A dream come true! Styling TWO entire homes with our NEW Mr. Kate furniture line!
You've been waiting for it and here it is! Check out our debut furniture collection here: bit.ly/yaymrkate
Today is a dream come true moment years in the making! We have worked so hard on designing this collection to be able to bring it to you on websites you shop on regularly and at accessible price points! Each piece was also created with both style and function in mind - we didn’t leave out a single storage option, and each piece has multiple color and/or fabric choices! No matter your aesthetic or the size of your home, there is something for every #CreativeWeirdo in this collection, and we're so honored and excited to be sharing it with you finally!! Let me know what you think of the rooms in the video and what your favorite piece is!!
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We are following the FilmLA and Los Angeles Reopening Guidelines for safe filming: All crew and cast members are tested regularly. 6 Feet Distancing at a minimum, strong sanitization protocols and masks must be worn at all times by everyone except when filming on camera.
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Supervising Producer: AJ Tesler
Producer: Annie O’Rourke
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Photographer: Laura Austin
Photographer’s Assistant: Giovanni Reda
Editor: Vianne Robitaille
Interiors Stylist: Tess Albrecht
Assistant Art Director: Emily Banks
Art: Leo Martinez
PA: Christian Lehman
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  • Mr. Kate
    Mr. Kate

    I can't believe our furniture is available NOW in so many huge stores!!! Comment with your favorite piece! LOVE YOUUUUU

    • Tracy Morgan
      Tracy Morgan

      What if we didn’t use the wooden slats that it comes with?? Would that maybe work??

    • Tracy Morgan
      Tracy Morgan

      I REALLY WANTED the Daphne Bed. But I just bought a sleep by number bed and saw that it’s not compatible with an adjustable bed. 🥺🥺 Any possible changes to make it happen?

    • Kevin

      What your budget? Including travel expenses and hotel and food, unless you were expecting them to just walk to your hous across 15 states and, you know, not eat.

    • Rose Pink
      Rose Pink

      May you reach your goals with your new furniture line everywhere...the pieces are all gorgeous! Just stunning beautiful I love ❤️ them all !!!! Pretty soon you’ll be moving to a beautiful mansion with the success of your business venture of your furniture ideas! AWSOME !!!!

    • Rose Pink
      Rose Pink

      Please help me Mr Kate and Joey..?

  • Rinny Dale
    Rinny Dale

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 CONGRATULATIONS ! 💖💖💖💖💖 👍🏻👍🏻

  • Karen Trischuk
    Karen Trischuk

    Checked out the furniture! Awesome! So affordable and stylish!

  • Thahirah Cuncheer
    Thahirah Cuncheer

    Hi, can I get your beautiful furniture to Sri Lanka. Loving the new collection with beautiful colors and comfort.

  • rylee burnand
    rylee burnand

    KATE you are so gorgeous every time I see u again

  • Hannah Joy
    Hannah Joy

    You guys Are my Inspiration when I Grow up I wanna be Just like u 🥺🤍🤗

  • Nananananannana

    Your,hubby could be a movie star.

  • Eb Bee
    Eb Bee

    Please respond 🖤 I'm about to buy the mint green couch and I was going to paint my wall a light gray but now I don't know if it would go well with it. What would be a good wall color to go with that couch? My curtains are white with kind of a black tribal print and I have a brown rug that matches the legs of the couch and shelving that matches the legs of the couch. I have white and black print pillows and vintage round velvet gray pillows for the couch

  • Cheryl Price
    Cheryl Price

    Loved everything! Love that you make it a total family experience! The furniture is amazing❤️❤️❤️

  • paula tavares
    paula tavares

    I'm so happy for you guys for the release of your amazing furniture line! I hope I can find your pieces in London! Lots , lots of love & success!! XX

  • Aissatou Bah
    Aissatou Bah

    Beautiful family & furniture

  • Karla Esquivel
    Karla Esquivel

    Smiled through the whole video!!!! So happy for you and excited to get some pieces ❤️

  • Crochetizen

    are the pieces eco friendly?

  • Jess Y
    Jess Y

    Whoah the Daphne is sold out! Just checked them on amazon. Congratulations on your furniture line!

  • Linet K
    Linet K

    Do you guys ship worldwide? 🥺🥰😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Osibee Johnson
    Osibee Johnson

    Pink is my Happy Mood color. Don't ever change....your hair color, it gives me life!

  • Osibee Johnson
    Osibee Johnson

    Pink IS a neutral. Thank you Mr. Kate!

  • Ruvie Ann Loreche
    Ruvie Ann Loreche

    Congratulation Mr. Kate can't wait for you to have international shipping. huge fun from the Philippines. Thank you for keeping me inspired. more power and stay safe.

  • Carolyn Newberger
    Carolyn Newberger

    I have given that exact “green is a neutral” speech countless times! 😂😂 If you’d add a plant, you can add green!

  • Rachel Baker
    Rachel Baker

    I just got my Winston couch three days ago and I LOOOVE it!!! The perfect addition to my little place!

  • Matteo Leonie
    Matteo Leonie

    You are so cool

  • Murder & Mysteries with Megan
    Murder & Mysteries with Megan

    Ok so im missing the rug cuddle in this episode! Lol but beautiful furniture! Perfect to see because my hubby and i and our kiddos are about to move and will need some new furniture! 😁👍❤

  • Jayne Faitala-Vatau
    Jayne Faitala-Vatau

    Congratulations yay! I hope you ship to NZ!

  • Sue Butler
    Sue Butler

    ), Please. Please start, having the items you decorate with ,! Love,everything you do,with the decorative items!,, I cannot find anything like you have .!! Love ❤️ Iyou !!,l

  • Carole D
    Carole D

    I’m a new 76 year old watcher. I just found you guys last week and I’ve been binge watching ever since. Subscribed, hit the notification button and hit the “like” as soon as I pull up the next video.

  • Carole D
    Carole D

    My fave is the futon!

  • Carole D
    Carole D

    Love the furniture line!

  • The Art of Crochet by Chandra
    The Art of Crochet by Chandra


  • Kathy Combs
    Kathy Combs

    So cool! I love the colors and how much versatility it has to go in so many different ways. The adjustable bed frame and black wrought iron style headboard! I want it!! Must save for a shopping spree!!

  • Samia Ahmed
    Samia Ahmed

    14:50 “PIVOT”

  • Alize Rocha
    Alize Rocha

    Congratulations I have. Watched you from the begin !

  • Green Building Bangladesh : LEED Certification
    Green Building Bangladesh : LEED Certification

    Congratulations Gyz 💜💜💜💜

  • Arely Hurtado
    Arely Hurtado

    Im moving in June and have been thinking about selling everything and completely starting over. Best believe I’ll be starting over with Mr.Kate furniture!! 🥳💕 so proud of you guys!

  • Jackie DeComa
    Jackie DeComa

    Congratulations! I loved all your pieces! Thanks for showing how to put it together too. Well done!

  • Lisa -
    Lisa -

    i love the tess colour

  • Megha Mohan
    Megha Mohan

    Congratulations.... very happy for you all.... hope you can ship world wide Love from NewZealand

  • Mackenzie Zaccour
    Mackenzie Zaccour

    Hi mr kate. Do you guys know when you will be traveling to other states? Im asking this because i am very un happy with what i have in my room. And im wondering if you guys would be willing to travel to florida to help mh room match my asthetic. I dont know how to spell that lol

  • Nel Rios
    Nel Rios

    Congratulations on everything ya'll do you work hard so enjoy God bless ya'll stay safe love all the sofas and stuff ya'll have

  • Leanne Rose
    Leanne Rose

    Green is definitely a neutral haha

  • Menay Wilde
    Menay Wilde

    I love that futon couch! It’s so gorgeous and I love that it is multifunctional

  • Angel Cross
    Angel Cross

    I love this line! And the fact that it’s so affordable is SO awesome ❤️

  • Hailey Stringfield
    Hailey Stringfield

    You guys are so wholesome! I’m proud for you ☺️

  • Karin And son
    Karin And son

    omg I'm obsessed. Congratulations! GO MR KATE!

  • Bianca Alfonso
    Bianca Alfonso

    Kate your curls are so beautiful!!

  • Tiana Morgan
    Tiana Morgan

    Kate in the outro: "Stay on the the couch" Me: *just got off the couch 2 seconds ago to take a nap in the sunroom*

  • Mary Thurrott
    Mary Thurrott

    i would have to agree Leopard print is a neutral!! Or at least in my life it is haha.

  • Aarjvi Jain
    Aarjvi Jain

    I'd very much like to be a couch potato on 'Tess', thenk you💚

  • Mehar Sandhu
    Mehar Sandhu

    I wish you guys were in my country...😔

  • Julie Mosz
    Julie Mosz

    Congratulations Kate and Joey, you really did a great job with the collection, you really see your style and personality in it

  • Melanie Domingo-Zimmerman
    Melanie Domingo-Zimmerman

    love love love!! i hope it will be available Dubai...woot woot!

  • Priyanka Kumar
    Priyanka Kumar

    Love all your furniture...vibrant colours!!!! Just looooove them! I love the tess sofa! Please come to Fiji!

  • Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee

    This whole line!! I love it alllll

  • Gabby Moore
    Gabby Moore

    Sorry im late but I have to give props to your photographer ! I mean like wow ! Those photos are honestly so beautiful i cant even come up with a word the accurately describes how insanely gorgeous they are ! Congradulations Mr. Kate !!

  • 1 sub without videos
    1 sub without videos

    Congrats on your new furniture line ! I’m so happy for you guys

  • auvillia ୨୧
    auvillia ୨୧

    Stay safe !

  • auvillia ୨୧
    auvillia ୨୧

    Ur so confident and super! Talented❤🌿✨🍄🍯🌻⭐

  • Erika Wiedenfeld
    Erika Wiedenfeld

    Is it just me or does Joey look like Mark Rober.

  • meerkens

    Nice! The yellow velvet furniture is lush. If you ever want to expand your line and hop across the pond and redecorate my historic apartment in Amsterdam, just say the word! I have a great space- high ceilings, tons of light, Victorian corner fireplace...But I need some help decorating it right!

  • Ridhi

    she reminds me of the after girl

  • Sierra Toro
    Sierra Toro

    I can’t wait to buy pieces for my house 🥰🥰🥰

  • Ddauly

    Question. Why is the Daphne Light gray (full) at Target so much darker than anywhere else? I want to purchase but want the very light gray I see in the video

  • Mayra Mecca
    Mayra Mecca

    I'm so happy for you two!!! CONGRATULATIONS

  • Ammy Guerrero
    Ammy Guerrero

    I’m so proud of you guys!! I’ve been watching for a couple years now and have seen how far you guys have come. 🤍

  • Kenyi German Cisneros balboa
    Kenyi German Cisneros balboa

    Ahh omg I can’t believe the prices, definitely buying one of the bed frames for my room, I seen so many but they were so pricey but I’m sooo happy mr.Kate made it possible for me to get one soon and hopefully a sofa omggg loveee yall!!!

  • Riot Tonite
    Riot Tonite

    Subtle. I love it.

  • Pia Ferus-Comelo
    Pia Ferus-Comelo

    Congratulations Mr. Kate! I first came across your RSloft channel a year ago, and was instantly hooked. I'm really interested in fashion and interior design (as well as photography) and you are such an inspiration to me! Watching your creative videos is always a highlight for me. I love seeing how you turn a bland space into a perfect, beautiful yet practical room. Love you and your videos!

  • Griffin


  • Mjl272017

    So great thank you

  • alisha !
    alisha !

    you guys raised me and now I can’t wait to watch moon grow

  • SarahLynn1330

    Love this line soooo much! Also the photos are amazing, your photographer is talented :)

  • chelsey garrett
    chelsey garrett

    Wait is the black stand-up lamp next to the futon a part of your collection?

  • chelsey garrett
    chelsey garrett

    The Winston sectional 😭

  • somethingfiction

    moving to a new apartment - you bet I'm getting one of your couches! so affordable and fashionable!!!! (: thank you

  • Jazmin Knight Vlogs
    Jazmin Knight Vlogs

    U guys should make a book full of original diys and instructions on how to do them

  • Vanessa

    Love the video, the furniture line, the furniture, the styling, your outfits, and the vibes lol 💕I'm in love with that moon bed !

  • Nubia Flores
    Nubia Flores

    Primrose metal bed in white queen. 🤞🏼

  • Miranda McCuistion
    Miranda McCuistion

    WOW! Loving every beautiful piece. MAJOR DESIGN CHALLENGE (when you decide to expand your line): Can you design a recliner that is comfy for my big husband, but will go beautifully with everything else in your line? I would be eternally grateful if Mr. Kate could take this on.

  • Mrs.nien

    Now I want to redecorate my whole house and fill it with those beautiful Mr Kate furniture pieces. It's so pretty.😍 Hopefully it will be available outside of the US.

  • Jillian Anusencion
    Jillian Anusencion


  • madenvo

    Joey looks so dapper in all the shots. Handsome gentleman in the suits. 😐

  • Raymond Castellanos
    Raymond Castellanos

    When will you make a new video ?

  • Anyah M
    Anyah M

    Amazing!!! Congratulations 🍾🎉

  • Emily Duenas
    Emily Duenas

    I bought the Daphne bed in light grey. But it’s such a DARK GREY. Completely different than the one in this video. I bought it from wayfair and they say its the right color & im so sad bc i love you guys but the light grey is def not like this one😔

  • Hannah Klein
    Hannah Klein

    I'm so happy for you guys! It's well deserved!!! I hope that the furniture line will be available to shop in Europe, too, in the future, so that I can buy these masterpieces as well 🤭

  • Fiona Asrat
    Fiona Asrat

    So happy for you guys. So so Love your work! Beautiful family!

  • deepa ssajeevan
    deepa ssajeevan

    Congratulations folks... Awesome Wonder if in the Gulf these will ever come

  • pwecioussss


  • Jasmin Kaur Marwaha
    Jasmin Kaur Marwaha

    oh my god congrats you guys are amazing you even inspired me to want to become a interior designer

  • Sheri Taylor
    Sheri Taylor

    Congratulations! So happy for and proud of you two! Love the pieces, design and color!

  • Lush n’ Stuff
    Lush n’ Stuff

    You guys should do a video using things from five below! They have some good things.

  • Julie GM
    Julie GM


  • Khairunnisa Khairil Anuar
    Khairunnisa Khairil Anuar

    Congratulations, Mr. Kate and family!!!!!

  • careyellen


  • Lori Walter
    Lori Walter

    I just found you today and love the new furniture line!

  • Kayla Nohr
    Kayla Nohr

    You should come to Alaska and re do my room!

  • Isabela Hurtado
    Isabela Hurtado

    I agree! Green is most definitely a neutral. My hubby and I are expecting this July and all of our room’s furniture are different shades of blue but we decided to add green, planty elements to the new room to welcome our newborn and it totally worked out 😉

  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez

    Where is the hype house video

  • ophelia Freeman
    ophelia Freeman

    Just got my Tess Sofa today! Can’t wait to style my living room.


    You guys might just be the bestest parents I've ever seen... 🥂 and cheers to your success x

  • joyous2theworld

    I agree with all of your “neutral” choices. This is such an exciting moment for you all and I’m happy I get to share in your joy and maybe even own a few pieces.

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