Our Organized, Minimalist House Tour!
We came, we sorted, we conquered! Peek though our pared down, uber organized, minimalist masterpiece home and gather some organization tips for your place!
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  • Alicia Cantin
    Alicia Cantin

    I'm not watching this video but I just came here to say that the number of shoes in the thumbnail does not under any definition count as minimalist lol

  • liraz best
    liraz best

    Kate you are adorable and i love to see you and joey but please please please stop cutting him while he talk!!!! Its not awesome

  • Souad Minimaliste التقليلية
    Souad Minimaliste التقليلية

    Very beautiful home with very beautiful persons 💖 Big love from the south of France 🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • Linda Kay Holevas
    Linda Kay Holevas

    You guys are not only amazing decorators, you are also amazing parents. I can only imagine the man Moon is going to be someday! The first 7 years of a child's life they are in download mode- taking everything in that will be their future subconscious programming. You are providing the best programming for him to feel safe, secure, loved & successful, however that looks! Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves with us~! You are incredibly inspiring!

  • Luna

    How on Earth these two have met? Like they get along so well.. They agree on EVERYTHING, the respect they feel for each other... I can't even. Why can't I have a relationship like this...

  • srikanthdoddi

    At 5:28, I have the same pink crystal lamp!

  • i eat pineapples
    i eat pineapples

    i love your positive attitudes, people like you guys make the world such a better place. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! And i love the use of eco friendly products, i respect you guys so much for everything you do for our community and world in general. Thank you for being such amazing inspiring people❤️

  • chucky chic
    chucky chic

    Your home is GORGEOUS. wow. Thank you.

  • hotsixty


  • loise bertulfo
    loise bertulfo

    Kate cuts joey off too much

  • Eat Love Inspire
    Eat Love Inspire

    So beautifully organized! Keeping things down to a minimum is so challenging as parents, as kids to need to be stimulated, and playing with kitchen things is just temporary. What I did was that I purchased most of his toys in a second hand store, and when he is grows them out, we will put the toys back in the store, so other kids can have the same joy he had. But I loved the tour, it's hard to keep the house to the minimum, but whatever it makes you feel better, it's the right choice xx

  • Julia Limbrick
    Julia Limbrick

    I love you Mr. Kate and I have been a follower for over the past two years but anyone who has that many pairs of shoes is not a minimalist😳

  • Mars

    I'm pretty sure Kate is the most gorgeous person on this planet 😍💕

  • Vaishnavi Chakrapu
    Vaishnavi Chakrapu

    Let Joe talk lol

  • Xochiltl Arrowood
    Xochiltl Arrowood

    This is a video about an organized house not minimalism at all!

  • New Life
    New Life

    Love it

  • Neville Longbottom
    Neville Longbottom

    This isnt minimalist - this was decluttering a maximalist home. Minimalists wouldnt have single use coffee pods in a drawer, or thirty pairs of shoes in the thumbnail, or throw out items because they arent "excited" about it. That is decluttering. Different things.

  • Celina Binkley
    Celina Binkley

    Wow, thank you so much for doing your best to be as eco friendly as possible and really being conscious of buying eco friendly items- not made of plastic & keeping/using plastic containers you already had!!!! It is so important to alwas buy eco friendly items when you do buy new stuff! I mean the only thing I saw that could be more eco friendly as others have mentioned are Joey's coffee pods, recycling is of course great but resuing is always better and buying coffee beans/ground beans and using reusable coffee pods would be better for the planet! :) But you guys are truly doing more than most people do and I really appreicate you guys trying AND using your platform to share how important it is and ways to be eco friendly! :) Thank you so much for the emphasis on eco-friendliness in these two amazing videos!!!

  • Miriam M.
    Miriam M.

    Great content 👍🏽 Follow up video on 6 months (what works, what doesn't, new improvements)

  • Jay Gurbuxani
    Jay Gurbuxani

    “Everybody has a junk drawer.” Yes, my whole room is a junk drawer 😩😂

  • carizzimo

    Need link to the beauty marks :)

  • Anberlin Flowers
    Anberlin Flowers

    I have that bamboo scrub brush for my dish to

  • Marcela Stacey
    Marcela Stacey

    Omg. Please stop interrupting your husband!!!! That’s so rude!!!!

  • Delores Torgerson
    Delores Torgerson

    With kids books start a kid book swap group. Every one is on a list and you pass book on to the next person , then they take a book they own they pass it to the next person . When your book comes back to you then donate it and when your dropping the book off , you pick up a different book.

  • Rose Pink
    Rose Pink

    Teach Moon the Barney clean up song cause it’s what they teach them in pre school...Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up...I was a teacher for over 10 years. I worked with pre school Special Ed kids also...I love ❤️ children and I love 💕 your beautiful Moon 🌙 he’s adorably cute! ❤️

  • Rebecca Shulman
    Rebecca Shulman

    Lol. You’re prioritizing being eco friendly but just bought a bunch of new stuff and have a drawer full of k cups 😂

  • Old Bet
    Old Bet

    step 1. buy too much stuff. step 2. declutter and throw away stuff. step 3. realise 80% of that stuff is going to landfill and educate your audiance. step 4. buy a big load of 'cute' brand new stuff for your 'new minimalist lifestyle' and make a 'look at all the stuff we bought'-video. ...

  • Tiny Family
    Tiny Family

    Love your creativity wish the best to you’re family

  • Marcia Williams
    Marcia Williams

    Kate I love you guys. But please let Joey speak without interruption.

  • Jose-pie

    Your kcups cause way more plastic waste than the plastic scrub brush ever will. (something to think about)😉

  • Parihan Amira Ahmed
    Parihan Amira Ahmed

    Howwww i fell sad when I delete an app

  • Ana Paula Martinez
    Ana Paula Martinez

    Minimalist and tidy isn’t the same thing

  • donttalktomebye

    while i havent watched ALL of your videos yet but i REALLY like the style in which you shoot and edit them since the quarantine started.

  • Savannah McGowan
    Savannah McGowan

    Wow everyone in the comments are commenting like paragraphs!!!! Jesus

  • LibraTaurusEnergy

    Where is the living room table from? I’m in loveeee!!! Ps love your videos ❤️❤️❤️

  • Heather Marie
    Heather Marie

    What diapers do you use?? Looks like cloth. Which I started using myself.

  • Jack Ames
    Jack Ames

    4:44 moon is so cute i cant

  • Jessika Corral
    Jessika Corral

    When she cuts him off in the bathroom to talk forever lol. My husband does that to me .. grr lol

  • Beth Adams
    Beth Adams

    Someone from my alma mater, Hampshire College, for Div III, created a playground, for the imagination. Like, sorta large boxy stuff subject to interpretation and imagination!

  • Grace Rosen
    Grace Rosen

    The most eco friendly thing is keeping and using up what you already have. Not just throwing them all away

  • Allysyn Overton
    Allysyn Overton

    Minimalist lmao. Where?! You have more gadgets, toys, shoes, and bags than anyone I know.

  • This Fruitful Life
    This Fruitful Life

    So inspired!👏🏻💖

  • Violet

    why dont you allow him to speak? relations go down hill if you dont allow him to open up as much as you do.

  • zugang1519

    Ughh I almost stopped watching cause of how you cut Joey off 😬 please let him speak and finish.

  • Naomi Weed
    Naomi Weed

    I love the stove!

  • Rose Pink
    Rose Pink

    Hey guys i love your videos. I was a teacher...teach Moon the Barney clean up song it’s what pre school uses to teach the students to clean up after play time daily...”clean up, clean up, everybody clean up”....❤️

  • Tran Le
    Tran Le

    You can’t preach eco friendliness and buying in bulk when on the same line you pull out a drawer full of single use coffee pods 😬

    • Clara Todd
      Clara Todd

      Nespresso recycles the pods

    • Stephanie Cappello
      Stephanie Cappello

      Yeah, everyone's journey is different but for anyone reading the comments. Don't get rid of stuff because you aren't excited to use it. Use what you already have and buying second hand bins to help organize is the way to go.

  • Stephanie

    Are you guys okay? You both look down :( maybe tired ? Hope you get time to rest ❤️

  • The Cosmos
    The Cosmos

    Well those coffees are def NOT eco friendly! Even the guy who invented them regrets it cuz they just end up all over the planet. Love the other moves to be more eco friendly! Suggest re-addressing the coffee methods and also try out compost! :)

  • Michelle Ramirez
    Michelle Ramirez

    She only keeped the beauty bird eyeshadow palette, it really is very pretty!

  • Bleu Castillo
    Bleu Castillo

    Joeys been working out 💪🏼😍

  • Olivia s
    Olivia s

    Love the real efforts to promote making eco friendly decisions

  • Kaitlyn Rivera
    Kaitlyn Rivera

    Eco friendly coffee pod that you refill, also loose tea in a diffuser ball!!!!!!

  • Abigail Manson
    Abigail Manson

    Watching this made me so relaxed

  • Merci Beaucoup
    Merci Beaucoup

    She’s a man

  • Lluvia Chavez
    Lluvia Chavez

    this is so funny! idk if its a culture thing or a poor thing but we (my Mexican family) has been living without a bunch of useless stuff for years!! lol its nice to se we have been doing this for ever.. welcome

  • Zahra Aulia
    Zahra Aulia

    i kinda wanna see your hair purple

  • Emily Ahn Levy
    Emily Ahn Levy

    LOVE your styles! Would love a detailed walk thru of your shoes! And love Joey’s shirt in this episode.

  • Amanda Arellano
    Amanda Arellano

    I am so inspired by this video series. Love it!!

  • Kimberly

    17:27 damn Mr Kate gonna snap soon if she keeps cutting him off mid sentence like that lmao

  • Mak Jo
    Mak Jo

    I'm kind of new to the channel is moon his real name or nickname? Its adorable🥺

  • Sophie

    is she wearing a wig??

  • caitlin goris
    caitlin goris

    love you guys.... BUT your child is NEVER going to learn how to sleep alone if you soothe him ever time he moves even while napping... and that’s just facts. you WILL have a 12 year old boy in your bed if you don’t fix this soon. just FYI 😃

  • Kash Mimi
    Kash Mimi

    I’m so glad you guys included an eco friendly functional space and sharing that with your audience. Just started my journey! Love you guys !

  • Sue O.
    Sue O.

    Her closet? Yeah, she's minimalist. Send Marie Kondo at once!.

  • Briana Juliette
    Briana Juliette

    Stop cutting off Joey 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • alejandra salcido
    alejandra salcido

    Minimalist does not equal white

  • Savanna A Rivera
    Savanna A Rivera


  • Shelby J
    Shelby J

    hmm this all seemed very aesthetic. "we put all our food in plastic bags into glass" how about not buying it in plastic

  • Jo M
    Jo M

    Reason #1,579 not to have a kid you guys look rough and what are those outfits? I used to love Kate’s fashion choices.

  • Melanie Domingo-Zimmerman
    Melanie Domingo-Zimmerman

    So refreshing to see and you can see on their faces how glowing they look just by getting rid of stuff that really doesn’t serve you anymore.

  • Zoe Katz
    Zoe Katz

    When you presented your bathroom bars and stones it reminded me about how I’ve been using natural bars (no plastic or chemicals) for my hair, face and body for the past 4 years now. I love it! Then when I travel I just put them in my reusable little soap containers.

  • Eliza Stratton
    Eliza Stratton

    would not necessarily call this minimalist... definitely organized tho!! but y'all still have a normal amount of stuff lol

  • aumpo

    Sorry, but these coffee pods are def not eco friendly!

  • Shimon Schwartrz
    Shimon Schwartrz

    Love your kitchen

  • Jennifer Cassaday
    Jennifer Cassaday


  • Aya Yay
    Aya Yay

    When Joey is trying to say something then Kate cutting him. Check Joey's reaction at their bathroom. Hahaha

  • happymayafriends

    let him speak 😂

  • Lauren

    @Hyram is cringing at your skincare routine no doubt 😂

  • Simply_squirrel


  • emily dugan
    emily dugan

    Amazing vibe! Where is this throw blanket from in the bedroom?

  • staar berenice
    staar berenice

    I feel like you were very self centered in this video you didn't even let Joey talk ... you went through every item in your medicine cabinet and when it came to Joeys turn you just cut him off and talked over him :( several times

  • Maryam Chergui
    Maryam Chergui

    Don't forget your sunscreen

  • xxYanexx

    Looooooove this !! BRB going to throw everything away 😍😍

  • Jasmine Fields
    Jasmine Fields

    They are such good parents

  • Tracy Anne
    Tracy Anne

    I love reducing waste in the environment however those coffee pods are not. It’d be more eco friendly to have a reusable filter in your coffee maker

  • Auni

    those shoes are NOT minimal

  • Jan Emily
    Jan Emily

    You shouldn't store medicine anywhere there is heat and humidity. It can alter the effectiveness of the drugs. GREAT JOB!!

  • Дарья

    I started decluttering while watching 🤣🤣 really inspiring 💖

  • Princess Park
    Princess Park

    OMG. My fave Creative youtuber on RSloft is now practicing minimalism! I’ve been implementing minimalism 3 years in my life noww. 🥰

  • Joyce Davis
    Joyce Davis

    noticed your always pan. how do you like it, how do you use it and how often do you use it?

  • Lea C
    Lea C

    Okay, might be a stupid question but I genuinely dont know. I love all the Mason jars in the kitchen for storage, but what do you do with the stuff that doesnt fit in? Like, for example, I have a feeder for my cats that takes 3l, and the bags of cat food I buy has 3kg. Even if I wait till the feeder is completely empty, which I obviously cant really do, the 3kg bag never fits in completely. So I always have a shelf with opened bags of cat food / dog food etc. I'm just wondering if I have Mason jars for sugar / cereals whatever, where do I put the open bags that dont fit in the jar?! How do you keep it so empty and uncluttered?!

  • V-marie Williams
    V-marie Williams

    So proud of you both! This is so inspiring

  • Elise Van Aken
    Elise Van Aken

    I respect the whole no scenes thing, but he’s missing out on Barney the Dinosaur!!!

  • p steele
    p steele

    Love this you did a great job!

  • Lily-Lu Jordan
    Lily-Lu Jordan

    Let’s play ‘take a shot every time Kate interrupts Joey’ lmao. Love you both but girl you kept talking over him lol

  • MaryBeth Simpkins
    MaryBeth Simpkins

    Hack: I organized my scarves on an over the door towel rack. I didn’t have room in a large closet or drawers so I did that.

  • Angela

    Everywhere looks amazing and beautiful, well done. I am on my own decluttering journey so appreciate how much work this took you. I do think however that you save so much time once you declutter, from getting ready every day to cleaning x

  • Tanz*

    2020 summed up: a storage bin labelled PPE 🤣😭

  • Rachel M.
    Rachel M.

    2:38 that's the best thing I've ever seen

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