Surprise Makeover! Shopping ONLY at the Dollar Store!
Our hardest challenge yet! Making over an entire room with DIYs and decor only from the dollar store! What do you think? Huge thanks to Hoover for sponsoring today’s episode! Get your Hoover Smartwash Pet Automatic Cleaner here:

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  • Mr. Kate
    Mr. Kate

    What a fun family! Just wait to see their reaction at the end of the video! What did you think? So much fun!! Make sure and subscribe and turn on notifications to join the fam!

    • hayhay. com
      hayhay. com

      How much do you pay for a makeover and do you travel? Like to arizona ?.....

    • Toluwalase Jaiyesimi
      Toluwalase Jaiyesimi

      @Natalie VanDine lol me too

    • J Lynn
      J Lynn

      @Cynsational they are helping other people on a budget see new innovative ways to DIY their make over

    • Cynsational

      I think y’all could’ve afforded to gift them new items and not just dollar tree DIY.

    • J Lynn
      J Lynn

      Inspirational 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

  • Sky’s Up
    Sky’s Up

    Who else wants more of Kate’s sister 😁

  • Raging MooCow
    Raging MooCow

    This was my first video I seen of yours and this was awesome I love Dollar tree. Love this

  • official.shaira

    Kate reminds me of Halsey

  • Carole Fisher
    Carole Fisher

    I just happened on to this site a couple of days ago and I am obsessed! I want to join but still unemployed. I wish I would have found Mr.Kate 2 years ago when I moved into my apartment or even just March 2020.

  • Mackenzie Welle
    Mackenzie Welle

    In my opinion, you have the PERFECT life that I want to live in when I get older I'm 11 rn and my dream is to become an interior decorator/designer. You have a amazing husband that helps you with your rooms you decorate, you have a healthy cuuuute smart child, you are a great mom, you are very pretty, (I love ur hair btw) and you are sooooo creative!! Ilysm!

  • Proud to be a Christian
    Proud to be a Christian

    God* :)

  • Proud to be a Christian
    Proud to be a Christian

    God loves you, how can i pray for youu :))

  • Bakhat Delacruiz
    Bakhat Delacruiz

    Run for your life😄😄😄

  • Carlter Egho
    Carlter Egho

    What dollar store ae you going to?

  • Za'Kadia Williams
    Za'Kadia Williams

    This is what make me want to spend 300 dollars at the dollar store

  • Pamela Reynaud
    Pamela Reynaud

    "Can you say joe lieden?" "Can you say communist?" "Can you say unsafe borders? Or hair toucher?" 🙄

  • Luna's World
    Luna's World

    The backscratchers are a little weird ngl

  • Maggi Petty
    Maggi Petty

    Your baby and husband are so sweet.

  • Toria Meske
    Toria Meske

    Wow! Turned out so cool! The design dream team: Mr. Kate, Joey, and Tess

  • Tt M
    Tt M

    The succulent stand design isn’t the best, they could have just filled that empty pot plant with the succulents, rocks, ect. & it would’ve looked really nice. Also minus the back scratchers.

  • Kensi Lee
    Kensi Lee

    I like the back scratchers

  • Amina K
    Amina K

    I'm gonna start calling Barack Obama wackaa wackaa

  • Hailey Thompson
    Hailey Thompson

    I personally like the backscratchers like no one besides the home owners will be going in that room and as long as they like it it’s fine

  • Jeffrey

    How can I get y’all to decorate my living room?

  • Capri Parkes
    Capri Parkes


  • L Way
    L Way

    hexagon frames? A+.... backscratchers.? F- lol

  • Destiny Crouse
    Destiny Crouse

    Barack Obama? no, Waka Waka? yes

  • a m o n i
    a m o n i

    what are kate's yellow shoes?? 🤯😍

  • Erica Zirkelbach
    Erica Zirkelbach

    It’s just too good

  • Erica Zirkelbach
    Erica Zirkelbach

    It all looks very cute but I can’t with the wall of fucking back scratchers

    • Pamela Reynaud
      Pamela Reynaud

      You should see the bathroom. Wall filled with toilet paper roll holders.

  • Style In
    Style In

    Spending 40 dollor in 1 diy it’s better to purchase 1 item in 40 dollor save the time and energy 😀

  • Sue S
    Sue S

    I wished you show how udid the bedside table door looks so cool

  • mishie baniaz
    mishie baniaz

    kate is literally caroline forbes

  • Amelia Nichole
    Amelia Nichole

    This was great! I felt like you could have taken the scratchers part of the back scratchers to make it a bit more of a design piece.

  • Shn Dii
    Shn Dii

    I really want that mr kates do my home ... Please from Pakistan

  • shelly lynn
    shelly lynn

    My husband was like u got the one backs backscrtcher that hd 1 misplaced tong and so I had him try them and he was like ya to get that deep good scratch he said I will not mess with u and the dollar tree again lol

  • K A
    K A

    Love the paint color and the hexagons the best, but well done guys on everything...and I think the backscratchers are adorbs!

  • Sisters Show
    Sisters Show


  • The Leggybug
    The Leggybug

    1/3 of their dollar store budget was on those backscratchers Lol

  • AshlynnChristina

    Me everytime i shop at dollartree

  • AshlynnChristina

    Now dollar tree has hexagon frames and mirrors 😂

  • Ragen Smith
    Ragen Smith

    I love the creativity with the back scratchers ❤️😆🤣😂

  • Kevin

    Did I miss something about the back scratches? Is the person obsessed with them or something

    • Pamela Reynaud
      Pamela Reynaud

      Like Nickelodeon's Dan Schneider and feet 😂

  • dazey.daisy

    Backscratchers? On the wall? Without transforming them first? 😬😬

  • Joelle Hoareau
    Joelle Hoareau

    Omw such cool diys!!! Love the twine cushion, hexagon wall and the back scratch wall 😱😱😱😱😱 so much personality in the room I wanna make my room look like this😂😂😂

  • Cynthee Brown
    Cynthee Brown

    I actually LOVE the back scratcher wall! I thought I’d hate it but it’s INCREDIBLE!


    “Can U Say BaRaCk ObAmA” Moon=WaKa WaKa 😂😂💖

  • Thine Thine
    Thine Thine

    Oooo MY God!!!! Just amazing 🤩👏🏽

  • Aima John
    Aima John


  • rikki ann
    rikki ann

    wait but i wanna know what the total at the dollar store was!

  • hayhay. com
    hayhay. com

    How much do you pay for a makeover and do you travel? Like to arizona ?.....

  • McKenzie Holstine
    McKenzie Holstine

    I can't believe how fast moon is growing. He is so handsome. Such a handsome little boy.

  • Catalena Vang
    Catalena Vang

    Love it, plus they have back scratchers for days lol

  • Ally

    I wanna be u guys when i grow up….u killed it, u r all mathematical geniues!!!!!!

  • Sabrina N.
    Sabrina N.

    I wish someday you could do my room but I live in the philippines hehe

  • Szilvia Szabó
    Szilvia Szabó

    15:46 troom troom workers be like one day

  • Madi Lent
    Madi Lent

    Hate your beliefs

  • Aphrodite Lee
    Aphrodite Lee

    "Can you say Barack Obama?" "Baca Baca" lol!!!!!

  • Barbara Rayas
    Barbara Rayas

    My favorite was the hexagons and back scratchers. Thanks for the great ideas

  • Sthanu Yoga
    Sthanu Yoga

    Am I the only one who thinks that the back scratcher idea was beautiful ?

  • Lidia Diaz
    Lidia Diaz

    This is great but I feel like the backscratchers can be used in another way, you could have cut the ends off and created one of those cute laters and put a throw blanket on it.

  • LeslieAnn Van Humbeck
    LeslieAnn Van Humbeck

    That was cool 😎 using Dollar Tree stuff. Dollar Tree is my second home.

  • Angie M
    Angie M

    The alternate camera angle makes it look like I'm spying on someone from a closet. Maybe not a great technique to use - especially since every big channel is starting to do it now and it really just looks like you couldn't hack it in film school.

  • Nel Rios
    Nel Rios

    Ya'll rock MR KATE great job

  • Jessica N.
    Jessica N.

    OMG, I'd love to know the measurements on this room because the layout is very similar to mine, which we're currently renovating and I don't know how to place the bed. 🙏


    Love the back scratcher idea and the design you guys used to put them on the wall. I would have preferred if maybe the scratcher part was cut off and it would look less tacky. But overall I love it. Who knew you could transform cheap things into expensive looking things!

  • Carrie Zind
    Carrie Zind

    My dollar tree is never this stocked! Lol

  • Vanilla L
    Vanilla L

    No to back scratchers.

  • Isabella Erazo
    Isabella Erazo

    Imagine running into Kate and Joey at your local dollar tree 🙃🙃🙃 I freakin wish

  • k-no-d

    You guys are a-maz-ing❤️💛🧡💚

  • Teresa Hoffman
    Teresa Hoffman


  • Teresa Hoffman
    Teresa Hoffman

    YOU LOST ME AT HAVING YOUR CHILD SAYING KALMA AND BIDEN AND OBMA. WOW how do you like them now. full of choas in the world since they are in the WH.

  • Story Time with Meemaw
    Story Time with Meemaw

    I just found your channel today, I cannot stop watching!!! Love love love 💘. Anytime you want to come to the Midwest feel free to pop in and do a purple theme in my room 🤣🤣🤣

  • maria love
    maria love

    I am actually amazed by how creative and good this turned out

  • Nicole Velez
    Nicole Velez

    when she said Christine and ben I was like FROM SIMPLYNAILOGICAL!!!!

  • Sweet Me
    Sweet Me

    Hi mr Kate I live in Stockton ca 🤗🥰I have a master bedroom can you do it for me please love you 😍

  • RM M
    RM M

    Looks great, but just one little tiny thing: I would never put monitors, TVs or webcams facing windows, I think they had it right before. The light hits them and makes them virtually unusable during the day. But that's just me though' I hope they like and enjoy their new space.

  • BusyBeePlanner

    They should do a series on dollar tree upcycles. This was super cool!!

  • Nicole Sargsyan
    Nicole Sargsyan

    Your son is like mesmerizingly cute! I mean like, seriously though...those eyes!!!🤗❤❤❤❤❤

  • lexyladybug81

    do one with five and below.....plzzzzzzzz

  • Lindsey Draughn
    Lindsey Draughn

    You lost me at Biden and Barack Obama...

  • Ceara Bostick
    Ceara Bostick

    I can’t with the back scratchers.. I love everything you do but that’s just a big NO for me. Lol

  • New City New Life
    New City New Life

    President Biden and Obama should watch this video of Moon saying their names. Best thing ever. Bawakawaka.

  • The Budget Migrator
    The Budget Migrator

    I totally like the hexagon and backscratch design .,

  • Andrea j.b.
    Andrea j.b.

    I loved it, on the other hand, I know my parents would hate it. (This is why we can't have nice things 🥲)

  • I am Shade
    I am Shade

    The only thing I don't like, the fricken back scratcher thing. I mean the idea, I get it, but it's hilarious lmfao

  • Supergirl 83
    Supergirl 83

    Omg my son was about 2 or 3 when Obama ran for office he called him gobama

  • Abby Alarid
    Abby Alarid

    I'm so inspired. Great use of the dollar tree, I'm definitely going to try some of the ideas in my room.

  • Wesley Patterson
    Wesley Patterson

    Can you imagine Moons future significant other watching these and seeing how absolutely cute he is as a toddler?!

  • Barbara Coleman
    Barbara Coleman

    I think you guys need to do a mini series on dollar store diys!

  • kori mcmullan
    kori mcmullan

    OMG So I’ve been watching entourage and just realized you’re in it!! So cool. Love you guys and your videos!!!❤️

  • Diana Wodnoff
    Diana Wodnoff

    I love the back scratcher wall! Also Tess is hilarious

  • T M
    T M

    I liked the "functional" back scratcher wall idea. Kate's husband had the right idea there haha 😆

  • Alexandra Hilbert
    Alexandra Hilbert

    Everything but the decorative backscratchers, that seems like a total miss. Everything else 10/10:)

  • cfgv

    You pull of your style with total swag and I’m here for it.

  • gigi stoner
    gigi stoner

    She forgot her pants.

  • Olivia

    You guys are so kind!best way to be ❤️

  • Sondra Martinez
    Sondra Martinez

    Love it. What was the items you used to put on vases and to change silver pots to have paint and clay vibe. You have it blurred out. I realize they did not sponsor. But how will we know what to use. Please share. Awesome job you too And wonderful trying on using your words Moon. Barack..Waca adorable.

  • Katie Bee
    Katie Bee

    This video inspired me so much I'm definitely going to rearrange my room and finally get around to putting up some of my decorations.


    I almost unsubscribed when you started adding politics. Y'all are adorable, but the people behind the names the baby is saying are not. Please keep politics off your site. Too divisive.

    • Haley C
      Haley C

      I unsubscribed when I saw a video of her crying cuz she was so happy Biden won the election 🙄 thought I’d pop back to see if it’s just interior design again and no politics, guess not. Wish they could keep that out of their content.

  • The Twins
    The Twins

    Omg I love this I wish you were able to come to my house my room is in need of a room makeover

  • Jasleen Kaur
    Jasleen Kaur

    Imagine being their guest for a night and getting a room that feels like your home/bedroom

  • shasha26able

    Joey We Just decluttered :) :)

  • C̆̈ŏ̈k̆̈ĕ̈

    Also very Boho bedroom