BTS Themed Bedroom Makeover on a Budget!
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Art: John Butler
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  • Mya

    As a veteran ARMY I approve for all the other BTS ARMY'S 💜

    • Fun with Kookie
      Fun with Kookie

      Its looks so good I love it 💜💜💜

    • Olivia Bartelt
      Olivia Bartelt

      @Rosie - Gold i just got a new music taste, but in my heart (and head) i still always sing my favs BLACKPINK!!!!

    • Rosie - Gold
      Rosie - Gold

      @Olivia Bartelt why no more? Just curious

    • Olivia Bartelt
      Olivia Bartelt

      I used to be a huge k pop fan and i would love this room a few years ago

    • Darvey strozier
      Darvey strozier

      @Mr. Kate hi

  • Kathryn Leland
    Kathryn Leland

    I really love the mix of black and white/kinda modern vibes with the vintage eclectic, honestly I was a little skeptical at first but its so good!! (Also Rebecca is so adorable what)

  • mally cat
    mally cat


  • Keara Bartlett
    Keara Bartlett

    Wish you had painted the dresser knobs to match the rest of the gold :/

  • Tommi Poe
    Tommi Poe

    I’m just wondering if this girl is renting. I would love to see a makeover like this that is renter friendly.

  • Mark and Nicky Stanley
    Mark and Nicky Stanley

    Love the Mr Kate furniture but....don’t like the silver screws on the bed 🙁 Maybe a different colour screw (brass or rose gold?) as the silver seems to ‘cheapen’ the look. Otherwise, another FANTASTIC review ♥️

  • Fernanda Sant' Ana
    Fernanda Sant' Ana

    loved it!!! as an army and a creative weirdo, im so happy to see stuff like this :) gorgeous

  • Fio Cava
    Fio Cava

    Omgggggggg Mr. Kate Army? YESSSSSSSS 😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • laiinee 91
    laiinee 91

    As a creative weirdo prior to being an ARMY this warmed my heart so much to finally watch this episode 💜 thank you Mr. Kate, Joey and Baby Moon, you did an incredible job 😍

  • Adhithi Balaji
    Adhithi Balaji

    Is no one going to talk about how amazingly cool Kate’s silhouettes are!?!?? They are just woooow and perfect and beautiful 🤩🤩 . . And how excited Rebecca got over Click Five, that was the highlight in my opinion 😂

  • M Princess
    M Princess

    This is heaven for an army... 💜 💜 I'm so jealous 💜💜💜💜😍😍

  • Mandee

    I had no clue Joey was in Click 5! 🤣

  • hart

    I lovvveeeeee thisss



  • Queenofsalem 15048
    Queenofsalem 15048


  • Ela B
    Ela B

    That is not social distancing - at - all

  • Aracely Elizarraraz
    Aracely Elizarraraz

    I love how you decorated that girls room its so cool and so simple and I love the logos and the drawings that you did great job and I am also an army and wow I love so much I would do something like that in my room for my new house 💜

  • Saman Mubarak
    Saman Mubarak

    I love the vibe this room gives off, like it's BTS themed and minimalist but at the same time not too fangirly

  • i love plantsot7
    i love plantsot7

    i saw this video and thought omg my mr kate made a bts room makeover! i love both, mr. kate and bts💜💜💜

  • Nina HS
    Nina HS

    Mr. Kate reminds be of Jessica from New Girl

  • Window For Life
    Window For Life

    OMG I WANT ONE!!!!!!!

  • Tobi's Traumfabrik
    Tobi's Traumfabrik

    Moon is the absolut cutest!

  • Ixzy

    Its all fun and games until she moves on from bts and goes onto one direction lol bahahah

  • Esme_Flores

    Your hair gave me Halsey Boy with luv vibes yes yes yes 🙌

  • Asia Albalooshi
    Asia Albalooshi

    The baby is so cute when he said bts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ray Chul
    Ray Chul

    I know this is off subject, but I would like to recognize Moon’s self-control in the thrift store- most toddlers around that many breakable items would have caused so much destruction!!

  • Btxt abyss
    Btxt abyss

    Love y'all... purple you.

  • Btxt abyss
    Btxt abyss

    Amazing really it was so wholesome makeover ever 🤗

  • Ashlyn Dunn
    Ashlyn Dunn

    Kate- I see your Hangul. 잘 했어, 여자!!

  • Pipit Phoenix
    Pipit Phoenix

    Loooobe the BTS room!!!! We purple YOU, Mr Kate!!!

  • dumpling friend
    dumpling friend

    Ok I’ll join the rain tomorrow morning I’ll see if I could do it later if you guys are ok with that 👁👄👁 middle suggestion box gives me life

  • Maggie Alice
    Maggie Alice

    I think this may be my favorite room you've done!!

  • Catalina Sweet Music
    Catalina Sweet Music

    Beautiful decor !!! I can see her happiness on her face ... so sweet ... Kate you are wonderful !!!🥰

  • yeojin


  • moira k
    moira k

    does anybody know how to submit your room to mr.kate

  • Alicia Med
    Alicia Med

    Y toda su colección donde quedó??? 🙃🙃

  • Alyen Bautista
    Alyen Bautista


  • Paula Tumai
    Paula Tumai

    Bloody STUNNING as ALWAYS AND the artwork is just phenomenal! Kate, even that chair!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • the names Chelle
    the names Chelle

    That looks like Jason Nashs old apartment great Job guys you are so amazingly creative

  • Kris Techazini
    Kris Techazini

    California has the best thrifts, Chicagos are mehhhhh.

  • Wejdan Mastoor
    Wejdan Mastoor

    i was thinking a week ago how can i mix my ARMY self with my most liked thing that is Vintage theme and so I found it here in your channel all i did before watching your video is click the subscription and the like button and notification is on.

  • Wejdan Mastoor
    Wejdan Mastoor

    she did a great job on that but i appreciate that she puts the albums in a good place instead of let them be under something. so thankful for do the BTS themed makeover

  • Q B
    Q B

    the click five cd was such a nice touch lmao had me rolling



  • Bob partay
    Bob partay

    Kate's outfits are so fun 💜

  • Hamda Khan
    Hamda Khan

    Omg ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 찾아가기


  • Yahnique G
    Yahnique G

    Aww I love that u guys did so much homework on BTS...💜

  • Yahnique G
    Yahnique G

    Bts brings so much joy to do many ppl... I’m a proud adult army here lol

  • Venessa Fergo
    Venessa Fergo


  • Rachel Yohros
    Rachel Yohros

    I feel like you guys should have a Netflix series🤣 I would watch itttt!!!

  • mika1111

    You go to far with ugly ambition, Forsing the adds. Basically trowing your work and charm. Be more strategic

  • Madison Heights
    Madison Heights

    So, you had my Alexa trying to respond to your command!

  • 96a _
    96a _

    This came at the right time for me an ARMY that just started to renovate their bedroom😁

  • Janie Pimentel
    Janie Pimentel

    You guys knocked it out of the park.

  • Kyra Herbener
    Kyra Herbener

    Anyone else’s Alexa go off when Joey said Alexa lower the shades

  • kwljnkjb

    where can I get the pink beret???

  • Jenn Diaz
    Jenn Diaz

    Omgggg she does so freaking good 😫😫 there honestly hasn’t been a room that I haven’t liked !!!!!

  • paola mota
    paola mota

    What is the name of the thrif atore?


    you said alexa raise the shades and my alexa started playing music. 1st time thats ever happened lol

  • Navila Vazquez
    Navila Vazquez

    I’m late but “The Click Five” was really my shit. Empty was on repeat.

  • Rowie de Riel
    Rowie de Riel

    I really liked the video and the end result. It was a little frustrating to hear the emphasis that "despite" the room being BTS inspired, it would still be mature. As if maturity or immaturity have anything to do with passions, hobbies and love of music. But other then that it was still handled well and with care.

  • steven jackson
    steven jackson

    The hulking carbon postauricularly kick because risk possibly squeeze athwart a precious anger. heavenly heavy hellish, squeamish kohlrabi

  • Sofia Islas
    Sofia Islas

    the click five cd 😭

  • Anne Carmella
    Anne Carmella


  • Lucy Hailey 1016
    Lucy Hailey 1016

    ARMYS 💜

  • gray 爱。
    gray 爱。

    6:00 I swear moon is the cutest little thing :-”3

  • Emely Atonal
    Emely Atonal

    Us Armys appreciate this. I wish I had a room like that. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • yumna amjad
    yumna amjad

    omg cutie moon saying bts awwwwwwwwwwwww

  • yumna amjad
    yumna amjad

    love fromm army

  • Faatimah Abrahams
    Faatimah Abrahams

    This was so cute 🥺💜

  • Manzi7

    Jin (the oldest in BTS) actually has a solo song called Moon! This song expresses his love for Army💜

  • Bianca Sams
    Bianca Sams

    My worlds are colliding. I love it

  • babieTaeTae

    Ahh her room turned out so beautiful 🥺

  • Ashley Louise
    Ashley Louise

    moon is so adorable.

  • Sadpyrhic

    head over heals in utter respect of these two, its really amazing how they didnt stereotype bts as like a generic boy band, talk show hosts need to get to their level

  • mxsvga

    omg yesss! i’ve been waiting for one of these

  • Denise Connelly
    Denise Connelly

    Where did all her books go?

  • Jan Lima
    Jan Lima

    she is literally so gorgeous

  • Kristy Henry
    Kristy Henry

    Your pink? Understand a decade and a half ago? Why? Is it a marketing thing? If it makes you happy go for it. I will hush!

  • Cali Wight
    Cali Wight

    I hate bts -_-

  • K Joseph
    K Joseph

    Armys r piling in and I’m here for it ✋🏾

  • Marina Schwab
    Marina Schwab

    I love it. But where are all her books?

  • Ruthie

    Rebecca, girl, is that "Quiet" that I spot in your library!? Love that book!

  • Rizel G.
    Rizel G.

    can someone tell me what the exact shade of the wall is?

  • jana villapa
    jana villapa

    my room is saaaadder

  • mochi

    sees BTS in Title obviously clicks

  • Virginia Foley
    Virginia Foley

    Could yiu do a blinks room thT would be soo cute

  • Beth's Compilations
    Beth's Compilations

    I was interested in the shades that sponsored this video....but holy hell.....just for one small 3x5 window shade is $600! Whhaaaat?!

  • Sarah Rose
    Sarah Rose

    Thank you so much, I totally redoing my entire room now 💜💜😅

  • The Stripeless Bee
    The Stripeless Bee

    The book nerd in me was thinking wait go back so i can see what books she has in her collection! Lol!

  • Cindy Moore
    Cindy Moore

    Great video as usual but those are not cotton blossoms. Cotton blossoms are the flowers look like a hibiscus. What you have actually are the seeds and are called cotton bolls (pronounced bowls).

  • jay k
    jay k

    i love bts and i love mr. Kate so this is perfect

  • スイートマジックSweetMagic

    Army!!! 💜💜💜

  • Miron & Akshara
    Miron & Akshara

    This will be my sisters dream vid because she loves mr Kate and bts and mixing that will be a perfect mixture

  • Zamilla Zamri
    Zamilla Zamri

    I love the look Mr Kate! ARMY approved! 💜💜💜

  • Kelzang Wangmo
    Kelzang Wangmo

    I ❤️ it so much mr Kate , we purple you the concept of bts army room was so perfect Army here ☝️

  • burntcheesecake

    Let me just imagine that Mr Kate is renovating my room and its coldplay themed 🥺

  • HaeMin ARMY
    HaeMin ARMY

    I'm currently frustrated with my room and i just love this make over!

  • Khanjan Vaghasia
    Khanjan Vaghasia


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Mame mi
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