Baby Moon then and now!

  • Jean Nieves
    Jean Nieves

    Awe precious

  • Sunny Down South
    Sunny Down South

    Omg! He’s gonna be a little stud! That’s for sure! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Victor Abate
    Victor Abate

    Not interested

  • Tiger Indian
    Tiger Indian


  • Zeynel Cul
    Zeynel Cul

    Too cute 😍

  • Lillian Smith Whyte
    Lillian Smith Whyte


  • Gianella Mena Gonzenbach
    Gianella Mena Gonzenbach

    So cute

  • Μαρία Ν
    Μαρία Ν

    Sooo beautiful and cute👶❤ he is

  • Redonda Turner
    Redonda Turner

    Ehat s cutie

  • Dee KK
    Dee KK

    I love that carpeting or blanket on the floor when he was a baby! It’s gorgeous And so is the kid

  • Helen Glover
    Helen Glover


  • Luclinta Vasquez
    Luclinta Vasquez

    Oh my god he is so handsome....😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😃😀😀

  • Mirian Cristiani da silva
    Mirian Cristiani da silva

    Bebê preguiça não se mexe.

  • kimberly ruper
    kimberly ruper

    What a cute little one!!!!

  • Tyfyny’s Concrete Jungle
    Tyfyny’s Concrete Jungle

    Too cute

  • Ave Fenix
    Ave Fenix

    How cute 🥰

  • Mrs. Lovely
    Mrs. Lovely

    He’s an adorable little Angel🥰🥰

  • Pain & Love
    Pain & Love

    He most just got out they gave me that same one

  • Nuage Art Studio
    Nuage Art Studio

    Omg so beautiful 😍💖

  • Edna Jean Amos
    Edna Jean Amos

    So cute

  • Karina Kc
    Karina Kc


  • niraj singh
    niraj singh

    My mom hit me

  • Jamila Zidane
    Jamila Zidane

    Oh comme il est chou 🥰 on lui souhaite le meilleur

  • Dichen Bhutia
    Dichen Bhutia


  • Michelle Victor
    Michelle Victor

    Beautiful jeez lol he's handsome

  • Timothy Asberry
    Timothy Asberry

    The only difference is he's standing up right now and have a different hat on his head, but this is cool and I don't think the little stuffed animal will work now👍💯 😉

  • Bella Vita
    Bella Vita

    What a beautiful child ❣️

  • Liz Leb
    Liz Leb

    This child is so beautiful!! My Lord!

  • Gladys Davila Carmona
    Gladys Davila Carmona

    Que belleza!!!

  • Terry Nickson
    Terry Nickson

    Ahw he's still a cutie pie

  • Valerie Shinia
    Valerie Shinia


  • Tammie Holden
    Tammie Holden


  • Keezy

    Now just realizing California cool bros are dressed childish. 🤣🤣

  • Tracy Hoffman
    Tracy Hoffman

    Are you getting ridvofbyourvrug or saling? Selling for 20,$ ?

  • Ms OhSoSolo
    Ms OhSoSolo

    He’s still a total Cutie Pie!🥰

  • TT Riz
    TT Riz

    He’s literally the cutest kid I’ve been seen. 🥰🥰

  • Chandu z
    Chandu z


  • Shyla Girl
    Shyla Girl

    Omg what a cutie 🥰

  • Grace Watson
    Grace Watson

    He’s gonna be a heartbreaker 😂🥰

  • AmyLou & Maci too pet channel
    AmyLou & Maci too pet channel

    He’s so beautiful omg moon I love his hat melt my little black hart he’s the sweetest

  • Kaylee Anne
    Kaylee Anne

    He’s legit the PERFECT mix of Kate and Joey 😭❤️ what a handsome little fella

  • ItsAStikbotParty!

    He looks like Eminem as a toddler

  • Star Child
    Star Child

    that baby built like a sims 4 toddler with cc

  • Sofia Sundin
    Sofia Sundin

    I love his outfit he looks like a mini Justin Bieber 😂❤️

  • Chaudhary Family Fan Page
    Chaudhary Family Fan Page

    GTA kid

  • Priscillas Adventure
    Priscillas Adventure

    Yeah .. He is going to breaking little girls hearts for ages! What a cutie!

  • Milagro Gómez Nuñez
    Milagro Gómez Nuñez

    Que hermoso bb ,oremos para que se acabe el aborto

  • Shirley Dietsch
    Shirley Dietsch


  • It’s Maya!
    It’s Maya!

    He’s so cute 🥰

  • Joshua Dougan
    Joshua Dougan

    I'm glad people use this audio for actual babies instead of their pets.

  • L. M. Dyre
    L. M. Dyre

    I can hardly believe it's been two years!

  • Linda Smarr
    Linda Smarr

    Oh my word! He is like a doll!

  • Gresa Kastrati
    Gresa Kastrati

    Oh my God so Sweet and beautiful

  • Charles Lim
    Charles Lim

    Happy birthday moonieeee! 💋💋💋💋

  • C M
    C M

    A Beautiful child!

  • Mercy

    My phone fell on my face right on beat

  • Aryn Morcom
    Aryn Morcom

    I want one of those mushroom onzies for myself.... Hahaha what a cutie

  • Leah Smith
    Leah Smith

    Too cute!

  • Kayla Janae
    Kayla Janae

    He’s so adorably handsome and those eyes wow

  • Summer Knabe
    Summer Knabe

    He’s so cute ❤️

  • tami weber
    tami weber

    Too Cute 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Ashlee Bates
    Ashlee Bates

    So beautiful

  • Hailey Obirek
    Hailey Obirek

    He’s literally a mini Joey

  • Alexandra Southe
    Alexandra Southe

    Cutest little thing 🙏

  • Pauline Carter
    Pauline Carter

    God loves yall so much

  • Latonya Wilson
    Latonya Wilson

    He’s so beautiful.

  • Kirstie M
    Kirstie M

    He's so handsome 🥰

  • Betsy Lynn Vedrine
    Betsy Lynn Vedrine

    Beautiful 😍

  • DKline

    Its crazy when you see a perfect blend of mom and dad like alot of the time they favor one or the other but moon its so 50/50 split being someone who found you right before you announced you were pregnant its crazy to see how big he is

  • MpearlW

    He is soo cute

  • definitedoll

    Future supermodel

  • Mbali Khoma
    Mbali Khoma

    He's so cute

  • AJ Smith
    AJ Smith

    He is sooo beatiful

  • Jessica Hondel
    Jessica Hondel

    Moon is growing up so fast!! 💛

  • Proud to be a Christian
    Proud to be a Christian

    Jesus loves you

  • Bunnyetsuko

    He's so handsome!!

  • Benal Ortman
    Benal Ortman


  • Celena Casciani
    Celena Casciani

    What a super cute child!!

  • Tatiana Figueira-McDonnell
    Tatiana Figueira-McDonnell

    Giving me JB vibes ngl

  • It's Lee's Life
    It's Lee's Life


  • Joy Lopez
    Joy Lopez


  • Yeshna

    He looks like a young Austin Mahone❤

  • Twanna Winn
    Twanna Winn


  • Twisted Benns
    Twisted Benns

    Beautiful kid!

  • the complexion
    the complexion

    Does he have different color eyes?

  • Kenma Kinnie
    Kenma Kinnie


  • Glagys Krockel
    Glagys Krockel

    Adorable ❤🙏

  • Al Gom
    Al Gom

    He's beautiful

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa


  • Feliza Viveros
    Feliza Viveros


  • Fae Browne
    Fae Browne

    Wow! Gorgeously cute!

  • aestheticsxvibezxleah

    He grew so much

  • Gena Boone-curtis
    Gena Boone-curtis

    He is GORGEOUS

  • L LidPi
    L LidPi

    Such a cutie..

  • ꧁Sn00ze plays꧂
    ꧁Sn00ze plays꧂

    I can’t believe he’s so big. I was here before he was even a thing. And omg I’m in love with him. He’s a great addition to your family. 😇 I love he helps you guys in your videos. That’s just so adorable 🥰

  • deestefmorr

    He is adorable ❤️!

  • Catherine MTC
    Catherine MTC

    He is cute.

  • Honest Abe's
    Honest Abe's

    His eyes

  • molly crocker
    molly crocker

    Dude I swear that's a freaking doll

  • Aisha Long
    Aisha Long

    Aww he so handsome

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