Extreme Barbie Makeover: Dream House Reveal! Mr. Kate
We surprise two sisters with a colorful bedroom makeover all inspired by the new Barbie Dream House! Thanks to Mattel for sponsoring this video. You can get the new Barbie DreamHouse at Target, Walmart, Amazon: bit.ly/DH513mk

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In today's episode we transform the shared bedroom for two deserving sisters. These little girls get a dream Barbie themed room makeover and you won't believe their reaction! Their mom built her home with Habitat For Humanity and really wanted to surprise her girls with a bedroom design that she only dreamt of having when she was a girl - her happy tears will make you cry! We used the TikTok trend of multiple pink aesthetic photos in a grid to great a gallery wall of fun photography and applied it as a custom wallpaper. We also spay painted a plain white bunk bed with a bright yellow color and totally embraced a very colorful color scheme with pinks, purple, blue, yellow and turquoise! The fluffy cozy bedding is perfect for bedtime and the two desks make for great homework, home school, remote learning and art work spaces! Storage is maximized with a new dresser and organized closet. We hope you love this video and the big reveal as much as we did making it for these two special girls!


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A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Supervising Producer: AJ Tesler
Producer: Annie O'Rourke
Camera: John Dowd
Art: Amy Patterson, Jared Rider, Anthony Perez
Edited by: Vianne Robitaille

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