Minimalist Plant-Lovers Apartment Makeover! 🌿
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A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Producer: Annie O'Rourke
Camera: Marco Bottiglieri
Edited by: Vianne Robitaille
Art Department: Emily Banks

  • flowervanessa

    This was such a realistic representation of normal people renovating a space and I love how well it was captured in this video. The result is absolutely stunning.

    • Dayna Aalyana
      Dayna Aalyana

      Realistic is subjective. Not knowing how to use a basic drill or looking at which way is up on your wallpaper is a little ridiculous. Difficulty figuring out where to put things is realistic, but the other two aspects just seems like they've never built furniture (that they ordered) before.

    • Jessica Silva
      Jessica Silva

      Hi I just got a new house and I am renovating it

  • Ellen PARSONS
    Ellen PARSONS

    we love yo Mr. Kate, Moon and Joey

  • C. A Castello
    C. A Castello


  • Rocky

    I have that same cactus scratcher for my kitten 💜 this how I’m tryna get my room to be too. Lots of plants

  • Jeffrey

    hey let me do this

  • Um don’t talk to me
    Um don’t talk to me

    This is one of my favourite rooms they’ve decorated ❤️❤️ love it Also their cat is so cute🥰🥰

  • alina azhar
    alina azhar

    Where is that sofa bed from??

  • Marilyn Vibhute
    Marilyn Vibhute

    You guys worked a miracle

  • Coffee Bujo
    Coffee Bujo

    i want you to help with my room😭

  • Madison Heights
    Madison Heights

    Watching this a 2nd time. I'd snag another side chair while they're still available, there's room, and in future homes, they'll work as a pair.

  • Nicole Kingdon
    Nicole Kingdon

    LOL even I know you put your hand on the back of a drill for stripping!! I'm a 20 year old girl lol

  • Manuel Seda
    Manuel Seda

    This is a beautiful relationship

  • Kelsey Drummond
    Kelsey Drummond

    Aww bless them. I'm glad they were able to learn these skills.

  • Xưởng Bán Đồ Gỗ Giá Tận Gốc
    Xưởng Bán Đồ Gỗ Giá Tận Gốc


  • Linda Rahmeyer
    Linda Rahmeyer

    Joey is such a great teacher...very!! And the room turned out beautiful...such a good result from Shante and Conner

  • Joelle Hoareau
    Joelle Hoareau

    This is one of my favourite episodes 💖 not only are they SUCH a cute couple, but I really love the space! The cool designated kitty corner, the pop of blue in the sofa, the pop of orange in the spice prints - it's all just enough of everything. Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏🙌

  • jenna good
    jenna good

    kind of being rude, instead of laughing and making fun encourage

  • ediblenecklace

    This couple is so cute 😍

  • Tina S
    Tina S

    Excellent job and everything looks great 🌷

  • Philip Steeves
    Philip Steeves

    Killer shirt Joey!

  • Carole D
    Carole D

    Beautiful job!

  • David Sharpe
    David Sharpe

    Hi I had a question how do I send a video to get a room make over I don’t know if I could even get one because I live in a Ohio but I saw this video on how they did it and u send them the design

  • it's faith time
    it's faith time

    Sooo obsessed with this makeover!! The accent chair and sofa is perfect!! 😍😍🥰🥰 And the cute rug cuddle 💖💖

  • estere z
    estere z

    Kitchen & bathroom, bedroom??

  • Cherry Andrews
    Cherry Andrews


  • Selina Balleza
    Selina Balleza

    I love this series!! ❤️

  • smol peaches
    smol peaches

    As someone with a kitten my cat enjoys eating plants and cacti so I can’t even have plants in my house unless it’s a locked room ;-; ima try when he’s a adult. I love y’all’s videos I wanna have a job to decorate houses to cause I think I’m pretty good at it :D ur baby is so adorable tooooo

  • K T
    K T

    I relate to Shanta and Connor so much. Like I love interior design but no absolutely nothing about construction/carpentry. I literally hung my curtains with mounting tape and they just stay closed 24/7 and I-oop

  • Dkd Mad
    Dkd Mad

    Soooooooooooooo pretty

  • Blackpink Blinkk
    Blackpink Blinkk

    so cute house! i took the quiz

  • Rosa McKenna
    Rosa McKenna

    Awesome makeover!

  • Enola Granville
    Enola Granville

    It turned out so so cute👍🏽

  • Zina Rhone
    Zina Rhone

    Shante' and Conner you did a wonder job. Your place looks amazing! Kate & Joey, you guys are not only awesome decorators you're great teachers as well.

  • Isabel Tabares
    Isabel Tabares

    our looks Amaizing great job!

  • Jasmine Douglas
    Jasmine Douglas

    Loveeeee this

  • Sherylyn Hilyard
    Sherylyn Hilyard

    Great job

  • Pamela Fox
    Pamela Fox

    What a cute couple. You were so helpful.

  • Paislee Rose
    Paislee Rose

    So I’m casually restreaming and HOW DID I NOT CATCH THE CAT IS HAZEL GRACE?!? John Green feels

  • Rose M Fall
    Rose M Fall

    Is there cat named after Hazel Grace from The Fault In Our Stars 😭

    • Grant Mc Garry
      Grant Mc Garry

      Good question

  • VG VBG
    VG VBG

    New to your channel. Loving it. Subscribed instantly! Great style

  • VG VBG
    VG VBG

    New to your channel. Loving it. Subscribed instantly! Great style

  • tracy lee moss
    tracy lee moss

    Joeyyyy😄I LOVEE THE WAY YOU ALWAYS ...whoops caps...way U always look at your lady with admiration and curiousity💖

  • tracy lee moss
    tracy lee moss

    Always learning curve potential

  • Monica DeGracia
    Monica DeGracia

    Mr. Kate I really loved this video so so so sooo much hahaha, The struggle but the victory in the end!!! Thanks for keeping it real. I feel more inspired now and kuddos to the couple in the video, you did great!!

  • Natalia Cuellar
    Natalia Cuellar

    **cats name is hazel grace** Me, reciting the Fault in Our Stars scene; what’s your name?? Hazel. no, what’s your full name? Hazel Grace Lancaster. why are you looking at me like that?? because you’re beautiful.

  • Tatum Shane
    Tatum Shane


  • Jojo Moa
    Jojo Moa

    Omg that furniture piece! I wish there was a shop in Australia.... And OMG that looks beautiful. I love love love it!

  • Madison Gray
    Madison Gray

    Very cool! LOVE this style!

  • Vivi Gi
    Vivi Gi

    Oh that's hard to watch with them having to explain everything. What's the issue that Mr. Kate can't go there? Is that lockdown thing so bad? Can't they work with masks in their space? Mr. Kate doing the work for their customers is their Niche; that was part of why we're watching it.

  • Michelle Wheeldon
    Michelle Wheeldon

    “We want it to be a positive cactus” 🌵 😂😂

  • dasia ann vlogs
    dasia ann vlogs

    MR KATE!! i’m getting my first apartment in a few months!! i really want it to look cute but i don’t know how. HOW MUCH WOULD IT BE FOR YOU TO DECORATE MY FIRST APARTMENT FOR ME?? PLEASE I LOVE YOU.

  • Jenna Ragsdale
    Jenna Ragsdale

    I have that same cat tower, my 3 love it

  • Syd Mar
    Syd Mar

    One of my favorite episodes bc it was so relatable! You all did a great job!

  • Neža

    Kate you are amazing, I just adore, not only your vision and ideas (which are out of this world really) but also your energy. Sooo refreshing.

  • Kyndall Hill
    Kyndall Hill

    It's soooo cute!!!

  • Mary Rose Gutierrez
    Mary Rose Gutierrez

    How can I get a virtual room makeover for my girls? I have a 13 year old girl and a toddler girl sharing a room! I need help designing a room to incorporate both

  • pratham patel
    pratham patel

    Hey mr kate, i would like to ask u that which app do u use to plan\scatch your design .

  • Gaming With Sabbir
    Gaming With Sabbir

    Tnx for your support i back u support u

  • Daisy Martinez
    Daisy Martinez

    I felt for this couple. Mr. Kate please bring it back to the basics bc here I am a full adult and not knowing how to put up curtains. Haaalp

  • Erin Lyle
    Erin Lyle

    You guys did an awesome job! Hope all three of you are the enjoying the fruits of your labor!! Congrats on the new room.😁

  • TheCopperFro

    Hey Joey 👋🏾, hope you don’t mind me asking. Where did you get the orange button down shirt you had on?

  • Dunyah Mahmoud
    Dunyah Mahmoud

    I totally did not notice the cactus wallpaper was upside down lol it looked normal but after she fixed it I realized how much better it was

  • Genesis Hinckley
    Genesis Hinckley

    Where is that couch from? Anyone have a link?

    • Aleta B
      Aleta B

      it’s from kate and joey’s furniture line i’m pretty sure

  • Sarah K
    Sarah K

    when they did the rug cuddle i-

  • koverthemoon

    Did they get the cat? Are there photos? I NEED to see this cat!

  • Every new day is a blessing
    Every new day is a blessing

    Awesome couple. And they did so well for diy newbies. I think every couple should do sth like that before they marry. If they don't kill each other while doing a built-in, wallpapering or building a furniture from scracth - that's a good sign that they can work together through stressful situations.

  • akansingit

    That’s my kitty litter box too! I painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint in French linen and it looks so good!

  • Gabby Adelman
    Gabby Adelman

    Times when I just go in there channel. And binge watch 😂😂

  • Maleah Mounivong
    Maleah Mounivong

    I’m kind of surprised no one said anything abt the passive aggressive teasing

  • aybuke

    oh when they did the rug cuddle :') thats so sweet

  • Sandra Rodriguez
    Sandra Rodriguez

    Absolutely loved the couple that you picked!! They did an amazing job!

  • ebru uran
    ebru uran

    Done with this video, done with this proje if so, dont make a video

  • Ornela Wakandigi
    Ornela Wakandigi


  • Tess

    I’m glad my dad taught me how to use a drill! 😂

  • Only Today
    Only Today

    Your amazingggg!!!!

  • ash

    Why did you have to be problematic? I'm so sad.

  • jasmine pal
    jasmine pal

    Hi kate ur baby is such a cutie pie. God bless her♥️

  • Alessa

    Like some other comments said could you please name this series "omg, we're not coming over"

  • Donna Abuel
    Donna Abuel


  • Layla

    I love this series and how Kate and Joey take into mind popular styles because not only does it show ordinary people how to do this, it shows viewers who may have similar taste as well :))

  • it's faith time
    it's faith time

    Omg. ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE!!! 😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕

  • Merlicia Melius
    Merlicia Melius

    Great job

  • Frog named Jog
    Frog named Jog

    I just wanna know where the couple is storing the doors and blinds and stuff so they can put it back when they move out😂

  • Sha Kadir
    Sha Kadir

    I had the same exact curtain situation. (i wasn't as bad as him, I managed to do it it in 40 mins 😂). Joey is very patient.

  • Tamara

    I miss your short pink hair :P

  • kripa A
    kripa A

    Mr. Kate is sooo beautiful..and moon 🌙 is just toooo cute 😍 ☺ 😊

  • kripa A
    kripa A

    Like before I watch the video 📹

  • Lindsay Peattie
    Lindsay Peattie

    I luvvv plants to! I love how they make the space so open and pretty!


    Guys, yu are great. Even for this pandemic, you are so creative to design and make ppl to redecorate themselves. congratulations!!!!

  • Munina Kenneth
    Munina Kenneth

    great work guys ...👍👍👍

  • Damary Rosales Trejo
    Damary Rosales Trejo

    This made me so happy like legit smiling behind my screen good job guys

  • chaquel ragbasingh
    chaquel ragbasingh


  • Molly van H
    Molly van H

    I love that they are actually teaching them and showing us too because we can actually learn too !

  • Molly van H
    Molly van H


  • Alma

    I love it especially the sofa

  • Vanessa christy
    Vanessa christy

    Stud finders are easy to use without extra holes

  • Sarah Gittler
    Sarah Gittler

    what city do you guys live in?

  • Mackenzie Nelson
    Mackenzie Nelson

    I hope your cat doesn’t eat plants because a few of those are toxic.

  • nimra arain
    nimra arain

    Hi! I absolutely love your designs and would love to see if you can help me decorate my room! My budget is very limited but i do love the minimalistic design. I just domt know where to begin


    Where is the sofa from. ?