Revealing Jeffree Star's Iconic Spa Makeover!
We team up with Jeffree Star to makeover his insanely epic home spa! Watch Part 1 here!:
+Watch Jeffree's updated house tour video:
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A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Directed and Edited by: Vianne Robitaille
Producer: Annie O’Rourke
Shot by: Marco Bottiglieri, John Dowd
Assistant Camera: Noah Maxey, Ben Smith
Sound: Nick Carignan
Gaffer: Faisal Shah
Project Manager: Tess Albrecht
Art Department: Emily Banks, Dani Armstrong, Josh Duclos, Leo Martinez, Amy Patterson, Gabe Gonzales

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    David's Bored

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      Salihah Nosheen

      Why is David Bored XD

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      I watched the whole video in parts for 5 days... Does that count🤔

    • Christina Z.
      Christina Z.

      I am one of those people, I don't know why, I watch the end result and then go back to the video to see how it all came together. Fucked up psychology I guess.

    • l b
      l b

      i couldnt see them make it i just reaaaly wanted to see the end :3

  • Kevan Levy
    Kevan Levy

    Jeffrey needs to do a bedroom makeover,that would be iconic

  • Luna Hunter
    Luna Hunter

    I like this video but I hate Jeffree

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    espressodepresso. com

    Its funny what Californians call rain i’m from Scotland and here thats nothing

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    North Marketplace

    i love their Filter its so like bright and i like it

  • Marissa Martinez
    Marissa Martinez

    hay or hi i love the home so far

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    mahy emad

    Ok but Jeffree looks AMAZING like makeup,body, hair ON POINT OMG

  • Alisha

    Imagine working with a racist. YIKES MRKATE

  • mistertee

    Ok, now makeover his personality into someone less fake who isn't a pastiche of himself.

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    Amanda Burks

    That baby!!! Aweeee!! I'm having baby fever! Lol!

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    Mikayla Harrington

    Jeffrey has such a big house he has a spa in his house that’s crazy!

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    Tara Al-samarai

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    Chloe Petford

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    Tabitha Debraski

    Not Jeffree Star calling his mansion an apartment

  • Hahaha Hahahahaha
    Hahaha Hahahahaha

    This is the first video I see with Jeffree not cussing 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

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    Can your really say your a real fan if you don’t sing the intro ?😂

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    Grace Dinger

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    Marshmellow hot chocolate luver

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    so tacky lmao

  • Whitney Levitan
    Whitney Levitan

    Omg! This is amazing! Y’all did a great job! I love it!

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    Sparkle Cloud

    This is how many people ADORE mr.Kate ❤️

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    Memoona zafar

    Watching it for the 3rd time... 😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Mlle V. auxiliaire sexuelle
    Mlle V. auxiliaire sexuelle

    Always wear White cotton glove when u install crystals on chandelier. Or the natural oil in ur Hands Will stain the crystals.

  • Katherine Braxton
    Katherine Braxton

    I'm in love with the spa room. The waterfall,fire place, velvet wallpaper, and Morraccan tea set are my favorite features.

  • Marley Art
    Marley Art

    Devine 💕✨💕

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    Olivia Merolla

    Is it just me or is Joey fricking adorable

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    Danee Inglis

    OMG, when you said , "A zen garden with cristals!" I nearly cried and then to see it..... just beautiful all of it was amazing!

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    Valeria cuevas

    Jeff you did when it was my birthday is was March 27 and you sisi this video March 28

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    Gabriela Bolivar

    Waooo beautifull project !!! Love the energy

  • Luna Lee Lee
    Luna Lee Lee

    He is such trash, I can’t believe they worked with him. Unsubscribing

    • rhyssaleem


  • Nicole Nurko
    Nicole Nurko

    *Luts_decorateit* on Instagram did a nice job as I invited him for home service, my old house is perfectly rearrange by them.

  • Nicole Nurko
    Nicole Nurko

    *Luts_decorateit* on Instagram did a nice job as I invited him for home service, my old house is perfectly rearrange by them.

  • Kayla Vu
    Kayla Vu

    do you have to pay or

  • Thanksgiving turkey
    Thanksgiving turkey

    Hes so nice abt the whole reveal. Its sooo bland and he acts like its great, just listen to his simple feedback.

  • DaisiesandRoses

    Coming back to watch this again, cause it's that good.

  • Latoya Gaddy
    Latoya Gaddy

    ✨Water fall ,Chandelier , Gold Pomeranian 🐕are must haves 💫

  • mstengrah

    Did she say "Pink Himalayan Sea salt"?? Excuse me?? himalayan salt is a rock salt which is exactly the opposite kind of salt from Sea salt. Saying Pink Himalayan Sea salt is like saying Diet coke with fully natural cane sugar

  • Jenny Cartin
    Jenny Cartin

    😂 omg, i think his definition of apartment is different from mine

  • Zeppelin Sulzbach
    Zeppelin Sulzbach

    I love how jefree tried not to swear

  • Sam Diaz
    Sam Diaz

    Am I the only one worried about all those candies going to waste? 😭😭😭 I’m sure someone can’t eat them all/ they will eventually expire 😂

    • Cookies Creme
      Cookies Creme

      Is that a challenge? Because I will do it in a day if nobody stops me.

  • Karla Isabel B.
    Karla Isabel B.

    This is too good 😭 what you can actually do as a designer given a big budget

  • Bivens PC
    Bivens PC

    Hats off to the people putting the lighting together.

  • 王若冰

    “We’re here, my new apartment ~”

  • Diarra Harris
    Diarra Harris

    What is the imitation water used for the waterfall? I’m trying to create an indoor water feature.

  • Sophie Mayfield
    Sophie Mayfield

    Plot twist the whole 50 minutes is the tour

  • Michael Balon
    Michael Balon

    Love that swan

  • Taja Devi
    Taja Devi

    very awesome!

  • Misaki Mei
    Misaki Mei

    Is he a guy dressed up as a girl or a transgender person ...? Just clueless af... Sorry

    • Creative Design
      Creative Design

      Nope his not trans his just androgynous.

    • Cookies Creme
      Cookies Creme

      Interesting question! We could even go a step further and ask: what is female and what is male? What are women clothes and what are male clothes? Are there colors who we see as inherently male or female? Why is that so? Can it change? Has it been different in the past? What is gender anyway? How do we perceive gender? Is gender maybe detached from your biological sex because it's more how we perform our identity to other people?

    • Eishita Misra
      Eishita Misra

      That's Jeffree Star, he's a man.

  • Ashley Lorell
    Ashley Lorell

    u guys r great designers

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    Steven Coan

    Wow Jeffrey is looking amazing these days

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    Davor Ivanovic


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    Natalie VanDine

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    Juane Jv Rensburg

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  • Jess F.
    Jess F.

    So In Love with Jeffery's Spa! You guys are Amazing!

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    The spa is literally the size of my house.

  • Abhyani Prastika
    Abhyani Prastika

    this is an AMAZING JOB i mean look at the space! very transformed and it’s everything glam and I love that you really bring in all your interior design knowledge to this. also can we talk about how the editing is absolutely perfect? you still keep all the details while really hiding the complete picture so i’m always blown away by the end. much love!

  • Holyfox

    This is actually the most timeless, a.k.a. beautiful, part of the house.😍

  • Living My Dreams
    Living My Dreams

    How long did this take? You guys are amazing !!!

  • Andrea Mendoza
    Andrea Mendoza

    In every video i see what i want in my future home, i love how it turned out the lights

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    Andrea Rubio

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    Sol Moreiro

    I love it! I've discovered your channel today. I've got many great ideas for my massage studio. Your are a nice couple and your baby is soooo cute!!! Greetings from Barcelona, Spain.

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    aleks ander

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    Emily Does stupid stuff

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    Antonia W

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    You are the greatest, thank you for sharing your talent with us. Greenwood, In

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    Bridgett Williams

    Jeffreys "WHAT" IS ICONIC 37:26

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    Deborah Sasu

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    Aline Tonkovic

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    Isheba Gayle

    Absolutely gorgeous

  • Karoline and Riley
    Karoline and Riley

    The thing I ❤️ about mr.Kate is they don’t do it for the money they do it to make people happy

  • Elsa Jing
    Elsa Jing

    omg, this is totally my dreamy house interior desgin.

  • Siena Greaney
    Siena Greaney

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    Felicity R

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    kriya Parekh

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    Adv. Mokshada

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    Adv. Mokshada

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  • Sruthi Raghavan
    Sruthi Raghavan

    Hey Mr.Kate. HUGE FAN!!!! I am an architecture student, I watch your videos cause I want to do that someday. Would you be able to share floor plans for a few projects? I want to know how you placed the mirrors to reflect that much light in?

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    17:57 .

  • Bailee Musco
    Bailee Musco

    >Everybody> Wow Jefferys so lucky his house is HUGE >Jeffery> Welcome to my APARTMENT >Everybody> OMG THAT'S NOT A FRICKEN APARTMENT THAT'S A ENTIRE HOTEL

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    Namrata R.

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    Lola Cameron

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    • Eishita Misra
      Eishita Misra

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  • Dark Angel Star Spiritual
    Dark Angel Star Spiritual


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    sike im legit girl

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  • sike im legit girl
    sike im legit girl

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    Miss Riker

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