Dolan Twins House Makeover! | OMG We're Coming Over
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  • Mr. Kate
    Mr. Kate

    Two of our best reactions ever!!!! 😱😱 What do you #CreativeWeirdos think???

    • Jill Dierker
      Jill Dierker

      I love you mr Kate !

    • Jill Dierker
      Jill Dierker

      I love you mr Kate!❤️❤️❤️

    • Zainab Mohammad
      Zainab Mohammad

      Mr. Kate ❤️❤️

    • leahgrace 45
      leahgrace 45

      Definitely great reactions

    • The Official Andy Saenz
      The Official Andy Saenz

      How do I get you all to come work on my room? Or do you only work with famous RSloftrs?

  • Juliana Pimentel Fernandes
    Juliana Pimentel Fernandes

    Mr Kate are so amazing they can make even who does not understand or care at all about design excited about it!

  • Mallory Matz
    Mallory Matz

    wouldnt ethan get trypophobia over the egg chair and yellow chairs??

  • tracy lee moss
    tracy lee moss

    So loved this loved them until they publicly shamed Mr Kate afterwards calling them liars as they said dinning chairs where from Italy. Which they were ,they simply bought chairs from Italy from Walmart...YOU ONLY HAD A Small budget boys...and your disrespect has completely turned me off you...not that care.

  • Haylen Guthrie
    Haylen Guthrie

    This generation is a bunch of snowflakes y’all are ready getting mad about what the twins said ab the chairs if u don’t like it just scroll away almost like the penguins in Madagascar “smile and scroll boys, just smile and scroll” I swear I could offend y’all with a 3 word sentence even if I posted it in a muted video😂

  • Lily Yue
    Lily Yue

    The Dolan twins are like 10 year olds and then there’s the parents

  • Jenn N.
    Jenn N.

    they’re comment abt the chairs was so unnecessary like?

  • Pamela Fox
    Pamela Fox

    Aren’t the yellow chairs the hole pattern one of them is creeped out by?

  • Jadynn Mattingly
    Jadynn Mattingly

    Me watching this 2 years later 😂 lol

  • Isaac Quach
    Isaac Quach

    🤩🤩 HOLY

  • Viktória Holderiková
    Viktória Holderiková

    Why the hell is everyone SO pressed just because of some chairs? 😂😂 like- i dont get it

  • Rocio Pazos Martinez
    Rocio Pazos Martinez

    Dolan twins are good doing videos but they are so bad reading or doing research, then you can see how they don't have respect for Mr. Kate, how bad is be ignorant.

  • M. Teresa Villegas
    M. Teresa Villegas

    The chairs are from Walmart

  • Jackie Murphy
    Jackie Murphy

    OMG!!! their reactions are priceless!!! like if you agree!! down below comment and like

  • Leilani

    Guys the chairs are NOT from Walmart. They are from warfare, and the chairs where made by an ITALIAN brand!!!

  • Natalie VanDine
    Natalie VanDine


  • Natalie VanDine
    Natalie VanDine

    am i the only onw that relized graysons stain on the pink shirt lol y is that me with every shirt i own?

  • Natalie VanDine
    Natalie VanDine

    OMG i thought i was the only one with the circle thing but i guess not! so its a real thing? it just grosses me out sooooo much i HATE it! thanks eathan! LOL LITERALLY even thoose chairs made me go ahhhh and i had to skip that part

  • Jessica Rivas
    Jessica Rivas

    Omg the Dolan twins are so annoying, they scream so much and for everything.

    • Tas

      Then don’t watch.

  • nestle rosales
    nestle rosales

    i dont even know this twins but they seem like two spoiled, dumb, entitled dumb guys which for whatever reason gets the attention they don't really deserve.

  • George Ismail
    George Ismail

    Mr. Kate’s long hair looks so good!

  • casey

    One word for the brainless Dolan Twins fans: RESEARCH. 1. Those chairs ARE made in Italy. 2. They are NOT from Walmart, they are from a brand named GrandSoleil (and the brand is Italian BY THE WAY) and are sold at Wayfair. 3. Here's the link to the chairs (that Mr.Kate also put in their description BTW (if those idiots even try to do a bit of research they would know that): 4. Point 1, 2, and 3 proves that the liars are not Mr.Kate, but instead are the twins. 5. Credits to Spill Sesh!

  • Meena Samb
    Meena Samb

    Welp know I know what I have actually has a name( tryphobia ) ur not alone child

  • Jane Synnot
    Jane Synnot

    You guys rock!!

  • lone wolf
    lone wolf

    testicale brothers

  • Medini S Rao
    Medini S Rao

    Its from two years ago lmao. People are always open for some drama and shit lol.Its funny actually. Love you Mr.kate!!!🤍(and Moon too!!)🤍🤍

  • m 123
    m 123

    Y’all need to calm tf down. Seriously what dumbass just believes something JUST because someone with a large following says that. The chairs are from Wayfair and made by an ITALIAN company. There’s even a link in the description that none of you stupid Dolan fans bothered to look at

  • seliisnotonfire

    its the dolan twins mistaking walmart and wayfair...for me

  • Hope Pennington
    Hope Pennington

    The chairs were made in Italy. Smh do your research before accusing people

  • Pranavi Sangita
    Pranavi Sangita

    Those chairs are indeed from an Italian Brand - UPON. They, could be available at Walmart but they truly are Italian

  • Bts's Face towel
    Bts's Face towel

    I love dolan twins sm but I realise i like mr kate sm more.

  • Camille D.
    Camille D.

    Just proof that Dolan Twins do not have substance. I feel so bad for Mr Kate and Joey 😢😢😢 Money can’t buy manners...and brain, apparently. They couldn’t even do research before badmouthing Mr Kate. How many more idiots do we have idolizing them? I pity that part of the world population If you’re still following the Dolan Twins after what they said about the chairs...what’s wrong with you??

  • Emerald Queen
    Emerald Queen

    Not sold in Walmart 😔... it's from wayfair. And it's made and imported from a website located in Italy...R u guys dumb or just dumb🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Tammy D
    Tammy D

    I love Mr Kate, been watching for years. Love their relationship, and openess, love the family dynamic. Miss the cat. They deserve a public opology.

  • Tammy D
    Tammy D

    Where is the opology from the Dolan twins. Where do they make this right?

  • samara whittle
    samara whittle

    Dining Room: Sideboard: @t Dining Chairs: @t Dining Table (similar): @t Striped Rug: @t Screw-In Pendant Lights: @t Wood Table Lamp: @t Small Wood Candle Holder: @t Large Wood Candle Holder: @t Lotus Flower: @t Small Midcentury Planters: @t

  • samara whittle
    samara whittle

    its not the walmart chair for meeee. Dining Chairs: @t

  • Padmini K
    Padmini K

    Are Dolan twins faking their reactions? 🙄

  • Catherine Lauzon
    Catherine Lauzon

    The Dolan Twins obviously share one small brain! The chairs from Walmart r very different from these chairs... These ones I believe r from Wayfair and if u check into it they r made by an Italian company... Neither Walmart or Wayfair make chairs in the back room.... There r lots and lots of things that r “imported” and just because they r sold by Wayfair does not mean that they r not! Wayfair has “imported them” from the Italian company who made them which makes them ITALIAN.... I wish people didn’t jump on a bandwagon without looking into it first because it just makes them look stupid and brainless... Sorry to be harsh but to many nice people go through hell over things like this. All it would take is for people to keep their mouths shut and their fingers off the keyboard until they know the actual facts!!! I Love Mr Kate and their “Lying butts” can come decorate my house anytime they want to!!!! Please please come decorate my house!! Lmfao❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Raquel K.
    Raquel K.

    I wonder how the DING DONG twins feel after finding out they wrongfully accused MR Kate of cheating them. SMDH. Shame on them.

  • Karen Romero
    Karen Romero

    The ungrateful assholean twats.. uh I mean the dolan twins 🤢

  • Sumit Katyal
    Sumit Katyal

    The chairs are from Wayfair and it's an Italian group and it's not from Walmart..! Research before u say...!🙄😂

  • Diana - Lea Baranovich
    Diana - Lea Baranovich

    Love the earrings - Mr. Kate

  • Minahil Changez
    Minahil Changez

    Those are just chairs and are from an Italian brand

  • Christina Morales
    Christina Morales

    Sending my love after hearing about the chairs drama which ARE from Italy. Ya'll deserve love not hate. Keep it up the work!!!

  • René Li
    René Li

    This is my favorite period of Joey's Hair!

  • Cate

    "what ... are they ... wizards?" way too funny

  • Brianna Williams Brianna Williams
    Brianna Williams Brianna Williams

    The Dolans need to research things before saying things because there fans are wild.

  • CelloAfterDark

    I love mr Kate and haven’t watched this video yet! If anything the chair controversy made sure I watched this one 😂😂😂

  • Alin Cruz
    Alin Cruz

    I can’t believe the Dolan twins did them like that. You can see how much Mr. Kate and Joey liked them.

  • Cecilia Siapno
    Cecilia Siapno good thing someone has done research. Disappointed with the twin after knowing their tactless issue.

  • midnightclouds

    chairs are not even from walmart-

  • Christie ghazarian
    Christie ghazarian

    If you guys still think the chairs are from Walmart, watch this:

  • Emma Murphy
    Emma Murphy

    Oh my god everyone is getting all worked up about chairs? Leave them alone! Who cares about stupid chairs? Just calm down

    • _jjk

      i dont think you realize how ignorant and thoughtless these two white twins actions' were. their 12 year old fans literally tried to cancel mr. kate bc they believed what these lego dudes said

  • Sheemal Sheshna
    Sheemal Sheshna

    If only the Dolan twins and their fans did some actual research

  • Alveena Fatima
    Alveena Fatima


  • Mindy B
    Mindy B

    if anything all this drama proves that the Dolan twins are brats and ungrateful

  • Andrew Ge
    Andrew Ge

    Guys i'm sosorry the internet is just stupid I feel like nobody gives anybody love anymore so I love you both

  • Danny H
    Danny H this is a good video on the subject of the chairs!!!

  • The Flash
    The Flash

    It’s from Walmart 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Tatyana

    You guys shouldn't be getting so much unnecessary hate. Kate and Joey are the most unproblematic people on RSloft. I think the air needs to be cleared because this is really bothering me that people are being so gruesome

  • Lizzy Mizo Lansang
    Lizzy Mizo Lansang

    I’m a creative weirdo coming over to defend my two loves but I am so happy that my fellow weirdos are protecting and stating facts. Click the link in the description Dolan fans, Mr. Kate is authentic

  • Esmeralda Hernandez
    Esmeralda Hernandez

    Not y’all little 12 year olds hating on adults over an f-ing chair. You thought the Dolan twins were gonna thank you?

  • Ace Rodriguez
    Ace Rodriguez

    the chairs are sold on overstock, 200 dollars for a pack of two, and they bought 8 chairs so they spent 800 dollars ON CHAIRS Link to chairs- also just because something is sold at Walmart doesn’t mean it’s bad quality and it also doesn’t mean it wasn’t imported from Italy I rest my case, thank you very much

  • Dalia Canseco
    Dalia Canseco

    Mr.Kate is one of the best, most honest and kindest youtubers ever 💜 While Dolan Twins are ungrateful. I've never liked or watch their videos now I 100% won't even bother to check them out.

  • W S
    W S

    Walmart or Italy, It’s a CHAIR?!!!! No need to act rude about it to fish for clout

  • W S
    W S

    I don’t know who is weirder the Dolan Twins or their fandom for attacking youtubers with GOOOD CONTENT AND TALENT for a stupid chair. A CHAIR! THE PLACE WHERE YOUR BUTT RESTS WHEN YOU ARE BUSY FEEDING YOUR PIEHOLE.

    • Tatyana

      Ethan and Grayson are naturally dumb and goofy. The Fandom is fucking horrible for attacking Mr.Kate

  • mabeli tejada
    mabeli tejada

    Ok think about this... Mr. Kate does a lot of videos on a budget, and she goes to thrift stores and buy a lot of cheap stuff and let us know about the price, because she is not looking for to be hired by each and every subscriber... thats imposible, with the videos she teaches us how to decorate our space... she lets us know that we can do so much with a budget... if the chair were from walmart... wouldn’t you think she would let us know??? Why would she lie?? The freaking chairs are from Italy, and if you are here to leave a negative comment without doing your research, you need to do something with your life!

  • Diamond Salazar
    Diamond Salazar

    Walmart has soooo many companies that are from allll over the world that use them as a distribution. So they can definitely be from Italy. Or made in Italy. Walmart is like amazon now.

  • Chasing Starlight
    Chasing Starlight

    The chairs are not from Walmart. They got them from WAYFAIR and they are made by an Italian company! There is a video that debunks "The Chairs are from Walmart"

  • MK MK
    MK MK

    The Dolan twins are fools. They are not as nice as they seem

  • Tristan Chong
    Tristan Chong

    You lied its from walmart Sarcasm

    • Adrien Simmonz
      Adrien Simmonz


    • Tristan Chong
      Tristan Chong

      Sorry i was wring

    • Adrien Simmonz
      Adrien Simmonz

      Tristan Chong wrong again, it’s from wayfair, literally there is a chair at walmart that sorta looks the same but ha no arms

    • Tristan Chong
      Tristan Chong

      Well its from walmart made in italy

    • Tristan Chong
      Tristan Chong

      @Adrien Simmonz i know

  • Nastasya Kudimova
    Nastasya Kudimova

    the chairs are not from Walmart:

  • Rakshan Patnaik
    Rakshan Patnaik

    Im so sorry for all the hate you got from Dolan Stans, they lied...

    • _jjk

      @Avery Cantrell cause the twins are stupid and caused their fans to attack mr. kate for misinformation which could ALL be avoided with proper research or by literally just checking the desc box

    • Avery Cantrell
      Avery Cantrell

      why is everyone making it such a big deal,,,why does it even matter where the chairs are from?

  • Anushka Francis
    Anushka Francis

    The chairs are MADE in Italy. After that they can be sold anywhere. How can you not understand that.

  • dulapeep

    It's the 'Dolan twins and their stans not doing their research and embarrassing themselves' for me. These chairs are Italian and y'all are clowns for sending Mr. Kate, all the hate.

  • Trey

    All y’all Dolan twins fans look REAL dumb having to come back and delete your hate comments bc your idols lied to you💀


    Idk why The Dolan twins did that the chairs is on the Wayfair website and stores like Walmart dont make things they are sold there like🤣🤣🤣 yall are sending hate for no reason bro. Plus this chair was made by a company named Grandsoleil and that's a Italian group😂😂😂😂😂.Yall are sending hate for no reason lol just stop

  • Jillian Alvarado
    Jillian Alvarado

    JUST BECAUSE THE CHAIRS ARE FROM WALMART DOEN'T MEAN THEY AREN'T MADE FROM ITALY. like there are things that are made from China but are bought here in the United States. This is basically the exact same thing but instead of the chairs being made from China they are made from Italy, but were purchased here in the United States. I swear if I see one 9yr old commenting that they lied I will be PISSED

    • James Darley
      James Darley

      they aren’t even from walmart tho 😂

    • tabs

      thr chairs are from wayfair but there a was similar one st walmart

  • Mirically

    It’s y’all making a big deal out of chairs that ✨aren’t even✨from Walmart for me 🤭🙃

  • Hannah Astin
    Hannah Astin

    the twins are spoiled entitled brats lol. Mr. Kate posted a link to the chairs IN THE DESCRIPTION LMAO. they are made in Italy from a brand called Grandsoleil and sold on WAYFAIR. THEY ARE NOT IN WALMART LOL.

    • Avery Cantrell
      Avery Cantrell

      bruh calm down they're just chairs

  • Kiyrah McCoy
    Kiyrah McCoy

    Y'all the chairs aren't from walmart. There's similar chairs sold there but these chairs are from wayfair and are like 200 dollars and are made by a company from italy and sold secondhand via wayfair 🙄👏😂 do ya research you sheep and stop ripping people apart over FUCKING CHAIRS. Also you do realise that there can be shit from italy sold in walmart y'all fr dont think walmart makes all their shit in their store and sells on stuff you buy from walmart or anywhere it says MADE IN CHINA or MADE IN ITALY or made in whatever damn country it was made in. 👀

  • Yukti Gupta
    Yukti Gupta

    Omg people these days - Dudeeee use your common sense - THE CHAIRS ARE *MADE* IN ITALY!! Not *from* *italy* !!!!

  • Kim Hein
    Kim Hein

    They literally link the chair and it's on Wayfair? NOT Walmart

  • Talyah

    Either way stuff are made elsewhere in the world and sold in a store

  • Missing In Action
    Missing In Action

    Also, where's the hate? I see none. Just several comments with the same information in every one

  • Missing In Action
    Missing In Action

    These new comments are so dumb. They all say, "yellow chair, do your research, not from Walmart, yellow chair-research-walmart" how can so many people comment the same thing thinking their comment is original 😀 mind numbing

  • Ashlee Thompson
    Ashlee Thompson

    It’s Sad that the Dolan twins didn’t do their research and accusing mr kate of lying about the chairs should be grateful mr kate did a makeover on your house to make it look nice and then the twins go on to get rid of the chairs on their latest video just plain ungrateful hope they apologise to mr kate ❤️

    • Avery Cantrell
      Avery Cantrell

      apologize for what? they're just chairs why does it matter where they were made?

  • Hailey Bobek
    Hailey Bobek

    Not y’all freaking out over chairs-

  • Belle Barmosa
    Belle Barmosa

  • Brownskin Gurl
    Brownskin Gurl

    It's funny how yall believe whatever the Dolan twins said instead of doing research 😂😅bunch of clowns 😂😂

  • Harmabestgurl OoO
    Harmabestgurl OoO

    Ok but for real tho even if they were from ‘Walmart’ couldn’t they just be made in Italy sold at Walmart ?

  • NavyaLuvie


  • Heather Lee
    Heather Lee

    They are italian!!!! They’re from Wayfair and here is the link to the company who made the actual chair. Do your research folks!

  • 박명아

    I'm just scrolling through the comments don't mind me

  • AHmad Nawaz chattha
    AHmad Nawaz chattha

    Danmn Dolan twins rushing here with no evidence about the yellow chair these are imported from Italy and these chairs r from wayfair!!!!

  • gabriella schmitt
    gabriella schmitt

    I’ve watched about 3 or 4 of their videos, and I swear each time they make the same type of flip-cup painting 👀 is there nothing else she entrusts youtubers with? Lol

  • 藤Ayame

    Why is this even drama, dang ya'll are bored....

  • Danielle Angel Nieves
    Danielle Angel Nieves

    Forgot how much and loud they used to scream

  • Danielle Angel Nieves
    Danielle Angel Nieves

    Who's here after Dolan twins shaded mr kate for lying about walmart chairs being from italy?

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