have a question! I am 31 years old and I'm redoing my room using white, dark wood, light wood, and black for a mature look. What are some decor items I can use to tie everything together?

  • Joanna Abi Zeid
    Joanna Abi Zeid

    Wtf. wow kate you are amazing how could you change a such little room to this colirful and lovely room

  • kattwin1

    She needs a step-stool to reach her shirts, lol. ^_^

  • Victoria

    Bro my room is even smaller

  • Time With Mya Kayleen
    Time With Mya Kayleen

    She's so sweet

  • Adventures of Indigo
    Adventures of Indigo

    WHAAAT! That's an amazing transformation! It's crazy!

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    Camille D.

    Loved this!! That painting was 👍👍👍❤️

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    Megan Sampson

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    Ari J

    That's so beautiful! They did such a great job 😍💕

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    Sadie Ashton

    I was just waiting for her to get louder during the reaction but I don’t think her voice can go any louder

  • Sadie Ashton
    Sadie Ashton

    Anyone else wondering where the bear went?

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    oda Blanco


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    Brittany McAvoy

    Little does Tiny know, just over a year from this date, she will not just have 35 subscribers but 39.4K subscribers

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    Amy Livesey

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    Jemma Jens

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    Kayla Titus

    One year later she has almost 40,000 subscribers! Love to see that!

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    Stasi Clarke

    Wow- @MrKate that room was such a transformation! I think what you did for Tiny is life changing.

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    Cait Plai

    You look so much like a healthier bella throne here

  • Josseline C
    Josseline C

    loved this! loved how clean and white it looked with a few pops of color! I'm from Guatemala as well so it was so sweet to watch, also I was hoping you would show her dads reaction!

  • Ashapurna Daimary
    Ashapurna Daimary

    I can spend whole day watching ypur videos😘😘😘😘,love frm India💛💛💛💛

  • Ashley Travers
    Ashley Travers

    As a person with a really tiny room if you can fit a bed bigger then a twin your room isn’t that tiny

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    Kate looks tall for once

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    Shadha M.K

    this vid is exactly 1 yr old now!!

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    Sally Smith

    Can't believe how much Tiny's life could potentially change as a result of this makeover. I know her confidence is going to shoot through the roof!!! Congrats to a very talented couple who spread their design love all over the world thanks to this chanel!!

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    Ida Risha

    You guys are so good, you keep me hook up all day watching your videos. Kudos to your hard work Mr. Kate 🥰

  • Hm S.
    Hm S.

    Her room is like 2x as big, as mine 😂

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    agustina nowotny

    For some reason all I could think of when you said Guatemala was an 🥑avocado...

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    Avanthika Karuna

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    Lesly Garcia

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    Madhuvan Creations

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    Preeti Dash

    The room became a whole lot bigger after the redecoration, Mr Kate, you're so talented