Our most feel-good makeover yet! *happy tears*
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  • Tayler Mae
    Tayler Mae

    I have major chills watching this. You guys could not have picked a more deserving person!

    • Amir Seth
      Amir Seth

      i dont know if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my girlfriends Facebook account by using SicZine. You can find it by Googling for Siczine account hacker if you wanna try it

    • Zen for Life
      Zen for Life


    • Monica Rachele
      Monica Rachele

      I know. I wish they could gift her a whole large house 💗 what a beautiful soul

    • Sesi T
      Sesi T

      @Cato I thought that's what it said lol I just realized

    • Lauren C
      Lauren C

      Saule Strabeikaite same😂🤭

  • Neha NEHA
    Neha NEHA

    You know why you make home beautiful because you hart is beautiful.. you both are very humble and kind couple..God bless you

  • Neha NEHA
    Neha NEHA

    You Gays are awesome 👏.. you both are nice person..who have golden hart... lovey couple.. best of luck

  • jesus14me pepper
    jesus14me pepper

    whenever they say to subscribe i always go down to subscribe then realize i am still subscribed lol :)

  • Pamela Fox
    Pamela Fox

    Lovely makeover and baby!

  • sheila turner
    sheila turner

    So awesome!!!!❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  • Meredith

    One of my teachers was the mom of the woman who started the real real so hearing it always feels like seeing an old friend

  • Judith Medina
    Judith Medina


  • Allie Bengochea
    Allie Bengochea

    Not sure how I missed this one but I'm so glad I found it because this was possibly my favorite makeover yet! It wasn't necessarily the decor (although beautiful) but the awesome feel good message in the episode. That girl is a serious saint!! Giving up her bedroom in her own home?!? I'd never go for that and I consider myself a very generous individual! I'm so happy she was able to have someone cater to her for a change! My heart is full. 💗

  • Antonia Mujica
    Antonia Mujica

    I have seen this video before but watching it again with COVID being a thing I am praying so much for Lisa I can’t imagine how hard things are for her

  • Living With B
    Living With B

    This is amazing!!!! Im happy for her!!! 💛💛

  • Hazel Hotz
    Hazel Hotz

    you are the kindest people ever!!!

  • Hana aL faDALA
    Hana aL faDALA

    30:02 LOL

  • Kim Honey
    Kim Honey

    I rewatched this for a feel good moment.💖💖

  • Me Joe
    Me Joe

    So glad I found this channel! Lisa is amazing and ya''ll are tremendously talented!

  • Nancy Juarez
    Nancy Juarez

    You both are so awesomely good and talented. I have been obsessed with your RSloft channel. I so want to be a Creative Weirdo. I love trying new things. My home needs so much and I love the inspiration you exude. Thank you for such a great channel

  • Kurstin Lee
    Kurstin Lee

    Oh my gosh you guys are awesome I love u guys

  • Adriana Vizcaino
    Adriana Vizcaino

    Beautiful 🥰🙏

  • Ella Bella
    Ella Bella

    Watching this in 2020 remembering how nice it was to hug people, let alone strangers for all intents and purposes.

  • Isabelle Draper
    Isabelle Draper

    I love u so much mr Kate and Joey if been watching for as long as I can remember

  • Sidra Khan
    Sidra Khan

    This is by far one of the most feel good videos I’ve seen in a while! 💗

  • Yessenia Garcia
    Yessenia Garcia

    Haha the mom was like “thank you mija ” lmao THANK YOU KATE & JOEY. They went over because she sent an email. They gave the best gift to a hard worker who prefers others to sleep comfortably in their own rooms and beds instead of her own. Not a lot of people care enough to take care of there parents after they’ve set their careers. They just continue with their own life. I guess this chick cool I guess. Not really the family type myself. But that’s cool.

  • Jillyjj Doll
    Jillyjj Doll

    You guys are genuine I can feel how down to earth u guys are. My favorite couple! Be blessed

  • M.iiiaa A
    M.iiiaa A

    She seems like such a sweet and genuine person

  • Richard Salsman
    Richard Salsman

    V. Quilts patterns

  • Daniel Ibrahim
    Daniel Ibrahim


  • Adv. Mokshada
    Adv. Mokshada

    I love how Mr. Kate helps people who are really in need of house makeovers ❤️ Bless you guys. 😊❤️

  • Angie Quintero
    Angie Quintero

    💖💖💖💖💖💖Thanks for doing this to her and her family 💖💖💖💖💖

  • G G
    G G

    You guys are the best

  • Linda Randall
    Linda Randall

    The both of you are such loving parents to such a cutie pie Moon. I love the sweet way you are to your clients and how fantastic a makeover youdofor them.

  • Isla Productions
    Isla Productions


  • Caitlin Daly-Crane
    Caitlin Daly-Crane

    I look up to you all the time.

  • Caitlin Daly-Crane
    Caitlin Daly-Crane

    I am a creative weirdo!

  • Janiya M
    Janiya M

    I feel good they paying for her I feel like she deserves more and that she gets blessed and she got to go on vacation wow they should do her house for a week so she gets hopefully a bed in the hotel. Oh and moon is sooooo cute who thinks there gonna have 3 more kids cause of moon if u k ow what I mean

  • Willow Quick
    Willow Quick

    Does anyone know what they use to show the floor plans etc because I want to re do my room but want a 2D design first to see how I can work with it and really visualise it

  • The mini things Squad
    The mini things Squad


  • Jasmine Perez
    Jasmine Perez

    What would you guys have done if it didn’t have the hard wood floor under the carpet?

  • Baylie182

    I wish there was a funding option for this family so we could all have pitched in to increase the budget and give them the the space they all deserve. Could we do this for future families in need? With a funding option we probably could have donated a enough resources and money to expand the home and knock down some funky walls to give them an open floor plan so the main could get around easier. Just a thought. ❤️

  • alsn clre
    alsn clre

    Aw why you got to make me cry so much?! I’m so happy she got to get spoiled for once, what a sweet woman 💕

  • Letsu Kplorla
    Letsu Kplorla

    You guys are great Getting alot of design inspiration from you u. Much love from Ghana

  • Jacklyn Mason
    Jacklyn Mason

    Mr Kate, Joey & Moon, you creative weirdos make me cry with so much love and sharing all your Love❣❣❣

  • Jacklyn Mason
    Jacklyn Mason

    # paint the stone!:)) U 2 R a Huge Blessing!:)

  • Ruth Elizabeth Avila
    Ruth Elizabeth Avila

    They were being some bad asses giving her a gift too that was a plus love y’all helping everyone and changing rooms while y’all change life’s too

  • Zen for Life
    Zen for Life

    Does anyone know where she gets her chunky sneakers from ? Thanks 🤍

  • punstress

    I liked everything they did but I thought it might work to put a room divider behind the couch so it made the wall look like it was longer.

  • Unice Marquez
    Unice Marquez

    When and how, why you started decorating home's exterior of

  • Cris BF
    Cris BF

    What a beautiful person! I wish I had studied InteriorDeco. I would like very much if you would decorate a place with a Mexican theme. Not “ranchero” type, but elegant and using typical Mexican colors. The furniture... mmm... white on white, with different hues! Thank you very much for sharing your videos. Felicidades por tan hermoso bebé! Suerte y Vaya con Dios!

  • Melea Eckard
    Melea Eckard

    Hey Team!!! Any way I can get the building plans to your 5 shelf wall shelf in this episode??

  • Rhonda Miller
    Rhonda Miller

    Mr Kate and Joey are just the sweetest! I honestly think of these designers as friends. You are all getting so good at this! I'm pretty sure that couch is going back into that corner though. Hugs, Rhonda

  • Tracilyn Hidalgo
    Tracilyn Hidalgo

    Your husband is gorgeous! His eyes are as beautiful as his soul! You guys are blessed. Baby looks like daddy too!

  • Marlon Seno
    Marlon Seno

    Moon is zozozoz cute i want to squish himm hmmmmm

  • naj

    the best episode ever on RSloft! I love Mr.Kate. made me cry too

  • Nedjie Thompson
    Nedjie Thompson

    Just discovered your channel and I subscribed because of the genuine family vibe I get here. I feel the looooove

  • joel lojo
    joel lojo

    Team moon😍

  • Sukh Mrar
    Sukh Mrar

    She finds every way to support her family but she doesn’t even worry about herself I am so glad you found her! 🥺

  • Brit Reid
    Brit Reid

    When she said clean out shoes, what does she mean????? Because I'll take them😂🤣

  • AF shh
    AF shh

    this is sooo cuteeee

  • nassera bouzambou
    nassera bouzambou

    I love watching interior make-overs but I've never cried watching one.

  • Alaina H.
    Alaina H.

    21:10 ❤️reveal

  • 1963zinnia

    She is so giving. She deserve to look after herself more...

  • Dee Jay K
    Dee Jay K

    This was amazing. Thank you both for putting this positive energy into the world. 💜💜

  • Manosi Dkhar
    Manosi Dkhar

    ❤❤❤❤god bless you n ur family kate🥰🥰💞💞💞

  • ele flower
    ele flower

    I loved ...She deserved...

  • Jannat Brar
    Jannat Brar


  • Jessie Burwell
    Jessie Burwell

    You guys are soooo freaking amazing what you do for people!! So inspiring! And moon was Soo amazing!! Very impressed 😉🤗

  • W S
    W S

    6:26 that aunt is everything😂😂😂😂

  • Maria and Miguel Collazo
    Maria and Miguel Collazo

    You guys are amazing and are truly gifted. Hope I can have you one day fix my house. God bless you all, and your baby is gorgeous. God bless him.

  • Paulette Edwards
    Paulette Edwards

    If she is still a nurse , I want her to know that I am praying for her during this pandemic and Everyone else who likes

  • Olivia

    How is it possible to work a 24hr shift?? Does she sleep at the hospital?

  • Love, A
    Love, A

    Marathon while we're still in quarantine AND I'M ALWAYS DISTRACTED WITH MOON! SO CUUUUUTTTTTEEE!!! SO ADORABLE!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ I got teary when it was reveal time. ♥️

  • fairy dust6978
    fairy dust6978

    How can she afford to foster a child if she cant even afford a bed for herself? I'm sure all of these people get disability checks...

  • Thumree Sarkar
    Thumree Sarkar

    The best makeover video I came across...

  • xShaaMetalheadX

    Beautiful work for a beautiful family. Also, refinishing hardwood floors is such a pain in the ass.

  • Samantha Rain
    Samantha Rain


  • jordan rapata
    jordan rapata

    Y’all give soooo much free furniture a holiday and 1500 credit on real real love you guys

  • Lottie Wright
    Lottie Wright

    How do you do the moon boards ? Like how do you design them cx

  • Habbi

    I wonder if Lisa’s on the COVID frontline - sending prayers from 2020 💗

  • Peyton

    this was such a good episode and this makeover was stunning!

  • Mary L
    Mary L

    Mr Kate you and Joey are really kind hearted and very talented. Kudos for you guys! God bless you more!!!

  • Claire makeup_lover_clarissaw
    Claire makeup_lover_clarissaw

    This made me cry what a thoughtful lady. Whom takes all her time looking after others and her family. Well done u deserve it x

  • Shari

    I was wondering where did u send them for a vacation? Also great job I LOVE YOU GUYS

  • Kay Bowen
    Kay Bowen

    This was a great episode. You are a blessing. Moon is the cutest and so good.

  • Alexandria Brown
    Alexandria Brown

    It's too bad you couldn't have knocked the walls down that's between the little dining area and the kitchen. Beautiful work for this selfless woman. You are kind.

  • hira nasir
    hira nasir

    It still looks like common drawing room I thought there will be some personal space.

  • brwnsknswty

    Oh my gosh! My favorite video from you guys and I love them all! ❤️❤️ such a beautiful beautiful thing. You guys are amazing

  • Christine Snowden
    Christine Snowden

    Oh my goodness, you guys are amazing. I've only just discovered your channel over this weird time in worldwide isolation and you''ve given me so much! Love , love LOVE! Watching from South Australia and loving every minute! I have to go now and build myself a hexagonal shelving unit. Love to you three, and Grandma ! 🙏💖💖💖

  • Kashedra Usry
    Kashedra Usry

    Yes yes , YES!! 🤎😭😭😭👼🏼😇

  • Carolyn O'Connell
    Carolyn O'Connell

    You can tell her thank yous are so genuine💕

  • Tara Patil
    Tara Patil

    This might be a really stupid question, but why did they need to check under the carpet to see if there was hard flooring under it? I mean, what else could be under it?

  • Nina Barnes
    Nina Barnes

    You two are god send!!!! Angels! I just love you!!! I pray God bless you to keep up your awesome work!!! Your.... so so heart felt and amazing! With great taste!

  • Marla Tyler
    Marla Tyler

    Love all your makeovers and your home is amazing - great job 👍❤️👏🏼👏🏼

  • Viridiana Garfias
    Viridiana Garfias

    How do I book an appointment

  • Rabia Khan
    Rabia Khan

    Asalam walekum hi Mr Kate how are you guys you are amazing work I like it I like it your baby is so cute best of luck Allah Hafiz

  • Kirkee Cal
    Kirkee Cal

    Have been binge viewing and I think she needs her own Netflix show!

  • Willow Lola
    Willow Lola

    i so wish i lived in California so i could get a room makeover for me and my sisters room! you guys are incredible

  • bcfriar Doyle
    bcfriar Doyle

    Another perfect family you chose to help. This pleases us weirdos!

  • Zelda Sabin
    Zelda Sabin

    I have concluded that Lisa is a goddess.

  • Ava Daniel
    Ava Daniel

    hi i am on my sister phone make her phone blow up like this comment

  • Manasvi Asthana
    Manasvi Asthana

    Please COME TO INDIA

  • Chloe's Corner
    Chloe's Corner

    Such a lovely, humble girl. Well deserved!!

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