Homeless to Dream Bedroom Makeover! Alex Warren and Kouvr | OMG We're Coming Over
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  • Ceara Bostick
    Ceara Bostick

    The cat maze under the bed is so cool and unique, but I don’t like cats and something about it gives me anxiety. I still can’t get over how sweet it is though!! Such an awesome "homey" bedroom!

  • Jasmine Emily
    Jasmine Emily

    I'm sorry but can we just talk about how helpful Moon is? He is way too cute!

  • Emy

    Omg this is sooo nice i would love them to do a makeover in my room but sadly i live in Connecticut !!

  • Aaron Painter
    Aaron Painter

    For Alex and kuvor I sense engagement

  • brinagotsued

    Mr Kate, that painting you did is amazing!

  • Ami Augusto
    Ami Augusto

    Did she really just admit she’s unhappy because Joey is actually gay....I mean we all knew it. Same with my baby dad. Why are all the men that build houses/stuff in general actually gay... probably because they’re around other men all day 🤔

  • cadence j.s.
    cadence j.s.

    Did anyone else notice that they have "Effie" Chairs and in another video the had a "Primrose" Bed? Does anyone else recognize those names?

  • Charity LaBounty
    Charity LaBounty

    I CANT BELIVE HOW BIG BABY MR.KATE IS GETING, SO BIG, ALEX AND KOVUR HAS COME SO FAR I AM SO PROUD OF THEM Anyone else think Alex looks like Lewis that does someone you love?

  • Hiral Patel
    Hiral Patel

    They should do a video where there subscribers redecorate their house

  • 60._ smth
    60._ smth

    The fact that i already watch all of the omg we're coming over videos

  • T Sommers
    T Sommers

    Just subscribed to your channel! I generally dont enjoy these type of couple channels but yours is cute without being over the top too cute!

  • Anju Bhonah
    Anju Bhonah

    Love this makeover..You guys are awesome! Moon is soo cute.. I'm subscribed from Mauritius. I wish you guys could come here :-)

  • m s
    m s

    I felt like they both realized they were stepping into the real "grown-up" world and not able (yet!) to embrace it all. They will... Enjoy the journey young ones!

  • Sophia Sharkey
    Sophia Sharkey

    Do Charli damelio

  • Zhannell Kimura
    Zhannell Kimura

    To be honest, I don’t really like them but the fact that they were homeless but now has a beautiful home that they can call their own and have Mr. Kate decorate is a dream come true 🌸✨


    How do I get these people to do my roooooom?!?

  • BrooksApocalypse

    I love kouvr 💙

  • ILoveSummer993

    That painting! 💙🤍🌊 It is so heavy to work with a young kid on top of you. Even if it goes really well. I love seeing you all together though. ❤️

  • Elizabeth Reyes
    Elizabeth Reyes

    Moon saying park! SO CUTE!

  • Alexis Rose
    Alexis Rose

    You guys should make the cat bed frame for your line. I want one so bad.

  • Emma Di bias
    Emma Di bias

    you probably won’t see this but, i had an acc that i watched you on for 2 years i forgot the password and it logged me out :( i finally got a new acc to subscribe and have notices

  • Britt Nicole
    Britt Nicole


  • Scoups08 Choi
    Scoups08 Choi

    watching this for inspiration!! suuuuuch a beautiful makeover. mr. kate you've outdone yourselves again!!! ahhh

  • Megan Ashton
    Megan Ashton

    I can't wait to see the other tiktok room

  • elizabeth brank
    elizabeth brank

    Very nice! Love the cat bed.

  • erin corinne
    erin corinne

    You did them dirty in the thumbnail

  • I don’t know What to name
    I don’t know What to name

    I have I question for Alex if dinosaurs aren’t dragons what’s a pterodactyl??

  • Just Jenna
    Just Jenna

    Watching this while sick, love it.. i dont have the rona... i ate too much.

  • Marilyn Shrimpton
    Marilyn Shrimpton

    I love it! What is the paint you used on the vertical shiplap?

  • Marilee Muniz
    Marilee Muniz

    You guys really did this room it so beautiful I would love to buy your painting so talented.

  • Bunnie Switzer
    Bunnie Switzer

    Really loved this room!!!

  • Chad Brown
    Chad Brown

    Me be like by the chairs

  • R C
    R C

    so amazed in the end when she said she painted that artwork and took those photos, i thought she bought it in a store. So much skills 😎👌

  • Patrick

    16:24: dose eyes

  • Rob Lude
    Rob Lude

    How much money would it be to redo my bedroom

  • Selenia Peraza
    Selenia Peraza

    I love the idea 💡😍we watch you Mr.kate from Canada 🇨🇦😀😄❤

  • Hi You
    Hi You

    Omg so aesthetic I love this I wish this was my room also kouvr is the best ever

  • pratham patel
    pratham patel

    Hey which app do u use to plan the idea of the dogs and cat maze thing .

  • Chlöe Hininger
    Chlöe Hininger

    Moon looks a lot like Matty from The 1975

  • Pamela Magdanz
    Pamela Magdanz

    Wowee! This is one of my favorite rooms you've done!💖💜💝

  • liza kozhokaru
    liza kozhokaru

    They still look homeless

  • Halle C.
    Halle C.

    I needddd to know where they got that cage for their dog and cat! It’s awesomeee

  • jade leth
    jade leth

    I love how enthusiastic Alex was about all the things. A tray for his keys! Stands for his speakers! It's impossible not to share that excitement :) I also love the cat shelves and maze bed.

  • Erika Hoffman
    Erika Hoffman

    i love the little cat room under the bed

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi

    I honestly thought that the diagram at the beginning was for their bedroom....

  • Kendra Voracek
    Kendra Voracek

    When will the Thomas and Mia video be out ?

  • Life With K
    Life With K

    How can someone apply to get their room done ? I would really love to be part of a episode for my room

  • MsParis

    Kouvr out!

  • New City New Life
    New City New Life

    The pak moon has been trying to go. Omg

  • kim

    they are more than creative weirdos‼️❣️❤️

  • Bertha Gamez
    Bertha Gamez

    New subscriber... My son just got his first home!👍 he has a TBI Traumatic Brain Injury. Hes on a budget and needs a whole house of furniture that functional for his needs and style. Anything you can recommend FYI he has short ten memory loss.

  • Mia


  • Amy Baltz
    Amy Baltz

    *stares at camera* Buy the Chairs. LOL so cute!

  • Danni Marie
    Danni Marie

    I really like how there being so safe an respectful it’s amazing❤️

  • Olivia Westerholm
    Olivia Westerholm

    your sons eyes are so beautiful

  • gaddam RishikaSri
    gaddam RishikaSri

    Hey hey IAM back from hostel and directly picked my phone and watching this video ..♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • McKenna Foote
    McKenna Foote

    Kate I wish you would do these for your genuine fans like you used too instead of all your RSloft tiktok friends, they were so much better and more genuine

  • Lauren Madison Innerst
    Lauren Madison Innerst


  • Kathleen Wild
    Kathleen Wild

    Your baby is so beautiful

  • Lauren Currens
    Lauren Currens

    I cried for them!

  • Amanda

    I have that exact same desk chair! It is sooooooooooo comfy.

  • Chelsea Hopkins
    Chelsea Hopkins

    I need to know the accent wall paint color!!

  • Emma Slayton
    Emma Slayton

    I'm scared for everything on the shelves

  • maryoomars

    The lopsided gallon fourthly kill because september ontogenetically deserve modulo a mushy memory. hushed, crowded oboe

  • Isabela Lazo
    Isabela Lazo

    godzilla is a dinosaur and a dragun soooooo

  • Kalie Evans
    Kalie Evans

    Lol they’re all goobers.

  • Autumn Howard
    Autumn Howard

    That looks like a super relaxing room! And OMG I can’t wait for Sierra Shultze’s space next!

  • Melia Fam
    Melia Fam

    here before the baby anyone else?

  • Amanda Sheasby
    Amanda Sheasby

    remember when the hype house wasnt a thing... ye alex was soo funny, i loved his videos

  • Gabrielle Vaughan
    Gabrielle Vaughan

    come to the uk and do zoellas baby nursery!!!

  • Sajan Singh Kohar
    Sajan Singh Kohar

    When Kate is explaining the paint colors in the foresty background isn’t the background sounds so peaceful and no extra music

  • ꧁Runa Yomozuki꧂
    ꧁Runa Yomozuki꧂

    You guys are good people and really talented keep up doing the good work👍🏼

  • Eunice Eunice
    Eunice Eunice

    You two are really awesome 👍😍💜

  • Aaliyah Garcia
    Aaliyah Garcia

    They have my dream Pinterest bedroom 😭

  • saran

    i love how cosy yet open the room is like it has cool and cosy colours, the wood all matches and the teals all have such a beautiful contrast and i’m in loveeee!!! massive inspiration for my new room

  • Lena Pauline
    Lena Pauline

    wow u guys this was incredible! what you guys manage to do with space just blows my mind every time!!! thanks for what you guys do, these videos make me so so happy and inspire me to change up little things about my own living space. have to have a piece of the Mr. Kate furniture in my first house! edit: you're temp out of stock! CONGRATS!!!!!! THAT'S AMAZING! I can't wait for the restock!

  • Production Consigliere
    Production Consigliere

    @WillOnAWhim has a new apartment! Collaboration needed!!!!!!!

  • anna h
    anna h

    yk sometimes i wish kate wouldn't put so much on the shelf. I mean if i ever had her do my room or house id want so much of my personal stuff on the shelf

  • jenna anshel
    jenna anshel

    This is amazing and so sweet

  • jenna anshel
    jenna anshel

    So cute

  • Alexandra C
    Alexandra C

    I’m so confused where do they keep their clothes

  • Sacora Heller
    Sacora Heller

    I need y’all to please come and do my living room... hallpppp 😭

  • All My Things
    All My Things

    Sierra Schultzzie? A nursery because she is expecting? Can’t wait.

  • Kate Murray
    Kate Murray

    This is an absolutely beautiful room but like ummmmm all the other rooms at hype r like LED lights and stuff like that but theirs is sooooo diff idk if they liked it or if they put it on 4 them and the camera idk 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • sarahxcorser

    i love how safe you guys are being with covid. thank you for that!

  • Ava Scott
    Ava Scott


  • ⟬⟭ 다리아 ⟭⟬
    ⟬⟭ 다리아 ⟭⟬

    I really anticipated for the cats to get on those shelves :')

  • Melva Herrera
    Melva Herrera

    Wow what a story and what a transformation

  • Mido Rana
    Mido Rana

    The way she laid on the bed at the end.. It was like “I’m finally home”. I can’t, I’m tearing up.

  • S Pfisterer
    S Pfisterer

    I am in love with this room.... it looks freaking amazing!!! Totally love the walls, colours, textures, EVERYTHING. And this room has 4 screens - I honestly don't know how you made them so unobtrusive - that's basically magic.

  • thiquegorgeous vegan
    thiquegorgeous vegan

    i thought she said the F-ing chair

  • thiquegorgeous vegan
    thiquegorgeous vegan

    you guys should do this for random ppl so you can get paid for it

  • Lily’s Vlog Channel
    Lily’s Vlog Channel

    Did kouvr and Alex move out of the hype house?

  • Camryn Bingham
    Camryn Bingham

    This is by far my favorite make over y’all have done!! It’s absolutely beautiful 😍😍

  • Purple Life
    Purple Life

    I loved how Moon said park.

  • Mani

    Your hair on reveal day is FIERCE. 🔥

  • Brianna Armstrong
    Brianna Armstrong

    I know everyone loves what y’all do for them. But just think of how this couple has started in their worst and went from having nothing to this, so them working together to get there they are going to never take advantage of the room and this is a moment that will be part of their story. Y’all are amazing!

  • ok boomer
    ok boomer

    the title really said "Homeless to Dream" 💀😂

  • Addison Raphael
    Addison Raphael

    What is kovers face on the thumbnail

  • Sarah Odu
    Sarah Odu


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Mame mi
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