BTS Themed Bedroom Makeover on a Budget!
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  • Mya

    As a veteran ARMY I approve for all the other BTS ARMY'S 💜

    • Namjesus

      i’m a 2016 army!

    • Laura Gomes
      Laura Gomes

      ikrr its so cool

    • ᴄ ᴀ s s ᴀ ɴ ᴅ ʀ ᴀ
      ᴄ ᴀ s s ᴀ ɴ ᴅ ʀ ᴀ

      Yes yes

    • Mya

      @Ali Delgador also it doesn’t matter how the room looks or how many photos or photo cards you have if you love them for who and what they are that’s what a real fan is

    • Mya

      @Ali Delgador don’t be rude in my comments. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

  • Sara Adjoba Angelle Enoh
    Sara Adjoba Angelle Enoh


  • V Thao
    V Thao

    If it was my room, I would have preferred 8 mirrors, just so I can do one for each member and then one for all of them

  • Gwenyfith

    Is it just me or does Rebecca look exactly like Barbara Hershey from Beaches?

  • Fatima Qureshi
    Fatima Qureshi

    Such a beautiful transformation! I wish someone could do a BTS purple themed one for me 🤧💜

  • Fatima Qureshi
    Fatima Qureshi

    Got me hooked at BTS themed XD

  • Desi Ladybug
    Desi Ladybug

    oh we have some more BTS ARMY HERE😘😍 BORAHAE !!!!!

  • Tae's Bear
    Tae's Bear

    I need this lol

  • anastasia stavrou
    anastasia stavrou

    Exactly why I wanna become an interior designer and stager. You guys really inspire me to achieve my dream. I feel my way of thinking is just like Kate's. It's amazing how I feel so attached to you guys. Also p.s I love that you work at your own pace along with bringing your very good son!! So cute and amazing! I love you guys and thank you so much!

    • Anayaアナヤ


  • Arson

    "All of BTS lyrics are so positive" *plays the truth untold*

  • Cheney Denoy
    Cheney Denoy

    i’m pretty late but honestly, this is why i love Mr. Kate! y’all are so dedicated to giving ppl what they’ll love and you showed that so clearly with all the research you put i to this! 💜

  • Vianka Paola
    Vianka Paola

    I love that Mr.Kate really did her research and actually asked for ideas from us ARMYs, imma go and sob now😭, like i love how she match her aesthetic and her love BTS in such a lovely way😭, i love it!

  • ImUniqueFangirl

    This was so cute! The room wasn't my style but still turned out so pretty and aesthetic! And I love that Mr.kate did her research and asked ARMY for help, it was refreshing to see. And I'm so happy for Rebecca! A happy ARMY always makes me happy!💜

  • st1010

    This is my first time seeing Mr. Kate and idk how much she knows about the Hmong community but I'm just surprised and stoked that she had a face mask with the Hmong embroidery on it!! ;😘😘😘

  • Nia Chen
    Nia Chen

    they should add purple

  • Sai Nikhita
    Sai Nikhita

    No but am I the only one who thinks she looks like Halsey especially with that pink hair….

  • Aprill Sun thors ce
    Aprill Sun thors ce

    I always love watching Mr. Kate 💜 Is that Rj in the bed 😍

  • teyiu

    omg i did not expect this at all wtf

  • Blassom Empress
    Blassom Empress

    I have been Army for 6 years and half years ever own anything 😭 Because I Was like 10 back then and now I'm 15 almost 16 😔 nobody care aboute wanting bt21 stuff

  • Madison C
    Madison C

    OH MY GOD. I randomly watched Taking 5 the other day and IMMEDIATELY recognized Kate.... TELL ME WHY it wasn't until Joey put that picture of The Click 5 on the wall that I finally connected the dots and recognized him. What a meet-cute btw. So what do you think Joey, was Kate just the girl you were looking for???

  • Tonks37


  • Aliesha Jobell Martin
    Aliesha Jobell Martin

    never have i thought mr. kate would do a bts inspired room like I watched mr.kate before i was a bts army and now that i am an army and it’s like two worlds are colliding

  • Eden Lee
    Eden Lee

    I would c r y

  • Eden Lee
    Eden Lee

    My merch pile is jealous of the tidiness yours has 😂 I just have piles laying around 😅

  • Rose G
    Rose G

    i love it but i wish there was a bit more purple

  • Melanie Meza
    Melanie Meza

    I have been waiting for this video

  • love

    BTS theme looks incomplete without purple colour staffs.

  • Aisha Alkhamire
    Aisha Alkhamire

    I love BTS so much

  • Kim Tae Bear
    Kim Tae Bear

    me also wanting this omg KDIWBWBS

  • KimNamjoon_1994

    "All their lyrics are very positive. " Does "I feel like dying every day" sound very positive to you? Just pointing that fact out, not trying to be rude.

  • Gracie Lee
    Gracie Lee

    Loved her reaction, and loved the cute baby.

  • Julia Stanley
    Julia Stanley

    Feel free to come help decorate our New Habitat for Humanity house! My bedroom is going to be all pink, BTS, pandas and fluffy things!

  • Irsalina Ismaida
    Irsalina Ismaida

    As an army and a fan of Mr.Kate for years you absolutely nailed it with the research, execution and getting her requests down!!

  • It’sliterallyTiara

    I really want to make a bts group chat so if you want to be in it dm me on Instagram @yamsmoonchild :)

  • Ecusile Haralu
    Ecusile Haralu

    I'd LOVE to visit this thrift store..not only because I'm an ARMY too but because.. I LOVE thrift stores..😭😂💜💜

  • Issyifa Jamli
    Issyifa Jamli

    Her room has BE album vibe... Purple love... 💜💜💜💜

  • Anjani Singh Thakuri
    Anjani Singh Thakuri

    I m an army 💜💜💜💜💜

  • trustfrated jay kay
    trustfrated jay kay

    Rebecca probably calls herself " lebecca"🥵.

  • trustfrated jay kay
    trustfrated jay kay

    If i see bts I click faster than jin's angry rap( maybe not that fast, jin's angry rap is too fast for me).

  • seribellum

    I would love to develop the eye you have to be able to walk into a thrift store and buy so many random pieces that all come together amazingly cohesive at the end! That chair is a dream!!

  • Cianna Fisher
    Cianna Fisher

    Thank you for making an Army dream bedroom I very much appreciate this and loves it 😊 Please do more of these Army room but with different room colors and different things Keep on working hard 😀😁😄

  • J3on_Xook

    Please do my room

  • jiminspov

    i want those season greetings so bad 😭

  • PuppyLove_777

    I want that room so bad omg you guys did amazing as usual💜

  • Nisha

    I haven’t been on this channel for long but MOON HAS GROWN SO MUCH! He’s so cute 🥰

  • Sania Bhandari
    Sania Bhandari

    She should an official bts theme room decorator ❤️

  • Heif soul
    Heif soul

    Amazing 😳🤟💜

  • Umaisha Tasneem
    Umaisha Tasneem

    I want Mr. Kate to decorate my room . It's so beautiful and she worked so hard and did her research on BTS ....Also the way moon said " BTS " oh my god that was so cute 💜 purple you too

  • Usha Tirkey
    Usha Tirkey

    ARMY and Creative weirdo

    • Usha Tirkey
      Usha Tirkey

      Omg they also knew so much about them and where respectful

  • Armytinyctzenstay CaratMonobebeOnceExolMulti
    Armytinyctzenstay CaratMonobebeOnceExolMulti

    As an army I’m happy to see others happy bts saved all armys and you guys are helping an army happy so I’m happy

  • Tooba Malik
    Tooba Malik

    please tell me what brand and type of pen you were using on the frames, I wanna make some diy outlines just like that!!!

  • Maria Clara
    Maria Clara


  • Maria Clara
    Maria Clara


  • jazz

    Joey suga's future💕

  • Alina Argueta
    Alina Argueta

    I would love for them to do my room but I am broke 😅😅 like kawaii 🌸💞. Love you mr. Kate

  • jazz

    Their child is named moon 😍 Jin and rm moonchild

  • Pensive Pineapple
    Pensive Pineapple

    "Lyrics are all super positive" Ummm... héhé... recently yes. 2015-2017 not so much

  • Pensive Pineapple
    Pensive Pineapple

    *Long time ARMY cries in poor*

  • Kookie Dough
    Kookie Dough

    Wow it looks nice!!

  • Anno C
    Anno C

    Love this so much!! BTS ARMY (I’m in my thirties 🥰) here andddd Mr. Kate fan 😍💜

  • Amna Ahmed
    Amna Ahmed

    Me being an ARMY i want thisssss



  • ambar

    so cute 💜

  • •~•Shooky•~•

    Ahhhh i love watching mr.kates videos and this is by far my favorite makeover ever 💜💜💜

  • 김다니

    Shes a Baby Army🥺💜💜💜

  • chimmy

    Before becoming an ARMY, I would've laughed at anyone saying a boy group changed their life or for that matter, anyone so obsessed with a music group. I can't explain it, but BTS had such a significant impact on me and TRULY helped me through dark times, and no matter what, they bring a smile to my face and sort of flip a 'happy' switch in my brain. I've never been the type to obsess over celebrities' of any kind, and 3 years (almost 4) later I still don't understand how that happened with a random korean boy group, I've never liked a music artist or group so much and probably never will as much as BTS. I say this for whatever random person who thinks the same way that it seems stupid to say people you've never met can have a bigger impact on you than you're own friends and family, but BTS has that power and truly has an amazing fan base who always spreads positivity and love to other ARMY. It's seems like magic, but this group is special and their HUGEEEE fanbase is no accident. We all feel this special connection to BTS, and even though they are just normal people, they're impact is anything but normal.

    • Umaisha Tasneem
      Umaisha Tasneem

      So true !!!💜

  • ShiningHope

    this is my kind of room. Fangirl but sophisticated room. Thanks Kate n Joey💜

  • Azucena

    I absolutely loved the room! It’s simple and it showcases the love for BTS in a way that’s not over the top, it looks classy and I’m in love ! I want my room like that!

  • Nerdfighter958

    Are you usually allowed to replace the lighting, put things into the wall, and paint the walls in an apartment? I feel like landlords do not want you to do that lol

  • Valentina

    im obsessed!!!! it looks SO good 💜

  • Sxyeii

    Omg I love you guys

  • Rosa Guadalupe
    Rosa Guadalupe


  • Jessica Army forever!!
    Jessica Army forever!!

    As a Army and a Mr.Kate fan this makes me so happy 💜🇰🇷

  • Harley Davidson Gonzales
    Harley Davidson Gonzales

    RJ is on the bed 😍😍😍😍

  • yOu kNoW BtS?
    yOu kNoW BtS?

    Omg??? I remember watching you guys and I never expected this. I’m so happy lol

  • Breana Babwah
    Breana Babwah

    Omg i need this

  • jeerawat natit
    jeerawat natit


  • Bts World Domination
    Bts World Domination

    I would love a room like this🙃

  • uH sUp
    uH sUp

    My room would’ve been full of posters 😭

  • Sriya Pabari
    Sriya Pabari

    Where is my army?? lol

  • Denise S.
    Denise S.

    When I read "BTS themed" I honestly wasn't expecting a classic and sophisticated room makeover like that with a subtle yet perfect hommage to the group! Well done, its so pretty and I'd love to take inspiration from that for my own room ♥ And thank you very much for doing all the research, it really warms my heart ♥

  • Kreisha Shastri
    Kreisha Shastri

    Wow army's 💜💜👑

  • Yuna Dela Cruz
    Yuna Dela Cruz

    we purple you little moon 💜

  • Yuna Dela Cruz
    Yuna Dela Cruz

    a boy band member decorating a room for a fan of another boy band group 💜

  • carlyrackal

    I LOVE this room! the way Rebecca spoke about BTS is exactly how I feel! I first heard about them in early 2020 too and since then they've really brought me so much joy :)

  • I don't know korean but I know 아미
    I don't know korean but I know 아미

    As an army of 4 years and also a long time fan of you and your carpet cuddles I am literally so happy that you did this and I am so happy she loves her room cuz it is amazing I'm definitely taking notes!!! My room is already mature BTS inspired but I am definitely going to add some of these to it!! LOVE YOUS 💗💗

  • Rebecca Lawson
    Rebecca Lawson

    When your name is Rebecca and you are also a BTS fan 😂 love your guys videos they are amazing

  • Layla ⟭⟬
    Layla ⟭⟬

    omg can u give me a bts themed room😭✋

  • Nobody's Mistress
    Nobody's Mistress

    This was incredible!

  • Shreya B
    Shreya B

    As an ARMY this is my dream omggg

  • dluoyang

    I love her mask on her hand.. Hmong vibe.. and I love the BTS room

  • #

    the drawings ideas was so cute !

  • seventhseance

    My room is more gothic and I love the army/BTS logo paintings! Definitely going to do a DIY version at home for my own space

  • Kendell W
    Kendell W

    this is right up my alley

  • ErzaScarlet4300

    I want that room please

  • hobi is my hope
    hobi is my hope

    i love how you did your research that is just so rare for people to sometimes do and i loved how this room turned out to be

  • Spicy Turds
    Spicy Turds

    I’m in my schools marching band and that part where Joey tried marching hurt 😂

  • ninja_ Vxa
    ninja_ Vxa

    Well u got army in ur side now 😏💜💜✨

  • Rose Shrestha
    Rose Shrestha

    ive been a supporter of mr.kate since i was 8 and a an ARMY since i was 10 (12 now) they rly did put a lot of work and effort into this ad rly did their research

  • Agnes Mooney
    Agnes Mooney

    Just great Mr Kate....such a good job making a nothing room sparkle...