Part 1: Designing Alex and Kouvr's Beachy Farmhouse Bedroom! TikTok x OMG We’re Coming Over!
An epic makeover for K0uver and Alex Warren! Thanks to NortonLifeLock for sponsoring a portion of the video. Right now, NortonLifeLock is offering a free 14-day trial of Norton360. Click the link below to learn more and try it for free today! @nortonsecurity

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  • Sierra Bloemsma
    Sierra Bloemsma

    No one: Me: drops everything to watch one Mr. Kate's videos

    • miivxna

      @s b yeah, because it honestly takes a long time to redo a room plus they have to edit it lol

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      Noor Kabalaoui


    • elizabeth brank
      elizabeth brank

      Me too.

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      Sasha Mikita


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      s b

      Same but they haven't post in awhile so

  • The Art of Crochet by Chandra
    The Art of Crochet by Chandra

    Moon is handsome 😂😂😂

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    Heidi Avera

    You guys are so cute 🥰 drinking at that table together adorable

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    Where is the other couples video? Lol

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    K T

    Omg when you guys do your series on your off the grid house could Joey have a mini series where he goes in to the nitty gritty details of building and finding evo friendly building supplies? I love interior decor and want to learn more about carpentry!

  • JesterNoir

    SCREAMS IN OFFGRID MOUNTAIN HOUSE! I'm so here for this.

  • Hazrd Rose NYC
    Hazrd Rose NYC

    Yay on off the grid!! Can’t wait to see what you do!

  • Rambunctious Ryleigh
    Rambunctious Ryleigh

    Omgggg I love kouvr and Alex so much!

  • Sarrah Alshoaibi
    Sarrah Alshoaibi

    If they are going to sell their house, just imagine how the new house owners would react if they found out the background has a dead cats ashes. 😂

  • pale_black_girl_lifestyle

    What program did you use to recover the files?

  • MiSSPurPle23O

    I Love your pink hair but there is also some green in there, i think your hair styles is doing you wrong... but that is my opinion and you are simply gorgeous in anything.

  • לוי אלכסנדרה דנה
    לוי אלכסנדרה דנה

    When are you going to post the final video? Or am I missing something

  • Kamilalee Crespo
    Kamilalee Crespo

    kate acting like a hack made me laugh so hard

  • Poppy Henderson
    Poppy Henderson

    No one talking bout how she spelt kovour wrong

  • taylorfalco

    I love Mr.Kate so I will watch every and any design they do for anyone! Sometimes I feel bad though when they design for people that are a bit yuck and ick but make that coin and keep bringing your magic to everyone!

  • Molly

    Can U maybe do my room?

  • Asia Kay
    Asia Kay

    I saw this on insta from kouvrs story, and I'm like. yip, that'd mr.kate

  • Melio.Lemons ♡
    Melio.Lemons ♡

    Y’all need too calm down if you don’t like the hype house shut up and comment about the make over only if you like them also shut up and comment about the make over keep your opinion too yourself

  • jenna fletcher
    jenna fletcher

    thank you so much for posting because when you do makeovers for bedroms and houses it makes me happy to see them

  • Preppy Fun
    Preppy Fun

    kOuver IS FROM HAWAII?!?

  • bonjour itsizzy
    bonjour itsizzy

    Lmao people have no one to blame but themselves for allowing these hype house people to exist and make all that $$$

  • chelsey garrett
    chelsey garrett

    These bedrooms are the size of my first apartment 😂

  • chelsey garrett
    chelsey garrett

    Kate's face says she doesn't want to move into the mountains lol

  • Nikki Phillippi
    Nikki Phillippi

    who is k0uver ik kouvr lmao jkjk

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    K V

    Anyone else wondering why they only collab with not-so-great people? Jeffree? LaBrants? Dolan Twins? Ace Family? Jason Nash? LaurDIY? There’s soooo many other content creators out there that would be way better.

  • Summer Solstice
    Summer Solstice

    I'm sooooooo waiting for the second part of this 👀👀👀

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  • 6496-Toleen Essam M Al-Hebshi
    6496-Toleen Essam M Al-Hebshi


  • Haley's Diary
    Haley's Diary

    “If I could fit them in the closet, I would.” Talking about his shoes and his mansion closet

  • Haley's Diary
    Haley's Diary

    I’m obsessed with TikTok but I have never seen these people in my life

  • Kayla Vu
    Kayla Vu

    vinnie HaCkEr

  • Kayla Vu
    Kayla Vu

    vinnie HaCkEr

  • Cooking With Chels
    Cooking With Chels

    Hi, I have a question, open to everyone’s answer. I have a blue couch pink chair grey rug grey&sliver tv stand. What color should I get my my center table?

    • Kayla Vu
      Kayla Vu

      @Cooking With Chels np

    • Cooking With Chels
      Cooking With Chels

      @Kayla Vu thank you

    • Kayla Vu
      Kayla Vu

      grey/gray or light light lightttt brown

  • Sabrina Leal
    Sabrina Leal

    You are raising moon so well! I pray I will be that great of a parent

  • Sabrina Leal
    Sabrina Leal

    Off the grid solar powered house in the mountains is GOALS!

  • Sabrina Leal
    Sabrina Leal

    I can only imagine how much that house cost. Especially because mr kates was a couple MILLION! Which I think is crazy for a two bedroom but what do I know lol In my city you could get a 10 bedroom 13 bedroom house for 2 million lol or bigger

  • 3PCM3

    The way alex looks at Kouvr

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    Mikala Lynn


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    Ella Saluria

    ..haha.. im always waiting for your new vids..

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    Frog Tape


  • Cara-

    I’m so exciteddd y’all are doing Sierra’s baby room!!

  • Alyvia Barnard
    Alyvia Barnard

    Hi could you do tutorial on how to diy gemoteric room decor

  • Xx halfempty xX
    Xx halfempty xX

    who came from the click five

  • Nayah R.
    Nayah R.

    didn't you guys just recently renovated the house like a year ago? and you want to list it already? or did i get that wrong?

  • Mahi Dhanani
    Mahi Dhanani

    who else lovessssssss Mr. Kate sooo much 💞💞 but moon is the best and we all know it 🌙🌑❤️

  • Spook Magooked
    Spook Magooked

    Okay, I'm sorry, but the absolute to-the-core animal lover in me can't help but be distracted and dismayed by the fact that they're keeping their pets in cages. !!! That is appalling! Who puts cats in cages when not for travel purposes?! And that poor pup, totally has the capacity to be well trained and house broken. It screams lazy pet owners, like they can't be bothered to train them and attend to their needs so they lock them up unless they need them for a Tik Tock or some other self- serving purpose. Ugggggh!!

  • Destiny Phanor
    Destiny Phanor

    OMG Mr. Kate I need help! I just recently moved into my apartment and I have this weird niche area where my tv goes an I can not figure out how to arrange my living room ! Please help !!!

  • Emily McGuckin
    Emily McGuckin

    The second couple seems really sweet

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    Jonathan Ross

    Those poor animals...

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    Marina Ko

    Btw looved that commercial. That was hilarious how Kate was the hacker 😂😂

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    Arianna Calderon


  • A pet lovers Life
    A pet lovers Life

    Love you guys the positive air is just so inspirational 🥰

  • Mary Kate Gabeheart
    Mary Kate Gabeheart

    I have a question, What is y’all’s religion? I know it’s not important. Love y’all, and I love y’all’s videos!!

  • J Annibal
    J Annibal

    So, a bunch of 20-somethings bought a MANSION and they're on Tik-Tok? Are the Trust fund babies or do they make money off of this Tik-Tok stuff? I don't do social media, don't own a smart phone, own a cell phone to call 911 in case I'm out and have an emergency (help, I've fallen and I can't get up). Hey - in Wisconsin if somebody my age slips and falls on the ice I could break a hip and end up hospitalized for weeks and then shipped to a "rehab center" to die. I do fine with not doing social media. No QAnon and all that BS for moi! I'll watch Mr. Kate and be happy - love their designs! Love Moon! Love Mom/Grandmom!

  • Madison Morgan
    Madison Morgan

    Those poor beautiful cats stuck in those crates and the room 😑

  • Madison Morgan
    Madison Morgan

    “Right now the maids are here so we have to put away our pets so the maids can clean” 🙄

  • Kayla A
    Kayla A

    I find it funny how Kover gets upset when the cat pees on the bed but wants a maze under the bed lol

  • Nicki Dynamite
    Nicki Dynamite

    tik tokers hahaha which year do we have ?

  • Anna Scattoni
    Anna Scattoni

    please my heart dropped when she said they would be working w hype house members...

  • Courtney Hart
    Courtney Hart

    my daughter and 🌙 were born around the same time! i know exactly how you feel! love you guys

  • Hailey Escobar
    Hailey Escobar

    Just a note if you want to sell your house! My parents are in real estate and, apparently, it is the perfect time to sell. It is a sellers market right now in most of the country because a lot of people want to move but not everyone is selling so you can get a really good price for your house. While I get the desire to not have people in your home, it is definitely a good time.

  • Zarah Ahmed
    Zarah Ahmed

    Please do a challenge with only using five below supplies!! It would be awesome!

  • leeanne gracia
    leeanne gracia

    I love how serious the mr. Kate team takes covid.

  • lorna tully
    lorna tully

    has anyone thought about cats pooping under the bed

  • Redbaby

    Oh I'm a little behind in watching this video, but I really like the format of this video. I like the fact that you are going to the creative process as well as giving us a little "vlogaroo" at the same time. Can't wait to see the final result :)

  • Fabery, Lauren (12A) [Ac+]
    Fabery, Lauren (12A) [Ac+]

    Super excited to see what you guys do with both rooms!! Cant wait!!

  • Enpoudre

    Funny how the two couples looks like siblings

  • Catie Peihe
    Catie Peihe

    Imagine OMG We're Coming Over x Selena Gomez

  • Double AA's
    Double AA's

    OOOO! LET'S GET INTO IT!!!😆📣 I thought u were going to say that ya'll were thinking on having another kid.😗😅 I can't wait to see what u guys do with the rooms and ur off the grid home!😊💝

  • Karen Johnson
    Karen Johnson

    Don’t you have someone to delegate your DM message reading to?

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    Olivia Bulanda

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    Toluwalase Jaiyesimi

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  • Lauren Coblentz
    Lauren Coblentz

    Woah therre is a lot of shoes! Haha! Our gae room has tons of show in it too becuse my bros re-sell rare sneakers or stuff like that. They even sold a pair to a nfl player and saw him playing in them! :)

  • shutupsavannah

    For a design challenge in the future I’d love to see you guys do a wheelchair accessible makeover! Being disabled (and having a very large service dog) means I don’t see living situations like mine on reno channels like yours.

  • Emersen Slanga
    Emersen Slanga

    I live off grid currently, it is one of the best decisions one can make!

  • Katy Christina
    Katy Christina

    It would be amazing to see you do smaller makeovers for people other than huge influencers! I know the bigger ones promote your channel when you do makeovers (obviously it helps your channel) but I feel for most of us it would be more relatable to see strangers even who are in need or more creative weirdo makeovers, a bit more of a balance 😊

  • Hannah Kitchen
    Hannah Kitchen

    Moons eyes are so pretty!!!!

  • Radhika Vanjara
    Radhika Vanjara

    Mama mooooooon - was THE MOST PRECIOUS THING I HAVE EVER HEARD AND SEEN. Bless you, Moon you beautiful sweet child

  • Annoying _Abby8
    Annoying _Abby8


  • Tiffany

    Can we do more regular people makeovers and leave the "influencers" out of this? Just my two cents.

    • panangle

      They are also running a business - this is their source of income. I believe that they pay for a lot of the renovations that they do for us “regular people,” while influencers are paying clients. So working with influencers allows them to fund other videos. Plus, many of us enjoy the influencer videos too.

    • Jordan White
      Jordan White

      I love their OMG makeovers! It allows them to be a bit more extra than other people are comfortable with.

    • Sabrina Leal
      Sabrina Leal

      Yes please I will leave my house for as long as they need! Lol

  • Ivy Facio
    Ivy Facio

    This seems like a bad living situation for all of these animals tbh ... It’s a big room yes but still way too many animals in one room

    • Aniyah Alexis
      Aniyah Alexis

      They are only in that room bc of the maids , they roam around the house and it’s a pretty huge house so I wouldn’t say it’s a bad living situation for them

  • Patrick

    I'd rather watch you help those in need during these times. But I will watch any room makeover!

  • Faith Smith
    Faith Smith

    Here's a thought. These guys have all these pets confined to one room. Why not suggest designing a play room for the cats/tunnels that go outside. Can't tell me they don't have the space.

  • Gayathri Manohar
    Gayathri Manohar

    tiktok virus is spreading uh oh :/

  • Barrett Moebes
    Barrett Moebes

    Let me guess your dropping your new furniture line this week.😁 I am moving into my first house and can't wait to purchase the furniture.🥰

  • Patrick

    Not the hype houseeee

  • Dhanashree108

    Will it be off grid as far as water, too?

  • Stephanie Delgado
    Stephanie Delgado

    I'm juat too old to be watching a hype house makeover lol. But I can't wait for the collection to drop ahhhhh

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    Casey Ferigno

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    Jada Johnson

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  • Miss Cristina
    Miss Cristina

    A giant mansion and the animals can’t even roam around. Why even get that many pets in the first place ...

    • rosiegames

      All their rooms are massive

  • Devika Deshpande
    Devika Deshpande

    Pl. Post regularly. Love watching u guys n moon

  • Vienna Books
    Vienna Books

    This comment is meant as feedback. I’ve been here since the beginning of this channel and I don’t like the direction it is going. I’m here for the design part. I skipped through this video and it’s mostly personal stuff and an ad. Maybe you could open a vlog channel for the personal stuff? I know that there are people interested in it but I and probably also many others want to see you redo rooms on this channel. Also HATE the two part thing. I want to see the finished room at the end of the video. I don’t enjoy your videos anymore although I really really want to:/

  • Niamh Costello
    Niamh Costello

    I love this new style of videos!!!! It’s really interesting seeing you behind the scenes with Moon as well as the design makeover!!

  • Lia

    I haven't watched your videos in a while, but I am pleasantly surprised watching this one! I really love this more laidback vibe you got going on. Your super happy persona can come across as a bit overdone, so it's nice to see you being real! No hate but this definitely works better for me!

  • Todd Taylor
    Todd Taylor

    Yesss im so excitedd alex and kouvrrrr a ahahhaahhahhh

  • Antonia Sauer
    Antonia Sauer

    Please leave these people on the app where they belong. I love you guys but I gotta pass on this one.

  • Jody Knight
    Jody Knight

    OMG I'm laughing my face off!!! Kate acting as the hacker and then running to the gate which towers over her is so funny to me lol. I love you guys you're so refreshing to watch xxooxx

  • Esther Scott
    Esther Scott


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    Halle B

    Animals love , love sacks more than us, my dog loves our love sack. He’s claimed it.