Coming Clean...
Wow, we’re really exposing a lot in today’s video, getting honest with ourselves and you guys! Hopefully this can inspire you too!

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  • kenn1936

    Awwwww Winston was such a gorgeous cat. I can sympathize, my cat was put to sleep after 20 years. It is incredibly sad to lose them.

  • Arya Patel
    Arya Patel

    Rest In Peace Winston. We will love you forever

  • Art Uriel
    Art Uriel

    Don't mind me, I'm just crying. Carry on. 😭💕

  • keepingit real
    keepingit real

    I love you guys and love Moon's homemade fort. Looks like he chose to take the path less chosen as he was crawling through it. Adventurous young child.

  • Gallery83

    We've always took things to donate, gave to people we knew/know, had rummage sales. It's amazing how much you can accumulate. In fact my brother found something in a drawer he hasn't cleaned out in years yesterday. He thinks a friend gave it to him in the 1990's, but he's not sure. Over the last 7 years we've had 9 rummage sales, have done 5 flea markets, taken 25 completely full car loads to just Goodwill, 5 carloads to other thrift stores, given away items to people we've known/know (including a Christmas tree & 2 winter coats). If you came to our house right now you'd wonder what we got rid of! We must have at least 50 boxes or more of items to sell. We desperately need the money or it'd all go to thrift stores. Then again some of it is older than me & I'm turning 57 this June. You did a great job! I have sold/donated a few things I wish I hadn't, but most of it I don't even remember what it was. I look at it as it's going to a new adopted home to be loved or used.

  • Peggy Asprey
    Peggy Asprey

    I do appreciate your “landfill guilt” which is a healthy mindset for our planet! I have it too..and it can be paralyzing when decluttering but you muscled on. Well done!!!

  • Pamela Fox
    Pamela Fox

    Beautiful Winston.

  • sehaj brar
    sehaj brar

    kates hair is prettier than my entire existence

  • 040410

    Kate laying on the floor trying to breastfeed is me lolol

  • Jasmine Jefferson
    Jasmine Jefferson

    13:14 ok I’m crying

  • Olivia Stoch
    Olivia Stoch

    Omg that tip about not hoarding for your future self. It's so hard to finally accept that I'm a mum now, my ass ain't going back to the size it used to be 😂😂😂😂 goodbye to all my pre baby shorts 👋

  • WildFire

    I started crying as soon as the ceremony music stopped bahahaah

  • Mia

    I’m motivated to declutter my room now☺️ thanks Kate and Joey 🤗

  • Rose Pink
    Rose Pink

    HELP ME! I need help with a couple of my rooms...I’m at disarray.

  • Morgan Clapshaw
    Morgan Clapshaw

    I just came across this video and decided to watch it. Well... Its a good thing I did because now i am going through and decluttering my room😊

  • Haley Rickett
    Haley Rickett

    This video makes me feel better about my house cause its clean but cluttered 😭

  • Grace Dzialo
    Grace Dzialo

    I'm not a big fan of cats the ceremony made me cry. I know something I did when my dog died 2 years ago was I wore his nametag on a necklace until I was ready to let him go. Sry about your loss

  • isabelle bise
    isabelle bise

    When my first cat passed we had her ashes placed in a box and buried them in the backyard by a Bush that my grandmother planted who passed when I was very young.

  • Nadine Nichols
    Nadine Nichols

    Winston died!!???? Nooooo

  • Bloody Hooligans TM
    Bloody Hooligans TM

    I feel like this is where Emma chamberlain got her rubber chicken hand bag from 😂😂

  • Eve Armstrong
    Eve Armstrong

    The moon bloopers throughout this video were absolutely the best part 😂 Love your little family!

  • Liv Tickle
    Liv Tickle

    does anyone know what hair dye she uses??? I can't find it!!!

  • Leila M
    Leila M

    Why didn't you mention Marie Kondo? A lot of this rules come from her work

  • Pam Schonfarber
    Pam Schonfarber

    I'm a jewelry maker too, and have never purge supplies or jewelry. Maybe I should do it too. Nice body Joey!!! I actually have been wanting to do a konmari, it's been 1 yr since I did it and I'm curious how bad some areas got close to being what they were.


    I had been wondering about in peace little floofster

  • Melody Ralston
    Melody Ralston

    Why are they even considering throwing away Winston's ashes?

  • malibuluv209

    I'm literally in the same boat except im also fixing up the house at the same time. And upgrading furniture etc... so it seems like as soon as I get one thing done it has created 3 more messes. Ugh. I also love how they name their cat Winston, but name their child Moon lol 😆

  • Avani V
    Avani V

    “Don’t through it in the toilet please “ , 😂😂😂😂

  • jenny padron
    jenny padron

    I love your videos!

  • frank riuk
    frank riuk

    This is truly an inspiration! Little by little I am trying to sort all the stuff around me, but it is so difficult! There's really a need for some courage to keep going and it's not easy to find places to donate. Thank you for showing us that is it possible!

  • Christina Ganshert
    Christina Ganshert

    Can we just take a second and look at moon and the fact he is soooooo cute

  • Sparkley Spirit
    Sparkley Spirit

    My family recently moved to hawaii, and they love it! Besides the gecko poop😋

  • Ally H
    Ally H

    He’s such a pretty cat 😭😭😭😭❤️💔

  • Chocibunny

    The ceremony part had me in tears. Thank you for including us.

  • Cat lover
    Cat lover

    Was kate in the 2 princess dairies

  • CLK

    I lost my cat earlier this year, so the nice ceremony for Winston really hit close to home. I literally started bawling when Kate started crying. A lot of the conversation/argument my family was having was "is it weird to do that just for a cat?" I'm glad no one here thinks so, so thank you.

  • snormie

    Her nasally voice is so annoying. Uch

  • Kathy Vlahaki
    Kathy Vlahaki


  • Livia Borcea
    Livia Borcea

    LOVE YOU guys

  • DeLeon Ayeni
    DeLeon Ayeni

    I am Finally catching up on videos and I appreciate and adore this video so much! You both are wonderful examples of Good people always trying to put good out into the world anyway you can. Thank you for sharing this with us ❤❤


    I love how she's so positive about being mommy's and that's it's ok and wonderful to have our new mommy bodies. Love it. Most would be talking about getting back to bodies before our babies. Whyyyyy? They are us a part of is. We carried these babies almost a year for each baby out of our lives 🤣🤣

  • Barbara Eddings
    Barbara Eddings

    Great video!! I need to this also. My hubby is the one who is bad about clutter. Moon is adorable. How long did it take.

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H

    I wish I had your donations!!!! They are awesome lol

  • Michelle Lindholm
    Michelle Lindholm

    Aho! Aloha!!! Hawaii!! Yeah🍍🙃🏵❗️❗️❗️Yeah 🙂

  • Stephanie Hickman
    Stephanie Hickman

    Thank you for making this video.

  • Julia Augustine
    Julia Augustine

    Moons growing up so fassttt. 😩😩😩😩😩😩

  • Nancy Juarez
    Nancy Juarez

    such a wonderful way to have your beloved pet near you. I love the tree

  • J K
    J K

    Best way to declutter for me was to move into a 750 sq ft house.

  • Kaitlyn Fetzner-Lehman
    Kaitlyn Fetzner-Lehman

    Hi Kate and Joey, I know you probably won’t see this, but the part where you celebrate Winston has brought me to tears. My birthday is in a few short weeks, and last year a week after my birthday I had to lay my best friend, Tiger, to rest. He was suffering from cancer, and I didn’t get to fully say goodbye to him because I got sick at the vet from being so upset about loosing him. Your ceremony for Winston is very sentimental, and about the time that I found out he was sick is the around the same time you posted this video. Thank you for sharing this because it’s almost like a release for me too.

    • Kaitlyn Fetzner-Lehman
      Kaitlyn Fetzner-Lehman

      But also, on a more positive note, these tips are great and I love your videos always! ❤️

  • Samantha M
    Samantha M

    I am sitting in my bedroom floor, surrounded my laundry, bawling my eyes out. Winston was such a beautiful cat. I lost my kitty earlier this summer and it broke my heart into a million pieces. While cleaning out my closet today, I found a bag with some of the extra supplies we had for her kidney treatments and became very emotional to part with them. Thank you for sharing Winston with us over the years and letting us be a part of his memorial ceremony.

  • M

    When they scatter the ash and I remember again that its Winston remains...right in the feels

  • Rara 11
    Rara 11


  • Letty Anaya
    Letty Anaya

    Me looking at all my clutter that I’m too lazy to even think about 😬

  • Zoe Heward
    Zoe Heward

    You guys are just sweet. Great job!! Beautiful family. ❤

  • lostmymindinbooks

    So... New series, OMG I bought a unicorn horn


    Donate so many ppl need that kinda stuff...

  • Michelle Bilodeau
    Michelle Bilodeau

    I nursed all 3 of my kids into toddlerhood. Good for you for continuing that loving bond.

  • Sunny Bxtch
    Sunny Bxtch

    I haven't watched you guys since your pregnant videos. I can't believe how big your little peanut is! Moon is such a beautiful name!! You guys are awesome. This is such a motivational video! Rest easy, kitty. That was so beautiful!

  • kavitha ramaswamy
    kavitha ramaswamy

    I love and really appreciate how you use your platform to demonstrate *holistic* environmental responsibility. It means so much that influencers like you guys who have such a wide reach use your voice in this way. Love you guys, you channel, and your message. Much love from Colorado!

  • Christine June
    Christine June


  • Christine June
    Christine June

    I love them. I can’t wait till I find my love and build such a beautiful family

  • Riah Too
    Riah Too

    A TON of stuff (pun)

  • Nola Girl
    Nola Girl

    💗💓💗💓💗💓For some reason when you declutter your house, it really seems to get the creative juices flowing!💗💓💗💓💗💓

  • Natasha Puc
    Natasha Puc

    I cant i live in a studio hahahaha i will not win

  • chaquel ragbasingh
    chaquel ragbasingh


  • E Mazey
    E Mazey

    I see some decluttering in my future this weekend! And yes, I cried during the Winston footage/ceremony, so sad and sweet all at once.

  • Cherry Aussie
    Cherry Aussie

    Kate sounds like Kim Kardashian to me. She has the same pitch same way

  • Molly van H
    Molly van H

    they are such good parents, so wholesome I love them

  • Hannah Bero
    Hannah Bero

    Did not click on this video expecting to cry.....

  • Jennie Newman
    Jennie Newman

    omg Emma Chamberlain bought your rubber chicken purse from the thrift store and has shown it a few times in her vlogs

  • Valerie Montes
    Valerie Montes

    when you have a pets ashes do u have to get rid of them?

  • Shaddai Garcia
    Shaddai Garcia

    Did she just make winston’s ashes into a snow decoration for her plants ? If so Winston would have wanted that :)

  • DareYa

    You guys work hard, but Moon works harder!!!😂🥰

  • Idalia A
    Idalia A

    I loved this so much! Thank you for keeping it real...what a beautiful way to show the next generation what really matters in life:)

  • Elleelf13

    😭 Winston’s memorial hit me in the feels. Lost my fur baby a few months ago and she was also a rag doll. So floppy and fluffy and loving 💜

  • Samantha C
    Samantha C

    Got so emotional over Winston. Just listening to someone talk about their fur baby always makes me cry

  • 3azil

    Buy nothing pages on Facebook are a great place to donate!

  • Aj

    Who knew a decluttering video was going to make me cry! Lol loved every bit of this.

  • Gabrielle

    I really like your videos they are very calming! Keep going!💜

  • Renske -
    Renske -

    The ceremony for Winston made me cry so so much. I recently lost my best furry friend in september and I'm still mourning about it. 😭

  • Iliana Ace
    Iliana Ace

    Watching this video made me so happy and gave me so much motivation. I gave away and threw out so much. Allowing for new things to enter my life.

  • Emily Havlik
    Emily Havlik

    I love they way you incorporated Winston into your yard. When we lost our childhood pets we always buried them at home, with a special pant to remember them. I lost my wonderful cat in January, and wasn't able to out her there physically, but I got a special houseplant for her. For me, it keeps their memory alive.

  • gabrielle kissner
    gabrielle kissner

    Anytime I see a pet past away, it breaks my heart, and Kate saying that moon and winston meeting halfway made me sob😭 but the memorial was beautiful and it will always keep his memory alive🤍

  • Ariel Malone
    Ariel Malone

    Oh Winston 😇😘

  • Luthfur Rahman Mamun
    Luthfur Rahman Mamun

    I'm watching from Bangladesh

  • Rufaida M
    Rufaida M


  • Lauren Meeh
    Lauren Meeh

    Love Moon's little RBG shirt

  • Patti Brown
    Patti Brown

    Sorry for your lost of Winston. Please adopt another when you are ready.

  • Kirsten

    Does anyone know where their dresser is from?! 😍

  • Kaikea

    omg please move to hawaii i live heree

  • Grace Lafferty
    Grace Lafferty

    Anyone else not expect to cry at a decluttering video

  • Ayesha Khan
    Ayesha Khan

    Charity fortunately is a BIG part of our religion and culture..hence we keep donating new and old regularly...clutter hardly accumulates...:)

  • Madison Heights
    Madison Heights

    I like to keep the handwriting of everyone I love. Having lost my parents and my only sibling, I was glad I had samples of their writing. Now, when I get cards for my birthday or Christmas, I save just the last year. This keeps the pile small and allows me to keep these sentimental reminders.

  • Jannat Haider
    Jannat Haider

    That winston part made me so emotional😓😓😓

  • supaguh

    Winstonnn 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Ugh and how moon was part of his memoriallll ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Noemi Felix
    Noemi Felix

    Life with a toddler: “don’t throw that in the toilet please!” Lololol 😂 I love your vids!

  • Jessica Bruno
    Jessica Bruno

    Lots of helpful thoughts on the topic. xox

  • oceaneyes

    Oh my god is it the exact rubber chicken bag that Emma Chamberlain got in a thrift shop ?!

  • Emma B
    Emma B

    omg i have a thing for pursues and bags and that chicken bag is to die for i love it so much i honestly need it

  • Seiferboy Gaming
    Seiferboy Gaming

    Wow, over 1,000 pounds of stuff decluttered?! 😱 That's amazing!