$200 Bedroom Makeover! Hygge Style!
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  • Mr. Kate
    Mr. Kate

    Creative Weirdos! I can't believe we came in that low on our budget! Yayayayay thrift stores and re-purposing! What's your favorite budget hack we did in this video?

    • calloway04

      Omg I have this huge house that we have been in for a whole year in a half I WISH I could have u BOTH come decorate it cause I have not a creative bone in my body 😭🤣 btw this is our very first home that our 4 kids and husband & I are in love with but it’s just not FULL 😭 BTW I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH YAL ARE BOMB #1creativeweirdo 💋

    • I love my cat more than you
      I love my cat more than you

      Deborah Foster oh no i wasn’t trying to be rude i was just joking! it was jus bugging me a lil so i decided to poke fun at it^^ thank you for your comment!

    • Deborah Foster
      Deborah Foster

      @I love my cat more than you ..I know this is a old video comment but you know it actually keeps your body temp regulated when you do that. sounds weird but it does. Try not stressing things that doesn't matter 😉

    • Jolie Fleur
      Jolie Fleur


    • Jannat Brar
      Jannat Brar

      I love you your the best ❤️

  • Amber Holven
    Amber Holven

    In the Frozen Musical, it is pronounced "Hee-Ga"

  • anonymous horsey
    anonymous horsey

    kate: the walls are stained :( also kate: LETS PAINT THE WALLS WHITE!

  • Stephanie Armijo
    Stephanie Armijo

    I would LOVE for you two to do my bathroom!!! OMGeeeee

  • Precious Sama
    Precious Sama

    Bro this is a fun job, they are having fun while doing it which i just love so much.

  • Indhira Badia
    Indhira Badia

    Hi Mr. Kate I would love to you decor my room please🙏🙏🙏

  • Lakora Sarkodie
    Lakora Sarkodie

    I remember this episode... And there was Joey 2 rolls action.

  • Lauren Coblentz
    Lauren Coblentz

    EVERYONE PLEASE HELP! I have a room like 11 feet by maybe idk 8 or 9 i have a loft bed that from the matress to the ceiling has like 2-3 or 4 feet! Its a twin bed! What do you think? Would a normal bed or like a storage bed with drawers be better? PLEASE HELP God bless!

  • Anne Reyes
    Anne Reyes

    She must be a Filipina

  • LUCY : Ignorance brings chaos
    LUCY : Ignorance brings chaos

    Just Devine creativity 🌸💕🙏

  • Julie Edwards
    Julie Edwards

    You should start doing 5 hundred bucks

  • Julie Edwards
    Julie Edwards

    Good job to the room Kate

  • Julie Edwards
    Julie Edwards


  • Caroline Riisgaard
    Caroline Riisgaard

    Alright - a little American to Danish lesson: when you say huge. the sound you make between h and u - that's almost the same sound as the y in hygge

  • Alyssa Free
    Alyssa Free

    it sucks i live in georgia because i need a new room makeover

  • Faith Stanley
    Faith Stanley

    i want those boots she's wearing

  • Mirandamarieee_98

    What shade of paint was this👀

  • Sammy TheKid
    Sammy TheKid

    man I wish you guys could upgrade my room it is so bad and I've been wanting to do commentary/reaction videos but my room kinda makes me self conscious to film because it is very ugly rn

  • AWHONN Kansas
    AWHONN Kansas

    Wait she’s pregnant?!

  • Nancy Juarez
    Nancy Juarez

    I love seeing Joey with his double rollers. It’s just so cool.

  • Allison Sutton
    Allison Sutton

    My name is Allison and when ever you said Allison I thought me lol

  • hikaru antoinette
    hikaru antoinette

    this is just so impressive. They are just makeover magicians :O

  • Karen Lebeter
    Karen Lebeter

    Great room!!

  • Cassey Bee
    Cassey Bee

    How I wish you could design too our apartment 😍

  • Hey its maddie
    Hey its maddie

    I wonder how much it cost for them to do this

  • Jade MacKenzie
    Jade MacKenzie

    this is definitely my favourite one so far!!

  • Karoline and Riley
    Karoline and Riley

    Why do they say $300 like it’s cheap I know it’s a bedroom but still

    • Karoline and Riley
      Karoline and Riley

      @Kevin yeah but still......

    • Kevin

      Because it is if you're buying furniture and painting and stuff. Yes, $10 is cheap, but you can't do much with it, lol.

    • zooxie

      Karoline and Riley -_-

  • Deborah Foster
    Deborah Foster

    I know this is a year old but this is my First time watching looking for ideas and I love thrifting and repurposing. Great video 👌 And Kate you're so pretty and do is Allison. Cody is handsome. Look like you guys are so much fun.🤸♥️

  • Kathleen Farris
    Kathleen Farris

    The paper plate holders on the wall are a little weird, but all in all it is a nice change.

  • Nouran Elnaggar
    Nouran Elnaggar

    Joey needs way more credit

  • breezethunder

    I think this is the first makeover I've seen... I didn't like. Sadness

  • _eliahblossom_

    That intro weirds me out every time..

  • adejubu joy
    adejubu joy

    This is so good

  • Maja Piltoft
    Maja Piltoft

    As a dane you saying hygge is the funniest thing in the world OmG that is so wierd 0:38 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Katy Ortt
    Katy Ortt

    I feel like the sleeping arrangements were an afterthought

  • Keiko Bushnell
    Keiko Bushnell

    Matt has some sexy eyebrows and I like your pinky hair!!!😍 Just found your channel. SUBSCRIBED!

  • Nicolette Stanley
    Nicolette Stanley

    Wish we had thrift stores like they do in the States - from Australia xxx

    • zooxie

      I agree :)

  • BLashed by Brandi
    BLashed by Brandi

    I want a make over bed room 😔

  • Rasmus Hansen
    Rasmus Hansen

    Omg Danish words

  • Jasmine Perez
    Jasmine Perez

    Hi I’m very new to your channel and I was wondering why you call yourself Mr. Kate what is the back story on that? If there even is one...

  • Kylee Lambert
    Kylee Lambert


  • IamOJ

    This isn’t related but she really does have that pregnant women glow😍😭😭🤏🏼🤏🏼

  • Kaela Scott
    Kaela Scott

    I know you probably won’t see this but you can go online and print out patents to decorate with

  • Roobia Rahman
    Roobia Rahman

    She said...IKEA! 🤩; and not ‘the Swedish mega store’😅 Anyways... Love the transformation !🙀♥️

  • Julia Wasalinski
    Julia Wasalinski

    Does that chair remind anyone of relish? Just me, ok

  • makayla gardner
    makayla gardner

    i wish you guys were in Az so you could do my room!!

  • Aly M
    Aly M

    Looks great, but traditionally speaking shouldn't a bed have access to each side? I feel like the bedroom was turned into a living room. I think everything is great, but possibly moving the bed to where it once was

  • Sophia Audrey
    Sophia Audrey

    Omg this room is everything! You guys need a Netflix TV show!!! Keep up the good work. Never change :)

  • Luz B Jaquez
    Luz B Jaquez

    I am very new to Mr. Kate. This is my second video. I have to say this show is adoreable! I am so glad I stumbled on this show while researching furniture buying for my 1st apartment.

  • no u
    no u

    she looks so much like halsey

  • janecwj

    Every time Kate and Joey look at each other, I wanna say ‘awwww’. Every time!

  • Windham Mountain Freestyle Competition Team
    Windham Mountain Freestyle Competition Team

    You say hygge wrong and it means cozy with a lot of open space and light

  • Sajan Singh Kohar
    Sajan Singh Kohar

    Who knew that Kate’s choker would one day relate to a special name

  • Hailley Libertus
    Hailley Libertus

    Would like to see small studio apartment with grey color and ways to make it look big

  • Morgan

    Can u travel to Ohio for mine if u do mine?

  • Maddie Farmer
    Maddie Farmer

    i want you guys to come do my room

  • Amwene Etiang
    Amwene Etiang

    i love the transformation

  • Cookies and Cream
    Cookies and Cream

    ... Read More

  • Hope Kelly :o
    Hope Kelly :o

    i loved the room even at the beginning

  • Tierra McLellan
    Tierra McLellan

    I need to watch all your videos so I know what to do to save money when I buy a house and make it look amazing! You are so creative. I love it!

  • Hope Yamada
    Hope Yamada

    My knees got weak when Kate sat on the bench lol that made me so nervous

  • Mili1 Salma
    Mili1 Salma


  • Alsvior Kook
    Alsvior Kook

    I already watched every video but I'm binge watching cause I need a room makeover too😩

  • Natasha Nim
    Natasha Nim

    Do you buy all this stuff for the owner of this room or she paid after

  • Melanie O
    Melanie O

    I just figured out who Allison reminds me of - Emma Stone. Does anyone else see it or am i crazy?

  • Patricia Kelly
    Patricia Kelly

    It looks so large. It’s an amazing bed sit. Luv it all. Those little tables are class. Well done. X

  • Deeo's Intone
    Deeo's Intone

    Yo...The previous room wasn't that bad though...😛

  • Gillian Ribeiro
    Gillian Ribeiro

    i LOVE great stuff when using faux plant stems in pots or opaque containers. often i don't have access to rocks or foam blocks so i fill my pots with great stuff, paint the top brown to look like soil, and insert my faux plants. saves me so much time!!!!!!!!

  • chandra bharat
    chandra bharat

    You guys rock ... love the make over

  • crackherzz2012

    Well done guys! I love what you did with the room with a very low budget. I wish you could decorate my place too! 😁

  • Wait...is this it?
    Wait...is this it?

    Heyyy, just an idea...maybe next time you can use velcro to secure the linen to the foam to make it washable and long term...

  • Charlatte Is Epic
    Charlatte Is Epic

    My cats name is Sofa

  • Kirsten S
    Kirsten S

    Won't the door hit the black dresser?

  • cassthedancer

    I am LIVING for Joey's hot pink wood saw thing, it looks so cute!

  • Krishnan Parameswaran
    Krishnan Parameswaran

    Why is she saying 300$ when it is written 200$ ?

  • Julie Li
    Julie Li

    I want somebody who looks at me the way Mr.Kate looks at $5 pillows...🥺😂

  • Debby Le
    Debby Le

    these tables are awesome!!!!!

  • Two Spirit
    Two Spirit

    Curious what this wall color was

  • Malle & Uni
    Malle & Uni

    i am from denmark and i love the way kate says hygge😊💕

  • Isabella Pinto
    Isabella Pinto

    If only my room was that big

  • Gelle PH
    Gelle PH

    Allison is a filipina if Im not mistaken ☺️

  • Brittny .x
    Brittny .x

    Gosh you guys are super good at this! You's crack me up lol

  • Mykesha Priester
    Mykesha Priester

    Please come to my house I need my room done for once

  • Aly Gardner
    Aly Gardner

    Absolutely the best repurposing I have ever seen. Love how grateful she was. Best reveal ever.

  • Cailee Janik
    Cailee Janik

    I wish you guys could come do my room🥺

  • iskara bandoysoy
    iskara bandoysoy

    Is she from the philippines?

  • Houses with Haley
    Houses with Haley

    I miss going to Thrift Shops so so much!!! (Quarantine Comment) Lol!

  • Krystal Fabes
    Krystal Fabes

    Wow this was a great transformation

  • Devanshi Pandya
    Devanshi Pandya

    4 million!!!!! Yayyy❣️

  • DarcieGlam

    You rocked the furniture placement. I had no idea how you were going to get all that seating in there but you did!

  • Esther bee
    Esther bee

    Who else is here before 4 million creative weirdosss 🥳❤️

  • Zee Madison
    Zee Madison

    It does not get cheaper than this !!!

  • Mandy Mukozaka
    Mandy Mukozaka

    Ok, I've been binge watching these makeovers and it's pretty clear that Kate worked throughout most of the duration of her pregnancy. WHAT KIND OF MAGICAL ENERGIZER BUNNY PILL ARE YOU ON AND CAN I HAVE SOME.


    Joey is so nice omg

  • Andreas A
    Andreas A

    That intro alone gets a like! Reminds me of 90's comedies!

  • Alicia Robinson
    Alicia Robinson

    Y’all are magically talented !

  • Purpoala Gaming
    Purpoala Gaming

    Y’all fucked her room up

  • Malaiqa Malik
    Malaiqa Malik

    You guys are so much fun to watch, I love your work.

  • Riffat Abbasi
    Riffat Abbasi

    I’m always thinking what thrift store she goes to like my thrift store has nothing good

  • Cadynce Mays
    Cadynce Mays

    OMG I love you guys can you do my room

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