DIY Wall Art Hacks anyone can do to make your home look more designed!
I show you how anyone can make beautiful statement art for their homes with no skills and minimal supplies! Huge thank you to Rumpl for sponsoring today's episode! Get your cozy blankets here: (use code MRKATE for 20% off of orders $99 and over!)

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  • Meg Andrew
    Meg Andrew

    Old school!!!!! Love it!

    • Kate Regan
      Kate Regan

      @Mr. Kate and feel like it would be a great video

    • Kate Regan
      Kate Regan

      @Mr. Kate please teach us how to flip dresser and nightstands ect we can get for free or thrift or Facebook marketplace ive been dying to do this!!

    • Karen Gerber
      Karen Gerber

      Yes, please! Do you have items needing a home? I love when you create with random, accessible a deck of cards that is missing a few, or a newspaper. Thank you for your positivity & hope. Stay healthy. 23:26 Sunday 28 March 2021

    • Nichole R
      Nichole R

      Same! I love Mr. Kate DIYs the most!

    • Meg Andrew
      Meg Andrew

      @Mr. Kate always fun to do! 💜

  • briana s
    briana s

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  • Katie

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  • Kate Regan
    Kate Regan

    Please help with teaching us how to thift or get facebookmarket place and flipping them like dresser nightstands ect because I’ve been dying to do this recently

  • birds shoes
    birds shoes

    I'm such a fan!!! I have a video suggestion. It might look obvious for some but could you give some tips to do good, balanced and not overwhelming gallery walls ? I'm failing hard doing mine hahaha!!!

  • Justinna Welkley
    Justinna Welkley

    I LIVE for these, please do more!

  • Nancy Juarez
    Nancy Juarez

    Love, more DIY’s Mr. Kate!!!!!!!!!!

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    Karen Vasquez

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  • Angie M
    Angie M

    Outfits and hair in this video were beautiful! You're stunning anyway but the natural light really did make everything better. I like how you give little a mini-pep talk to help inspire confidence in people who might be a little less artistically-inclined and the end products were beautiful!

  • Deja Mae Robinson
    Deja Mae Robinson

    It’s OG videos like this that led me to subscribe back in like 2013 😁. Absolutely love it!!! Made me feel like a Creative Weirdo again.

  • Snoodle Girl
    Snoodle Girl

    Sew fishing anchors corner beach blankets

  • Snoodle Girl
    Snoodle Girl

    I love that shirt

  • Grace Barclay
    Grace Barclay

    You are such a good artist! Thanks for the tips. Love the random clips of Moon too! Sooooo cute

  • kannaroxify

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  • Murph Payne
    Murph Payne

    Love the video, but rinsing the paint into the landscape is a HUGE NO-NO! Those paints have awful chemicals in them and even though it's not great to rinse them anywhere you need to do it in a sink where the water can go and be treated. Rinsing paint or any other harsh chemicals straight into nature kills things it touches and negatively effects the micro climate around it. It's poisonous to all life (big and small) who interact with that area.

  • Kat Kat
    Kat Kat

    I miss these kinds of videos! So happy to see this.

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    Ashley maher


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    Bre F

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Xoxo, from Illinois!

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    Trisha Wall

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    Could you maybe make some videos about color palettes? I find it very hard to see what colors fit

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    Mercy Advocat

    Please add more DIY! This is wonderful.

  • Miss Cristina
    Miss Cristina

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    Evelyn Rose

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    gaddam RishikaSri

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    Lonely Lily


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    Vanessa Diane Mbugua

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  • Nel Rios
    Nel Rios

    Yes awesome God bless stay safe


    Plz replay me i m a fan of u frm kerala

  • Anika Raisa
    Anika Raisa

    All of those artworks are so beautiful.And I can pull off the cactus one.Because i don't have acrylic paint.and you should really do these more.I really enjoyed it.

  • Kimberly Dee
    Kimberly Dee

    Yes do more

  • Natsuki Is cute
    Natsuki Is cute

    I took a break from youtube for 2 years and I didn't even noticed how Moon grew up 🥺

  • Joanne Peña
    Joanne Peña

    You, Mr. Kate, look ❤️ Beautiful!!! It translates through you and the love is felt coming through this video. Keep the DIYs coming as I'm getting more inspired to get some paint under my nails and well!

  • Abigail Delaney
    Abigail Delaney


  • klaritydawn

    These are all so beautiful but girl no matter how easy you make it look....idk girl. I don't think I can do it but sooooo am going to try. I'd love to see you do a tree??? My house is so full of trees and plant decor but the whole tree thing freaks me out.. ;)

  • Tiana Morgan
    Tiana Morgan

    WAIT... you guys can't get empty frames in the US?

  • Tina Batina
    Tina Batina

    Hi Mr. Kate, My question has to do with the gold leaf... when you put gold leaf on wet paint what do you use to seal it to the painting?

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    Raspberry Girl

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    Melanie Keeling

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    Marla Baldwin

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    Susan Marchand Latulippe

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    Paola Cardenal

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    Tami Hill

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    Tami Hill

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    Tami Hill

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    Stella Livsdotter

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    Lazy DIY

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    Ann Brafford

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    Elizabeth Sarah

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    Only Today

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    Only Today

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    Tracy Garrett

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    Cosmic House of Rose

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