MAJOR REVEAL! We've Been Keeping This a Secret for a Year!!
OMG, are you ready for this?! The pandemic delayed our announcement, but we're SO excited to share this with you!!

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  • Bacongobler

    I made an assignment for myself to watch like every video on this channel

    • Celeste A
      Celeste A

      I had another account that I binged heaps of videos so now I get to rewatch and enjoy all of them again

    • Yashlene Sheikhvand
      Yashlene Sheikhvand

      I’ve done that for this channel! It’s great!!

    • Sueann Sherman
      Sueann Sherman


    • Gis 168
      Gis 168


    • W ****
      W ****

      Mr. Kate I have started doing things at home by myself after watching ur videos

  • Ginger Black
    Ginger Black

    The Winston sofa? What are the dimensions of the couch?

  • Elizabeth Keeling-Carreau
    Elizabeth Keeling-Carreau

    What a gorgeous collection! I love them all, especially Stella and your black and white plaid chair! Congratulations!

  • Mary Martin
    Mary Martin

    Just got my Windsor couch. It's BLUE and I'm in love! The manual says it takes about an hour. I did it by myself in 35 minutes. Am I a super hero? I guess so. A superhero with a lovely comfy blue couch.

  • Carmen P Bronx
    Carmen P Bronx

    Congratulations 👏🏻

  • Akshata Mukund
    Akshata Mukund

    Joey adjusting the camera to give Kate and Moon privacy... Such a pure Kate and Joey moment. ❤️

  • Laura Lee
    Laura Lee

    Oooh the Teal sofa is gorgeous !! Just love love that color. , you 3 are so awesome and weirdly inspirational 💞 love you guys so much and so so happy for you !!

  • Elizabeth Falcon
    Elizabeth Falcon

    I need Stella in a green velvet 😭

  • CourageousGoldfish

    Almost a year later and i'm still so excited about this lol

  • Richard Tollestrup
    Richard Tollestrup

    Joey and Kate will make great parents again if I was moon I would say I have awesome parents

  • Nancy Juarez
    Nancy Juarez

    beautiful collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Nancy Juarez
    Nancy Juarez

    what a beautiful sofa!

  • Sheila Brown
    Sheila Brown

    Hi Mr Kate, Love love love your channel, I'm a true fan. I am patiently awaiting the roll out of the furniture line, I need thar channel tufted bed in my life. Happy new year to you and your family! !! Great things in store for the coming year. See you in 2021

  • Te Aniwa Tutara
    Te Aniwa Tutara

    loved everything - will u b shipping to covid-free New Zealand?

  • xq_was

    Came back to see moon, I haven’t seen him since he was born!

  • little one
    little one

    Where can I buy1 of your couches at

  • Blossom Bouquet
    Blossom Bouquet

    OM Gosh THE STELLA!!!! And the WINSTON!!!

  • Nicky R
    Nicky R

    I love the Winston sectional. Would love to see a color Similar to Winston's fur 💛🐱

  • Simply Sarah Marie
    Simply Sarah Marie

    Where can I buy your bedframes? I have been searching your website but can't find anything. :-(

  • T Douglas
    T Douglas

    Congratulations 👏🏾👏🏾

  • Diana da Goddess
    Diana da Goddess

    I love all of it.

  • Carcallas, May Joana C.
    Carcallas, May Joana C.

    I'm happy for you all 🧡🧡🧡🧡Take care always... I love your videos 🧡🧡🧡

  • Jessica Faber
    Jessica Faber

    Okay but in the market for furniture now where is it at ??? I wanna buy!

  • Shanequa Ginn
    Shanequa Ginn

    Congratulations!!!! Ooomggg you guys Rock! I'm sooooo Happy for Youuuu!!!!

  • Zoe

    I want the Stella so bad when is it going to be available ?? Ughh

  • loretta davis
    loretta davis

    You both are so talented and especially great at what you do. What a perfect match you are love your new furniture line. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Moon Allure
    Moon Allure

    Do you ship Europe ?

  • Jan


  • Alexa Mandes
    Alexa Mandes

    Omg I love everything! My boyfriend and I are getting a place fairly soon and I can’t wait to get some of this furniture! That plaid accent chair 😍😍

  • Nipper Designs
    Nipper Designs

    The Stella couch would look amazing in a burnt like 70s style orange!

  • Caitlin Cottrell
    Caitlin Cottrell

    you have to make stella a Green, like a royal Foreset green!

  • Natassia Sequeira
    Natassia Sequeira

    Furniture 😍

  • Pam Harris
    Pam Harris

    I absolutely love the Winston couch and I also love the stellar couch, Wish that Wish that the Winston couch was a sofa sleeper That would be phenomenal Please keep me posted when I can buy your couch

  • hotsixty


  • Julie Hanson
    Julie Hanson

    I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one to think they are having another baby. Why do we all feel this way?

  • Mati I
    Mati I

    When are these available

  • Margaret C
    Margaret C

    Aww baby Moon is such a delicious combo of you guys. Congrats on your new furniture line.

  • Gaea


  • Carina .Sérvolo
    Carina .Sérvolo

    Will we be able to get it in Portugal?

  • Carina .Sérvolo
    Carina .Sérvolo

    Love all of them! Congrats. 😍

  • Madeleine Perkins
    Madeleine Perkins

    I really like what you guys do. And you are fun! I am also impressed with your furniture you have a catalog? I am 72 but need that couch!

  • Foxymama 2003
    Foxymama 2003

    So excited for you! LOVE every piece you showed (especially Stella!!!!!!!)

  • Regina Marie
    Regina Marie

    Super cute but I also wanna know how much they would be 😭🥴

  • Daria Romanoff
    Daria Romanoff

    Joey looks like Andy from the Office when he comes back from his sailboat trip 😂

  • Daria Romanoff
    Daria Romanoff

    Moon looks exactly like Joey

  • Natalie Cross Colorings
    Natalie Cross Colorings

    Congrats!!! Very beautiful!😎💗

  • Maxine Uter
    Maxine Uter

    I am so proud of both of you..i have watch you grow over the years..blessing..i hope you can ship to Jamaica..

  • Mayya . Artist
    Mayya . Artist

    I want a contemporary white leather Sofa ... make one please 😍 Also we want a yellow and blush pink colors 🌸🌼👍🏻 Please like so Mr Kate can see this

  • Zelia Aznar
    Zelia Aznar

    I hope you ship to Europe!!

  • Odarlyn’s Vlogs
    Odarlyn’s Vlogs

    I love Winston ! My boyfriend and I never agree on anything when it comes to furniture when he saw Winston we fell in in love ! We’re moving soon hopefully we’re able to buy it!

    • Mindy S
      Mindy S

      Same! We've been looking for a sectional & that navy is right in our color palette 💞

  • Paper Dolly
    Paper Dolly

    Love every piece!!! So excited to buy! Congrats, Guys

  • Onyinyechi Chijioke
    Onyinyechi Chijioke

    A huge congratulations! So happy to see you staying your own furniture brand. The colour choices are just so stunning. I just love the colours. And... Moon is such a beautiful baby. Much love!

  • April

    Is there an estimate on when the line will launch?

  • Sofia Ramirez
    Sofia Ramirez

    I thought you were pregnant 😂

  • Katy Ortt
    Katy Ortt

    Does moon have a lazy eye? He’s adorableeeee!!

  • hannah banana
    hannah banana

    Y’all. This is just Novogratz furniture in new colors which is cute but reeeeeeeally bad quality. 🙄

    • hannah banana
      hannah banana

      Mindy S you can tell by looking at it. Look at Novogratz website and compare- the design and price point are the same. They’ve also used Novogratz furniture in designs before because it is so cute at such a low price and I always feel so bad for the people who get stuck with anything from this horrible scam of a company, they will not be able to use it for more than a few months at most!

    • Mindy S
      Mindy S

      How do you know it's novograts? Did they say it & I missed it?

  • soft baddie
    soft baddie


  • SpaceFoxx

    Omg I’m so happy you made furniture especially at those prices! I’m in college, live with my bf and when we get an apartment I will totally fill it with your furniture! I’ve watched you since the early days, and seeing your progression has been amazing! I love you, your content, your business, and your little family! ❤️

  • Cuttiegirlsu

    wow. what a dream come true for you both. congratulations on the growth of your beautiful business. grateful to witness it from the other side of the screen.

  • Emily Toelke
    Emily Toelke

    Yay!! This is incredible! You guys are amazing

  • Rawrs ALot
    Rawrs ALot

    Generally I don't like vintage but I love Stella. The color is beautiful.

  • Kate Hunt
    Kate Hunt

    The Effie chair my fave pattern😍😍😍😍😍😍 I cant wait till it’s avalibe

  • Dennis Garcia
    Dennis Garcia

    Please make a dark green couch!!!

  • Louise Tsang
    Louise Tsang

    I like the first blue colour sofa and love the idea that can be easily assembled. But what about the support? Iron bed looks so good as well! The idea of turning the vintage look sofa into a bed is fantastic, I am looking for something like that but not bulky and within budget. However, darker colour will be good! 😘

  • Helen Benton
    Helen Benton

    Will your furniture be available in the uk? Looks great , love your enthusiasm and style x

  • Kathye Sargent
    Kathye Sargent

    Love Stella

  • Leah M
    Leah M

    Baby doll?! Huh?🤨 Huh😏

  • Bhavika Jain
    Bhavika Jain

    Will u guys be delivering to india?

  • Pampered Chef Time with Morgan
    Pampered Chef Time with Morgan


  • Michele Bliss
    Michele Bliss

    When and where can I buy that beautiful Effin Chair? That plaid is perfect for my black and white bedroom.

  • Emmanuel Torres
    Emmanuel Torres

    I need the Winston in gray!! Right now!!!!!

  • AG

    I think i saw y’all at the dc airport like a month ago but I was to afraid to ask if u where mr Kate!!

  • shola

    Love moon 🌛

  • Yolande Wesley
    Yolande Wesley

    Hey Kate, love those designs. I would really love to see Stella and a raw silk like material and maybe jewel-tone. What do you think?

  • punstress

    Wow, that was a surprise! And I thought it wouldn't be anything i like because I never see stuff I like, but right away everything just so nice, especially considering how affordable! Love the blues and keep em coming because it is impossible to find blue. I love tufted upholstery and curvy legs. That plaid chair is the bomb! Great job!

  • Kambri Young
    Kambri Young

    😭😭 loved you so looong and just bought our first home! I can't wait to fill my home with your touch!!

  • ❇ | Simp~Sundae06 | ❇
    ❇ | Simp~Sundae06 | ❇

    Anyone else realise that two of the things have the same names of two characters in The Hunger Games?

  • Bella of the ball
    Bella of the ball

    Love it!!

  • Linda Marie
    Linda Marie

    Omg I NEED Winston in my life. Maybe 2. I LOVE the color. Also Some Like It Hot! Great movie!

  • Original Veronica Perez
    Original Veronica Perez

    your furniture is beautifull congratulations!

  • amena Abusheikha
    amena Abusheikha

    When can people start to buy

  • Nicole Hanes
    Nicole Hanes

    Something for a new baby!

    • Nicole Hanes
      Nicole Hanes

      I was kind of right! Congrats!

  • Alyssa Davis
    Alyssa Davis

    I hope this is still alive in 12 years

  • Sherri Boyer
    Sherri Boyer

    Congratulations!!! That's so exciting!!!

  • Jasmine Perez
    Jasmine Perez

    You should make a couch where the whole cloth is unzippable so we can wash it lol for some who may have kids. If possible tho lol

  • kathleen swenning
    kathleen swenning

    Awesome furniture I'm so happy I'm a pretty long time subscriber and it's wonderful to see you doing this!!!!!!! Soooooo many commmercials though you guys, it was pretty annoying, it took aways from the great furniture you were revealing!!!!! Just sayin. Stay safe and good luck with your furniture !!!!!! 😷. 😷

  • Liz Mortley
    Liz Mortley

    OMG I’m so happy for you guys. Nice furniture collection. Love them all. All the best with this new adventure.

  • Melinda Marie
    Melinda Marie

    I ABSOLUTELY love this!!! Everything about it n it's all so beautiful!!! Congrats!!! How awesome is it that now we can have touches of ur wonderful creativeness in our own homes AND that u made it affordable!! I love ur compassion n fashion sense n well everything about u!!!!! Thanx Mr Kate!!!! ✌&💙

  • Desirree Nieves
    Desirree Nieves

    I’m so happy for you!!!!!

  • m j
    m j


  • Holz Last name
    Holz Last name

    Ok Stella is my favorite but I love them all ❤ y'all did great

  • Катерина Олексюк
    Катерина Олексюк


  • natty Guthrie
    natty Guthrie

    I want that bed

  • natty Guthrie
    natty Guthrie

    can someone please tell me if if he is related to dax Shepard

  • Donna Dacus
    Donna Dacus

    Please come out soon I love them ALL especially the lovely STELLA!!!!

  • Virginia Plonski
    Virginia Plonski

    OK, this was a lovely and pleasant surprise..... looking forward to Brand expansion

  • Nazima Hussain
    Nazima Hussain


  • Maeleigh Bowen
    Maeleigh Bowen

    Omg!! I’m not furnishing my new place until these are available !!

  • Ava Ava
    Ava Ava

    Lovely, hip and well thought out pieces. Excellent work!

  • Jaelah Salazar
    Jaelah Salazar

    The Winston but in gray 👀👀👀