TikTok Inspired Teen Bedroom On A Budget!
Today we're doing a TikTok inspired room transformation. From little girls room to all grown up!
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Paint Color: Dunn Edwards "Droplets"
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Project Manager: Tess Albrecht
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Art: Danielle Armstrong
Edited by: Vianne Robitaille

  • Mr. Kate
    Mr. Kate

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    • Legend Brayden
      Legend Brayden

      @Layton Cayson cool! Took about 10 minutes but it reallyworked!!

    • Sims Lover985
      Sims Lover985

      I luv u so much watched all ur videos and dreamed for u to come to WA. Luv u , ur amazing

    • Brenda Saetern
      Brenda Saetern

      @Lucy Perry Same!

    • Kevin

      Travis Voigt For free? No, lol.

    • Travis Voigt
      Travis Voigt

      Hi Mr Kate Do you know an amazing room designer just like you guys in Australia

  • Creambun_UwU

    OMGGG! Moon is soooo cutee! I have a friend named Moon! Also, great job with the room!🥰😍

  • Homairah Al
    Homairah Al

    I'm not even suprised at this point Everything u guya do turns out more than perfect

  • Rylan C
    Rylan C

    i need you guys to make me a one direction room now 😹😹

  • isabelle bise
    isabelle bise

    I wish mr Kate could come to the east coast a redo my room. My room is still the color that my parents painted it back when they moved in for my older sister when she was 2

  • Lene Svingel
    Lene Svingel

    Not into a Black and white room myself. But I always, always love the solutions, you come up with when you work on a small budget and go shopping at a thrift store.

  • Bill star Lorenzo
    Bill star Lorenzo

    I think her baby sister so cute

  • Marta Prince
    Marta Prince

    I’m honestly so impressed.... like how does she come up with those ideas???? Uhhh love this!!!

  • Makenzie Williams
    Makenzie Williams

    Dang that goodwill has so much good stuff!

  • emma jones
    emma jones

    Joey: you cant go back there moon. thats for employees only Moon: I got bills to pay

  • Natalia Amaya
    Natalia Amaya

    OoOoooOooh what id give to have you two decorate my place

  • Evie Krislov
    Evie Krislov

    Maybe I missed it but where did they get the cheap new bedding from? Often times bedding and curtains are really expensive

  • Alexis Agulay
    Alexis Agulay

    i wantt thatt room i cantt huhuhu

  • Layla

    I have an attic room but it’s not like those long ones and it’s kinda small and the celling is low and I don’t know how to organize/makeover it to look nice in a way but also organized so if anyone has tips it would be much appreciated btw I love your moon bed I wish there were smaller sizes because I still have a twin bed.

  • Adalynn Lieber
    Adalynn Lieber

    There is noooooooooo way that is the same room!! I want my room to look like that!!

  • Samara Sidwell
    Samara Sidwell

    I just want them to come do a makeover on my room it’s so old and has no spark 😩

  • Barrel Racer2413
    Barrel Racer2413

    Where are you located

  • Lucas Carvalho
    Lucas Carvalho

    Mr.Kate looks like mark Rober

  • Ivanna Garcia
    Ivanna Garcia

    Wow amazing I NEED to go to the thrift store so that I can redo my room.😊💗

  • taz a
    taz a

    I need u guys in the UK 😭😭❤️ i so want my room doin I haven’t done anything in 9 years 🥴

  • adxella

    I wish I had room like this

  • Ellie Lemky
    Ellie Lemky

    okay, but the thrift store gods are always on your side

  • Kenzie Christ
    Kenzie Christ

    Fricken masks omg

  • Ahana Thakran
    Ahana Thakran

    i mean how it it even tik tok inspired like the led lights?? the dream collage wall? literally nothing is there!?😂

  • Aliah Mamea
    Aliah Mamea

    I want mr. Kate to decorate my room so bad

  • Deb Gibson
    Deb Gibson

    I think this is the first makeover I've seen of yours where you didn't use a rug. However, the bedroom is still wonderful!

  • Ashleen Sandhu
    Ashleen Sandhu

    aye where the led lights at??

  • Peggy’s Paws
    Peggy’s Paws

    Hi i wanted to ask what camera do you use because i am thinking of starting yutube!

  • Frozen Strawberri
    Frozen Strawberri

    Your telling me shes 18 and is a freshman in hs? 🥲

  • Annisyn D
    Annisyn D

    And how much will it me to do my room!?♥️♥️

  • addyscorns

    im only ten and i need a room makeover because im about to be in middle school next year and my room looks so childish and by the way i love your videos s much

  • auvillia ୨୧
    auvillia ୨୧

    I love ur thumbnails and vids! Use the game called the Sims ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • auvillia ୨୧
    auvillia ୨୧

    Her new room design is aesthetic but a little modernish⭐✨🌿

  • Jackson

    Freshman in highschool at 18?

  • Maui Vibez
    Maui Vibez

    Hey I’m new here I do roblox videos and sometimes hauls it would mean a lot if whoever saw this comment subscribed,if not that’s okay too! Have a wonderful day

  • marcela folsom
    marcela folsom

    i love this!! did anyone else see that super cute brown crewneck at 6:55 ??

  • Mj Snow
    Mj Snow

    Beautiful makeover ❤️ I need that looong curtain rod!!!

  • Tilly Blayden-ryall
    Tilly Blayden-ryall

    You just spoilt what I wanted to do.... I wanted to get a loft bed with a desk. You’re mean 😡

  • millennium fox
    millennium fox

    Why did you put paint splatters all over the hat it looked way better before

  • Peggy Asprey
    Peggy Asprey

    Hmmm...cute room but I ALWAYS want drawers in my nightstands...and plenty of room for a book, my phone, a glass of water.

  • Bubbilee

    Does anyone know the requirements for a room makeover from them and where to contact them?

  • Jasmin Jobson
    Jasmin Jobson

    If they have another boy they should name him sunny

  • Sonia Benton
    Sonia Benton

    So I’m redoing my bedroom for my 11th birthday on February 26, 2021 and the colors are teal, purple, black, and white. Do you have any ideas? Because I’m on a budget of about $260 + my Amazon wish list.🙃🖤

  • ingrid

    Wait how come your Goodwill is so nice and literally has such cute stuff?! Lucky!!!!

  • Molly Barnhurst
    Molly Barnhurst

    i couldn't tell you why but tess reminds me of Allison from teen wolf. She's soo pretty holyy

  • Natalie Brown
    Natalie Brown

    I just wanna ask, when doing the feature wall paint, and using the base colour first to get crisper lines.. do you wait for the base colour to dry completely before adding your colour? xx

  • Cherries _
    Cherries _

    Allow me to help you all who just want to see the room 23:43

  • Big Ear Tours
    Big Ear Tours

    That was very surpising that you also did her parents room! Wow! 😱😱😱😱

  • Erin S.
    Erin S.

    this is def not what i pictured when i heard tiktok girl room. seems like a minimalist dude room but hopefully it's what this girl actually likes

  • Savannah Wells
    Savannah Wells

    Aren't u supposed to be a senior at 18?

  • Hola Amigo
    Hola Amigo

    I can’t cooperate that the before room is the same as the after room

  • barkingbichon

    23:44 reveall

  • Meredith Brunsting
    Meredith Brunsting

    No fair she gets to spend $300. If I get money my parents are like “put it in your college savings” I’m 13 😐

  • Jessica Frazier
    Jessica Frazier

    The fact that there is a ROOM type because of tiktok. USE PINTEREST, BRO

  • Mackenzie Welle
    Mackenzie Welle

    your baby (moon) is so fecking CuTe!!!!!! i cant! lol

  • honeybee

    for some reason, kate looks like Bella thorn in this video.

  • DIY_ Gamer360
    DIY_ Gamer360

    I wish u could do my room😩

  • Tooba Khan
    Tooba Khan

    Who started watching Mr Kate in 2015? 👇

  • Isabella Lombardo
    Isabella Lombardo

    did you just say freshman in high school who’s 18?

  • Sims Lover985
    Sims Lover985


  • Matilda Baker
    Matilda Baker


  • marcelink4

    100000 likes from me. You are the best!

  • Hot Pockets
    Hot Pockets

    Can y’all do my room? I’m 13 and it looks exactly like hers did😓

    • Kevin

      No, lol.

  • Claire Elise
    Claire Elise

    I love your channel! Creative Weirdos for the win. :)

  • Malesa Nov
    Malesa Nov

    Awe, Moon One Brush. He's taking after Joey Two Rolls.

  • Stephanie Kelly
    Stephanie Kelly

    Honestly want it

  • CM Loves
    CM Loves

    The real question is, where’s the closet at? 🤣

  • Deserae Tapia
    Deserae Tapia

    She’s 18 and a freshman in high school?,

  • Maddy McConnell
    Maddy McConnell

    All she needs now is a sky light and leds and she’s good to go 😂

  • Darielle McCaul
    Darielle McCaul

    Can you do my room next

    • Kevin

      Darielle McCaul No, lol.

  • yfke wolters
    yfke wolters

    You got a new follower i love your videos😍

  • your local dino kash
    your local dino kash

    she reminds me of Caroline Forbes

  • madison colombo
    madison colombo


  • Christina Kolimatsis
    Christina Kolimatsis

    They should do a room make over but street aesthetic . Stuff that you would get in a shop like homeless penthouse. Idk the name of the aesthetic but you’ll understand when you see the website. I think it could be good content

  • Alison Shuttleworth
    Alison Shuttleworth

    I wish you guys could do my room but I love in South Africa 😔😔

  • Eva Brunskill
    Eva Brunskill

    is it just me but this is not a tik tok room lol

  • Mahlako Patience
    Mahlako Patience

    Woow!😍 it's amazing. One of my dreams to come and decorate my room😭

  • aussie-ak

    there was no rug cuddles :(

  • Susan Uy
    Susan Uy

    It aint tiktok inspired without led lights

  • Claire_Stellar

    OMG, baby Moon has gotten so big!♥️

  • Lila Bergquist
    Lila Bergquist

    I really want the moon bed because I'm gonna have a room makeover for my birthday and I'm getting an upgrade to a full-size bed and I really like the one shown in this video. So when are you coming out with your furniture line?

  • Safa Zafar
    Safa Zafar

    “Tiktok room” Where’s the vine leaves and LED lights?

  • Tatum Shane
    Tatum Shane

    The room looked way bigger and completely different and I LOVE IT

  • Tatum Shane
    Tatum Shane

    I don’t think this is necessarily tiktok inspired but it looks AMAZING nonetheless

  • Tatum Shane
    Tatum Shane

    Where did she go so not to spoil the surprise lol

  • Marina Saburova
    Marina Saburova

    So many old ugly bridesmaids dresses at goodwill 😂 speaking from experience...

  • Claire

    ugh i need to re-do my room bc it’s so childish looking and this is the exact style i want for my room

  • Sofie

    lol wanna do my room

  • irene tapia
    irene tapia

    For $300 😧 HOW!!!!!!!!

  • Felix Garcia
    Felix Garcia

    This is so cool. A whole room make over for $300. Sometimes when I’m shopping for new stuff the bed alone is $300, these people are miracle workers

  • Alyssa Hall
    Alyssa Hall

    When I live in Australia so I gotta add to the price cause everything here is so damn expensive.

  • Rabia Keskin
    Rabia Keskin

    I might be late and that but its says budget but how much coz it looks really nice soo I thought maybe I could do it by myself and that but they famous even their budget could be like $1000 or something

  • Munira Qasem
    Munira Qasem

    I’m still waiting for the next episode 😭

  • blink army
    blink army

    how mush it cost to do my room

  • Maddie Morgan
    Maddie Morgan

    Can we give some credit and applause to Joey... he legit just made a whole desk out of a bed.. he’s really the best!! I live you guys’ videos ☺️

  • Arabella T
    Arabella T

    Could you do more video where you show how you take old furniture sets like that loft bed set in this video and turn it into new sets like the bed with drawers underneath?

  • NotLeeYuh

    ok this was great but ... am i the only one that just noticed the cooky and tata in the back ?

  • room makeover ideas
    room makeover ideas

    Hi I'm an doing my new room

  • Bianka

    My dream is to have mr.Kate do my room I just don’t know how to get them to do it haha

  • Faith Yizek
    Faith Yizek

    it’s soo pretty i love it but it’s not tiktok themed Lol like where’s the led lights, vines, fairy lights, sky light.. ahahahha

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