Surprise Makeover! Shopping ONLY at the Dollar Store!
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  • Mr. Kate
    Mr. Kate

    What a fun family! Just wait to see their reaction at the end of the video! What did you think? So much fun!! Make sure and subscribe and turn on notifications to join the fam!

    • Toluwalase Jaiyesimi
      Toluwalase Jaiyesimi

      @Natalie VanDine lol me too

    • Kara Juhl
      Kara Juhl

      @Cynthia A they are helping other people on a budget see new innovative ways to DIY their make over

    • Cynthia A
      Cynthia A

      I think y’all could’ve afforded to gift them new items and not just dollar tree DIY.

    • Kara Juhl
      Kara Juhl

      Inspirational 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

    • Kevin

      Nana Nona No. I just came here to yell at you.

  • Hailey Vittetoe
    Hailey Vittetoe

    You guys need your own Tv show!!!!

  • Keylin ruiz
    Keylin ruiz

    Does anyone know what paint color they did on the walls? Please anyone let me know 😭

  • Cinrey Zhang
    Cinrey Zhang

    OH MY GOD. [insert the most suprised face there is] A M A Z I N G.

  • chucky chic
    chucky chic

    love love love this. wow

  • Rose Pink
    Rose Pink

    The dog carpet squares are for placement of dog food and bowl for your dogs eating like a placemat...I think 🤔

  • Viki Pierre
    Viki Pierre

    where in the world is that dollar store it has everything for decor!

  • Rosario Lucatero
    Rosario Lucatero

    I love, love hexagons too & I’m finally starting to buy stuff for my room after my sister moves out hehe

  • Leidy Davis
    Leidy Davis

    I wish they would say exactly how much they spent. Like to have an idea.

  • Alexis Self
    Alexis Self

    They sell contact paper

  • Rhianna Myers
    Rhianna Myers

    The "carpet sqares" are pet mats. You put food and water bowls on them to stop spills from ruining your floors. The bottom is supposed to be water proof.

  • Kimberly

    Can you say "Donald Trump"? Thumbs down for this one.

  • Niyah F
    Niyah F

    Loveee ittt and the little backscratching jokess💕😂


    i didnt think it was gonna look good but it does

  • annette johnson
    annette johnson


  • darlene gosselin
    darlene gosselin

    Love, Love, Love your Dollar Tree up cycles ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  • Cynthia Santana
    Cynthia Santana

    Please, Please, Please, I have been looking for that green color for days!!! I've had so many fails with paint samples... Please give the color that you chose for the wall. I would be so grateful if you would share.Oh and I was viewing the episode and all I could think was how is she going to transform that room, with the dollar tree items! Wow lady you did an amazing job. VERY impressed! Well done! :) :)

  • jasmin

    "can we do this room?" the answer is always yes because it's mr kate doing it

  • Johanna Nair
    Johanna Nair

    I love these dollar tree DIYs😍😍 please do more of these !!

  • Leeanna De Sousa
    Leeanna De Sousa

    I love the backscratcher wall!!

  • Joan Jones
    Joan Jones

    that is an amazing job wow!

  • HiSomebody TrackingMuch?
    HiSomebody TrackingMuch?

    🌚Moon just steals the show❣️

  • Big Ear Tours
    Big Ear Tours

    What an incredible makeover and the budget?! Goodnesss that is very affordable.. I always love your show Mr. Kate

  • Laura Lee
    Laura Lee

    Love love the green wall, I wouldve cut off the scratch part of the scratchers and the hole end just leaving the curved look of the bamboo.. kewl bed !!

  • S P
    S P

    So you really was at the window meanwhile you go to shopping stores packed with people still. Please explain this to me

  • Sheila S.
    Sheila S.

    Love your dollar tree DIY. Your sister is funny!

  • Cet T
    Cet T

    please keep politics out of your videos ugh 🙄

  • Morgan Nelson
    Morgan Nelson

    I buy all my decorations at thrift stores and dollar general

  • Janelle

    Wow. Amazing.

  • Angelica Mcalpine
    Angelica Mcalpine

    Wow 👏😮👏 you guys did a great job. I absolutely love it

  • Layla Mathenia
    Layla Mathenia

    I think Cringe love ya!

  • Ann Bolynn
    Ann Bolynn

    Love your vids and content!!!! Joey, perhaps you should not be teaching Moon to curse at such a young age ...?

  • Avani Raval
    Avani Raval

    Can you do something renters can do. I am bored with my white wall but can't paint it.

  • j. wilson
    j. wilson

    Those backscratchers could make a nifty chandelier!

  • Maryann Towndsend
    Maryann Towndsend

    Love you guys❤️❤️

  • That Egg
    That Egg

    This is one of my favorite rooms they’ve done

  • That Egg
    That Egg

    I subscribed two hours ago and they had 3.99 million subs. They now have 4.04 million. NANIIII??

  • Maizy Jones
    Maizy Jones

    wow i wish you could customize everywhere and everything would look so much better

  • Marivel Rodriguez-Guerrero
    Marivel Rodriguez-Guerrero

    Whe bring politics into this great video. I don’t understand.

  • Ellie Hansen
    Ellie Hansen

    Teaching there kids at a young age being liberal

  • AT C
    AT C


  • Joan Earle
    Joan Earle

    Why didn't you paint the white the white switch plates the same green ??

  • Brenda Francis
    Brenda Francis

    WOW that was AWESOME Love it you the Best

  • Eunice Gonzalez
    Eunice Gonzalez

    Now I know where the phrase "creative weirdos" came from that was so weird yet so creative I wouldn't believe it if I had not seen it... seriously you guys are so talented looooove your videos so much!!

  • Nancy Berg
    Nancy Berg

    Can you say Kamila,can you say Biden,can you say Obama??? Bless your heart. I can say you are elected best room from Dollar Store ever! Thank you.

  • Artsy mind
    Artsy mind

    Love the hexagon

  • Magaly Senecharles
    Magaly Senecharles

    Wow you're so amazing it gives you plenty of ideas of what you can accomplish with Dollar Tree thank you I really enjoy your video and the baby looks so cute baby older right now have a wonderful and blessed day and safe and be safe

  • deepa ssajeevan
    deepa ssajeevan

    Wow that was so kool.... Loved the hexagon

  • Luwanna McLaurin
    Luwanna McLaurin

    I think she should be.

  • Kelsey Stoudmire
    Kelsey Stoudmire


  • Kelsey Stoudmire
    Kelsey Stoudmire

    Girl I’m so glad I found this video! So glad you did this. Way to go chica! Those clipboards gave me ideas too!

  • Sari V.
    Sari V.

    I like the wall color

  • Lighting Freedom
    Lighting Freedom

    hello, we have sample of 48ft RGB string lights, perfect decoration for outdoor patio, backyard lighting, please contact us if you need it, thanks

  • forum suthar
    forum suthar

    The hexagonal wall is the best.. totally trying that out :D

  • Gracy Shyam
    Gracy Shyam

    Moon's theory Barak Obama = baka baka 😂😂❤❤

  • JSmizzle

    “Wocka wocka” 😂😭

  • Liz Hills
    Liz Hills

    Great ideas. I think Mr. Kate could actually land a sponsorship from The Dollar Tree, which I don't think has ever been done before people they don't have to sponsor anyone they have whole channels dedicated to shopping there. But if anyone could land a sponsorship from TDT it's Mr. Kate.

  • gospel tracks
    gospel tracks

    You can count how much it cost by how many...... Me: did anyone else see how he gave her a tap from behind

  • Althea Cooper
    Althea Cooper

    not me wishing you could do this with my room

  • A Stranger
    A Stranger

    PLEASE do more dollar store make overs. So many people in poverty are living in very cluttered, out dated, torn up and depressing spaces.

  • Aditi Shr
    Aditi Shr

    I don't agree with the back scrather part it looks 🤐

  • Ronwin Lee
    Ronwin Lee

    Sad sad that not even home improvement diy’s can film without bringing in filthie politics.😥You all seem like nice people too😔

    • Bev Clark
      Bev Clark

      I agree that it’s sad. I really enjoy design but not when politics are thrown in. It was unnecessary and divisive and makes me wonder how much more they will pepper their design show with their political views.

  • Josef Stalin
    Josef Stalin

    Love this because it’s within my budget and gives me creative weirdo ideas!😁

  • Josef Stalin
    Josef Stalin

    Joey: Can you say Barack Obama? Moon: bakabama

  • Brianna Florian
    Brianna Florian

    Was definitely hoping you guys were going to cut the back scratchers down to like just past the end of the curve. Would have made them look more like just slats of wood instead of whole back scratchers all over the wall 😂

  • Worldwide Handsome's Broad Shoulders
    Worldwide Handsome's Broad Shoulders

    Can you do a challenge where you are not allowed to drill holes or paint the wall but can only use things which can come off without damaging the wall?

  • Autumn Ayers
    Autumn Ayers

    Kate... I like your work, but it’s just so wrong to give people junk that you would never put in your own home. Just because someone isn’t a wealthy client and you may see it as giving them a gift, they still deserve more dignified than back scratchers on the wall and taped together carpet squares

  • Tammy Vickers
    Tammy Vickers


  • Keira Bush
    Keira Bush

    I’m not the biggest fan of the back scratcher wall it kinda gives a weird vibe idk but the rest is so nice

  • Brad Wingo
    Brad Wingo

    oh btw i on my dads yt account

  • Brad Wingo
    Brad Wingo

    i so glad i saw this cause trm i going to dollar tree to find some good stuff to do my room sense i on a 200 budjet

  • Gymnastics24

    Is no one else irritated that he didn’t have the baby say Donald trump they just skipped right over him!

  • Sarah Currence
    Sarah Currence

    This was so good! I loved Tess!! Her and the back scratchers cracked me up!!

  • Shilpa D
    Shilpa D

    Well 13.03 was such an unexpected twist.. Joey and Moon intend to leave you in happy tears 😭

  • Cardcaptor Haruna
    Cardcaptor Haruna

    Omg- Simply nailogical's name is cristine (i think its how you spell it) and her boyfriend's name is ben!! ❤️❤️

  • Linda Sääv
    Linda Sääv

    Ok that back scratcher wall turned out SO COOL!! But now all I have in my head is Peter Griffin yelling 'Back scratcher?! Back scratcher!?' *lmao*

  • Karina Gonzalez
    Karina Gonzalez

    Lmao @ Tess

  • Patricia Fennell
    Patricia Fennell

    Wow I can't believe how you did that with dollar tree items. So creative but then again everything uoubdo is so creative. Loved seeing this type of video. So affordable for everyone! Awesome!

  • Lindsey Atmore
    Lindsey Atmore

    Her saying Barack Obama made my whole heart melt

  • Juli Rae
    Juli Rae

    how’d you hand the back scratchers on the wall?

  • SarahdayZ

    This is what I’ve been waiting for!!! Then you can do five below or something

  • Tara Bjorum
    Tara Bjorum

    AMAZING!!!!!! 🤩 Can you PLEASE do more vids using Dollar Store finds..??!!?? I’m huge into crafting/decorating/repurposing items from dollar store. You guys are truly decorating geniuses 🙌🏻

  • magdalena köchl
    magdalena köchl

    can you do a makeover using only thrifted/second hand furniture and decoration pleeeease?

  • Trisha Violinist
    Trisha Violinist

    Kate at the dollar store is like a kid in the candy shop 😂

  • Phaint


  • ClaireEllaArts

    dollar store, we’re comin for ur hexagons!🤣

  • aussie-ak

    totally 30 degrees totally not like 73 degrees

  • Shams Imam
    Shams Imam

    Do you guys charge anything for a make over?

  • Reesee901 Vlogs
    Reesee901 Vlogs

    Joey : "Can you say Barack Obama?" Moon: "Waka Waka" Lol XD So cute

  • Patricia Broz
    Patricia Broz

    OMG!!!! Dollar Tree is my jam! I love this room!!! That green!!! So beautiful!!!

  • avery shrider
    avery shrider

    I LOVE the back scratcher wall. I have an empty wall in my room and I am seriously considering doing the same!

  • Madison Hayes
    Madison Hayes

    I love her tattoo that says "a tattoo...."

  • SimplyGreenTea Xxx
    SimplyGreenTea Xxx

    Man what type of dollar store do you guys have 💅🏽😜

  • Deborah Taylor
    Deborah Taylor

    Great job. Paint sticks can replace the back scratchers to save money.

  • Danae Macias
    Danae Macias

    I just wonder if I am the only one got exited ... Go to dollar or third store buy lots of stuff thinking on diy s and by the end nothing happens because I don't know how to do it 😅😅😅😅😅

  • 1MagandangFiliRican

    Whu? No dollar tree rug runner cuddle? 😮 😂

  • Berenice Cervantes
    Berenice Cervantes

    What colors did you use to paint the room?

  • Quarentine ASMR
    Quarentine ASMR

    were they not mad you just did their room without asking lol

  • bella L
    bella L

    I actually liked the back scratcher idea. Like she said it gives a nice geometric shape to it. I was a little spectacle when they first bought it, but it was a nice Diy and Mr. Kate did a good job thinking outside the box

  • Chipo Kaliba
    Chipo Kaliba

    Unpopular opinion, I like the back scratchers.