Elle and Alaïa's Enchanted Bedroom and Rainbow Playroom Makeover | OMG We're Coming Over!
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LIZA KOSHY'S OUTDOOR SPACES: rsloft.info/loft/video/aaWUsp6s0JXMiKg
Nightstands (similar): bit.ly/2BdB9C3
Bed (similar): bit.ly/33wtuuy
Dresser (similar): bit.ly/2ONQ7q7
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Woven Floor Seats: bit.ly/35CbO2w
Shag Rug: bit.ly/2qgvCbA
Sheepskin: bit.ly/35vKGlP
Butterfly Stickers: bit.ly/2INlQnJ
Woven Rug: bit.ly/2IPktVl
White Butterfly Stickers: bit.ly/35Avi7F
Fiddle Leaf Fig: bit.ly/33BLS5p
Playroom Table: bit.ly/33wNtcp
Pink Shag Pillow: bit.ly/33I9HIT
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Crepe Paper Flowers (similar): bit.ly/2oAn8M2
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Wood Play Kitchen: bit.ly/35GAE1p
Dollhouse: bit.ly/2qgKVkv
Toy Car: bit.ly/33tVajy
Hippo Basket: bit.ly/2IPkIQo
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Pink and Yellow Blocks: bit.ly/2IUzWDL
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Flamingo Toy: bit.ly/2IT171Q
Mushroom Basket: bit.ly/2MJzKbG
Sun Pillow: bit.ly/2MHJAuH
Rainbow Pillow: bit.ly/2MFbhEi
Unicorn Doll: bit.ly/2ITMXgN
Floral Wallpaper: bit.ly/35CMQA4
Cloud Wallpaper: bit.ly/2MjqD2r
Creative Credit:
Audio Tracks - Epidemic Sound: share.epidemicsound.com/rGjgC
A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Directed and Edited by: Vianne Robitaille
Producer: JJ Mayes
Shot by: Marco Bottiglieri, Sarah Winters
Assistant Camera: Ben Smith
Sound: Nick Carignan
Art Department: Emily Banks, Leo Martinez, Kenny Nogueira, Jamal Harris

  • afeera ansar
    afeera ansar

    this is the most STUNNING room I have ever seen you guys are extremely talented!!!! 😢😢😢 im 20 years old and I would kill for that room ahahahha it’s beautiful!!!

    • sike im legit girl
      sike im legit girl

      Is it for any age

    • Thomasina Jefferson
      Thomasina Jefferson

      @afeera ansar The public really needs to be reminded of this again and check his gross self HARRRRRRD.

    • Thomasina Jefferson
      Thomasina Jefferson

      @afeera ansar F’ING THANK YOU!!!! I commented this a few other times honestly looking for an answer bc WTF and literally got attacked by A S S family stans 🤨🤮 So, they were just being themselves? Complete sh_**. I do not understand how ANYONE (ESPECIALLY women) sTaN Fraudstin McP00n. Embarrassing. 👎👎👎

    • afeera ansar
      afeera ansar

      @Thomasina Jefferson so disrespectful as to how they didn’t offer them a bedroom lol (we obviously don’t know what goes behind cameras but if i were the ace family i would FORCE them to take a whole bedroom out of respect!!!!)

    • Thomasina Jefferson
      Thomasina Jefferson

      Can someone please tell me why they were having to let Moon EAT AND SLEEP IN THE CAR?!?! 🤨

  • GabiSPN

    This family seems like a piece of work.

  • xoxvicky

    they probably spent so much time designing the other rooms, just to find out Austin selfishly decorated the rooms without them. Imagine all the time Kate and Joey wasted on that family's house when they could've spent it with their new baby, the disrespect.

  • سيتي مارياه
    سيتي مارياه

    If Austin would'd have been more patient, I'm sure their entire house would be so beautiful right now, all with the help of my 2 favourite, creative, talented and experienced interior designers🤍 but sadly, austin is just so impatient and not a grateful person

  • Elise Allen
    Elise Allen

    Notice that they didn’t put Austin in the thumbnail

  • MrsRas

    The regret on Austin’s face at the end though LOL don’t play with Mr Kate my dude 🤣🤣

  • That Egg
    That Egg

    The baby has a freaking 60” tv in her room? BRUH

  • Bangtan Jungkookie
    Bangtan Jungkookie

    “We thought it one late night when we were stressed out” Joey coming in with the shade. I can’t hahahahah 😂

  • Marley Art
    Marley Art

    I love that child’s room and want it myself....im 50 😂🌸

  • Aya Marks
    Aya Marks

    omg how much is it to surprise my 11yr daughter?

  • Charred _Bread
    Charred _Bread

    I need to know where I can get that bird cage like hanging chair! its so cool!!

  • ClaireEllaArts

    What’s that.......do i smell a Netflix series🤣

  • Lively aesthetics
    Lively aesthetics


  • Anna Chase
    Anna Chase

    The ace family are honestly entitled and rude .. amazing makeover I wish they would have been more kind to you both xx

  • melissa morales
    melissa morales

    These two rooms are still the only two rooms that are done in their house. They needed mr Kate to do their whole house!

  • Devine Chaos
    Devine Chaos

    I’m honestly not even surprised that he did that to you guys, and I know how kind and forgiving you guys are and your probably over it by now, but anyone on RSloft could have told you he’d do somthing negative to ruin this experience for you. Sure it’s his house but you don’t bring someone into your home and make plans just to turn around and purposefully ruin it. But sadly that’s his personality and he knew what he was doing. The Ace family is a great family, that is if you subtract the man of the house.

  • It's Marge, Mrs Simpson if ya Nasty
    It's Marge, Mrs Simpson if ya Nasty

    If I were rich, I'd hire you to do my home. Until then, I'll just enjoy your videos.❤

  • Hannah Marie
    Hannah Marie

    Austin is an ESFJ, so he has Se critic and is a progression type, meaning he would have been itching to make progress on the enterance and has little time for waiting, and his Se critic meant he doesn't always know what looks the best. That's why he took a peak, because progression types need to see progress. It's just who he is guys, he didn't mean any disrespect to Mr Kate x

  • The Spy Squad
    The Spy Squad

    why did austin have to disrespect kate and joey like that 🙄

  • Harrypotter fan1
    Harrypotter fan1

    Beautiful room but looks. This is a stunning bedroom More like a teens or a young womans room. I'm 30 and would die for a room like this

  • jenna mary
    jenna mary

    3:54 wtf do u expect man

  • jenna mary
    jenna mary

    i don’t have a problem with the ace family, i only dislike austin.

  • Cazza and Kids
    Cazza and Kids

    Aww loved watching this. I have a 7 year old girl and have just uploaded a playroom tour on my channel. It's great looking at other people's too 😊

  • Rhea Chua
    Rhea Chua

    No rug cuddle, no D-I-Y-ing with the owner.... You can tell there's something not right. But still... You guys did an amazing job as always!

  • Smol Bean
    Smol Bean

    They can afford that ridiculously expensive house but they can’t get clothes that fit their daughters properly.

  • Maša P
    Maša P

    I'm here a year later again and the fact that Austin acted so childish here, changing plans and not telling Kate, Joey and their team is so unprofessional and rude! I love the Mr. Kate work as always

  • — kαciee
    — kαciee

    wow you guys are incredibly talented!!

  • Jill Renner
    Jill Renner

    You 2 are such good people.

  • Green Gangster
    Green Gangster

    Katherine at 33:50 so this is what you spent my money on...

  • Ella Animations
    Ella Animations

    This is the Cutest thing I’ve ever seen when I get older and have kids were hiring you to do our kids room

  • Angelia Stone-Tolcher
    Angelia Stone-Tolcher

    This is the best room in there house

  • Lola Philippe
    Lola Philippe

    The dislikes aren’t for Mr Kate and the amazing job they did. It was for the ace family

  • Elise Van Aken
    Elise Van Aken

    That massive house and the girls share a room?

  • Elise Van Aken
    Elise Van Aken

    Haha no hiding the fact how pissed off you were! :)

  • sumaya Mohamed
    sumaya Mohamed

    They changed so much 3 years ago vs no 2020 oh and they have a baby now cute family I love you guys

  • _bella_

    Mr. Kate is so nice to not call out Austin, I mean who does that? he isn't professionally trained.

  • Sophie Mayfield
    Sophie Mayfield

    Catherine loved it and was corporative but Austin ooh

  • Theres Joseph
    Theres Joseph

    My favourite creative couple.....

  • bonjour mydudes
    bonjour mydudes

    So you're telling me that after all this time Kate's sister and her newborn spent in the car, the ace family didn't invite them to stay in their house?! the ace family displays no social intelligence or courtesy.

  • Nicole Anderson
    Nicole Anderson

    Austin was acting really ungrateful

  • Aly

    I’m sorry that I’m so late, but I’m not sure what the laws are like were they live ( I assume California/LA). The two places were I have lived in my life when CPS is called the criteria the family had to pass when the house is being check is: there has to be food in the house, water is running, powers on, heating/cooling, and EACH CHILD SHOULD HAVE THERE OUN BED. They children can sleep in their parents room they just have to sleep in their own bed. They let is slid when that kid is between newborn and 1, but after that they have to have their own bed. I know this is a weird think to point out seeing that there is a problem with Austin being a terrible client, but by the sound of it he is starting to be a bad parent.

  • Natalie VanDine
    Natalie VanDine

    im 11 and i WANT that room!!!!!!

  • TGG S
    TGG S

    Felt like Austin was not honest. Sorry Kate and Joey....there are such people like that. Felt bad for Kate as she finished her confinement period and looking forward to designing Austin's house. I would not have bothered with designing the girl's room.

  • c’est moi boo
    c’est moi boo

    You guys need to chill, they are two little girls why can’t they share a bed it’s not that serious lol and I saw a comment saying why couldn’t get a whole room for Mr.Kate like WHY WOULD THEY hahaha a whole ass room just for them like what? 💀

  • c’est moi boo
    c’est moi boo

    You guys need to chill, they are two little girls why can’t they share a bed it’s not that serious lol and I saw a comment saying why couldn’t get a whole room for Mr.Kate like WHY WOULD THEY hahaha a whole ass room just for them like what? 💀

  • ఌpawlixgꨄ

    Omg this bedroom is something I would dream of y’all know what ur doing 😅🥺

  • Jazzmon Allen
    Jazzmon Allen

    That little girl is not impressed... 😂😂😂

  • Scarlett M
    Scarlett M

    Imagine what Mr.Kate’s touch would have done to this house but instead it looks like a clinic...

  • Joan Pelep
    Joan Pelep

    first i thought their decorate them self .now i know my fav desighner did.

  • Jane Dowdle
    Jane Dowdle

    moon has the prettiest blue eyes

  • Ridhima Motewar
    Ridhima Motewar

    13:32 is where Austin peeks in the room! 👀👀

  • Tomato

    Why have a double bed for girls when they can have their own individual beds? How odd.

  • Faith Valle
    Faith Valle

    for everyone who is hating on Austin you guys really need to stop if he wanted to decorate his house he could if he wants. and mrkate you guys are amazing

  • Doris Soto
    Doris Soto

    good job I'm so happy for you guys, Mr. Kate you guys are amazing, God bless you and your family

  • Claire Morgan
    Claire Morgan

    Alaïa is taking over the “A” in ace family

  • rxvenxjooniq

    Thank GOD they didn't put any thing or put their name in the title related to the ace family cus I would really hate that


    Absolutely stunning room. Mr Kate is so talented and I so love these home makeovers.

  • Avery Elliott
    Avery Elliott

    moon is so cute! I love your designs too

  • Deepa

    I think Austin definitely started regretting it that he doubted them before when he finally saw the room.

  • Jumdi Padu
    Jumdi Padu

    The babies eyes r so blue and pretty

  • Honey Moon
    Honey Moon

    Omg I wish I could have the room

  • yessir

    Damn even jeffree star was better about the makeover I’m disappointed

  • Kristin Ortiz
    Kristin Ortiz

    I came across the internet for that damn BIRDCAGE CHAIR! Can someone please let me know where it’s from? 😍💖

  • Lionela

    My dad painted my sky mural in my room I love it but my room is purple and I hate it

  • Miri Kushner
    Miri Kushner

    Love you🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Padmini K
    Padmini K

    Unconditional love for Mr. Kate and Joey and Moon 😘😘😘💝

  • Briella

    Kinda confused why the girls have to share a room bed have like a California king bed and then have a play room I would think they would want there kids to have there own rooms

  • MMM M
    MMM M

    Is no one gonna talk about the reason why they posted the video earlier is because the Ace Family posted the bedroom reveal video on their channel before Mr Kate did? Like their getting more profit over it because it’s posted first with a tour and everything.

  • jennifer Ferrell
    jennifer Ferrell

    Austin couldn't wait lmao

  • gaming secrets
    gaming secrets

    I hope they didn't make Mr Kate clean the rooms before they started on them

  • Pink Lovez
    Pink Lovez

    Just imagine the mater piece they could have made in there house but instead they make this crap : rsloft.info/loft/video/ecmhtGbIs5epo5w

  • Nysa Nagpal
    Nysa Nagpal

    30:48 woahhh that’s rude I actually love the ace family but it is still realllyyy rude 😫🤨🤨🤨🤨😫

  • SrUsHtI _ AnAnD
    SrUsHtI _ AnAnD

    I know it's too late now, But After all that Austin did, it's well shown that he was not even a part of what mr.kate was worried about. He was just like a piece of rough paper thrown in the dustbin. Love ya guys 💖

  • Sara Gutierrez Ballesteros
    Sara Gutierrez Ballesteros

    Austin is such a bitch tho he should of respected their work and if he wanted to add something consul with everyone

  • Abdelmageid Family
    Abdelmageid Family

    Why do the kids sleep in the same bed?

  • sike im legit girl
    sike im legit girl

    Elle just was like whatt

  • Karoline and Riley
    Karoline and Riley

    7:39 Ariana is that u?hahahaha

  • Karoline and Riley
    Karoline and Riley

    Look how blue moons eyes are soooooooo cute

  • Floral Skies
    Floral Skies

    I feel like Catherine wanted Mr. Kate to do the room but Austin was impatient.

  • Artisan's Chennai
    Artisan's Chennai

    Thanks to Austin their house looks like an insane asylum just because he could not wait for Joey and Kate to complete their maternity and paternity leave ps I think Tess was really sweet to help

  • Candace S.
    Candace S.

    Austin is a narcissist and a control freak. He went out and bought of bunch of pieces because he THOUGHT he could do it better than Mr. Kate. He thought wrong. *eyeroll*

  • Mykayla Cobb
    Mykayla Cobb

    I love how obsessed and blown away Austin is with the rainbow toy portal😂😂😂

  • Sana Rashid
    Sana Rashid

    Bruh knowing austin he probs wouldn’t let them even sleep there,

  • Sophia Foisy
    Sophia Foisy

    Bro it's not like they took a break bc they felt like it, she had a BABY! He could have waited a little. So disrespectful 🙄

  • Ma. Francheska Cua
    Ma. Francheska Cua

    Imagine while you were just like painting a persons wall then all the sudden you need to give child birth

    • Ma. Francheska Cua
      Ma. Francheska Cua

      That would be a disaster

  • gracie lucas
    gracie lucas

    8 ads for a 30 minute video ? 🤣🤣✌🏻

    • Theonly._queen

      Girl shut the f up I can tell u support the disgrace family

  • Aloha I’m Maddy
    Aloha I’m Maddy

    Kate is really nice

  • Francisco Taboco
    Francisco Taboco

    Am I the only one who knows that Austin cheated on Catherine with multiple girls

    • Francisco Taboco
      Francisco Taboco

      @Artisan's Chennai Haha

    • Artisan's Chennai
      Artisan's Chennai

      Francisco Taboco tea

  • Angelina Guillen
    Angelina Guillen

    So....uhhh, when r they getting their own hgtv show?

  • Igot7 Forever
    Igot7 Forever

    5:23 they had to fricking feed him in the car, the ace fam didn’t even give them to feed

    • Igot7 Forever
      Igot7 Forever


    • Chuu Meow
      Chuu Meow


  • Igot7 Forever
    Igot7 Forever

    Haha she called Austin out multiple times, I love mr.kate

  • G T
    G T

    I just hope theyre grateful for their home, money and decorations. People are struggling rn and everyone needs a check sometimes.

    • Isabelle Rose
      Isabelle Rose

      I believe they moved into a different house I may be mistaken but if it’s true oh myyyyyy

  • astrid perez
    astrid perez

    Omg i love the little cactus pillows where are they from?

  • Kayla Playa
    Kayla Playa

    30:46 **rolls my fuckin eyes**

  • Macie Lane
    Macie Lane

    Literally Mr.Kate and Joey took their time out of their day to go to there house and discuss and think about what they wanted to with the floor plan, and of course Austin was impatient and decided to make half of his house the same boring color, instead of waiting and have his house be absolutely amazing and not look a hotel lobby. And you can just tell the whole entire video that they are very annoyed mostly with Austin because he basically took over the entire first floor and that he almost ruined the surprise by peaking into the girls room. And you can tell the whole entire video Austin is regretting his whole entire decision lol imo 😭😂

  • ALEX X.
    ALEX X.

    26:52 "and Joey's just screwing them up on the wall-" Me: not surprised 🤭💀

  • ALEX X.
    ALEX X.

    ..I'm not one to judge, I've never once seen a ace family video I watch anime, remodeling, and gaming. But damn Austin forreal ruined that first impression for himself bro

  • Cookies and milk
    Cookies and milk

    This room is so beautiful it looks like one of those room in the magazine’s

  • Alyssa Davis
    Alyssa Davis

    I like all of them but Austin that's why the ace family is a things and from being a fan i know alot of us fans don't like Austin and I wished Catherine could do more things herself lime a yt channel if Austin didn't act the way he did but Catherine is completely different from Austin and I will defend Catherine but I don't care for Austin and never really have bc in their house tour you can see how the girls and Catherine show the the girls room and it glowing and Catherine really only like their room the best

    • Theonly._queen

      Not just Austin Catherine ain’t innocent too just cause she a girl

  • Alyssa Davis
    Alyssa Davis

    I support well like the ace family just not Austin

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