20 Decorating Hacks When You Can’t Paint or Use Nails On Your Walls! | Mr. Kate
Today we're showing you how to make your space look amazing even if it's a rental with rules of no paint or holes in the walls! HUGE thanks to Swiffer for sponsoring today's episode. Come up with your own Clean 15 Routine and head over to spr.ly/SwifferMrKate for your household cleaning supplies!
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  • Lilah Jo Whitfield
    Lilah Jo Whitfield

    I’m about to move into my first apartment and I have been going crazy trying to figure out what the heck I want to do! This video helps SO MUCH! Thanks Mr. Kate!

    • Abby

      Good luck

    • Leslie Rojas
      Leslie Rojas


    • Tamekia Jones
      Tamekia Jones

      I just mobed into my first apartment and needed this from Mr. Kate too

    • Nina 13
      Nina 13


    • aprilharuko

      If you need an easy-to-follow method to decorate, I highly recommend Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith. (It's not only for minimalists; it's called that because the tagline is more style with less stuff.) She has a specific order to follow in designing and decorating your space that really works! Super easy to follow.

  • *teenytinyminiwinnie *
    *teenytinyminiwinnie *

    I NEED TO KOW WHERE I can get yiur headboard!!!

  • ossiningsue

    Must be close to thirty years ago now for this idea. You will need liquid starch and the cotton fabric of you choice. Saturate the fabric in the starch, wring out slightly and apply fabric to wall. You can smooth the fabric out with your fingers, pull a little with your hands. Just set it up as if you were hanging wallpaper. The starch comes off of you hands with soap & water. To remove once dry or you are tired of it, simply peel off. No residue will be left on the walls. This works.

  • cyndi s
    cyndi s

    Keisha vibes

  • Autumn Swittenburg
    Autumn Swittenburg

    I have a question can I do all the stuff for walls with texture walls? And in my kitchen and my bathroom I have tiles on the walls what can I do ? and yes this is a rent house

  • Ron James
    Ron James

    Amazing! Thank you!

  • Shawnzie

    Is anyone else super into that bed side table behind her?! So cute!!!

  • Draco-PG3D

    I’m Draco’s mama name Candi

  • Draco-PG3D

    What about wood walls that are not paneling for a renter?

  • Personal 123
    Personal 123

    Is there anyway I can use wallpaper for my walls and won’t attract roaches? Are there any good brands that prevent roaches? I live in Florida and it’s summer right now. Roaches love the sticky wallpaper

  • Brandy Abdelaziz
    Brandy Abdelaziz

    This removable mounting tape is this command strips? I’ve been spending sooo much on command strips. I want to do a family command center and do some floating shelves but the shelves fell. Your so inspiring. I wish you could makeover my master bedroom is this ugly American flag blue and I like pink gold and white. It’s so depressing. I’m searching for ideas. I thought about peel and stick or backsplash but Idk if that would work with the wall being so blue.

  • BroBeckham

    A year later and I’m still stuck at home and just found this video lol 😂

  • ホイットモアエレミヤ

    Why is the Channel name “Mr.Kate” 💀

  • ddaniellee01

    Does anyone have the details or link on that bed frame in Mr. KATE'S BACKGROUND?

  • Leo

    'wallitis' is great if you live in small spaces and you do not have smart furniture that tuck away. Pretty much like the Japanese rooms can be free to be used. For instance if you want to exercise or if you want to bring friends and make the room into a big dining or party room etc.

  • ReyBeltane

    So...I live in the UK and even in newer buildings you just CAN'T stick things to the walls. End of story. Landlords are VERY picky here about you doing anything to change the space. I'm so sad that about half this video about not painting or nailing into walls...just tells you to put other things on your walls. In our old flat even blue tack and command strips peeled the paint off, and it wasn't even that old of a building. We need REAL renter-friendly tips about how to decorate/arrange items without them going on the walls, full stop. :-(

  • Joanna Choi
    Joanna Choi

    I love your mic! It sounds so like autotune

  • Acia Harrison
    Acia Harrison

    Great information and inspiration!


    Love your diy curtains ♥

  • Jesus follower
    Jesus follower

    You call your kid moon! Your idiots! As a retired teacher, I can tell you, you are giving him a life time of harassment by other students! How mean of you!

    • guilty avocado
      guilty avocado

      if you were a retired teacher, you’d know the difference between your and you’re.

  • Emily Rodriguez
    Emily Rodriguez

    Everyone keeps suggesting peel & stick wall paper for rentals. But when you have to remove it there's alway's sticky residue left behind on the walls. I know feom experience. My landlord was so pissed..

  • Eva Parker
    Eva Parker

    What if you have stucco walls

  • S Patt
    S Patt

    I want to know how you made that beautiful shelf behind you

  • Natures Glam Shop AudreyAnaOrganica
    Natures Glam Shop AudreyAnaOrganica

    Thanks for the video! What brand of photo tape do you use? I did a wall and they all fel down and broke. The climate was Hamilton, Ontario Canada on the lake! Windows were always open in an air tight cottage! Spray foamed! The winter was warm so the glue melted off!;( let’s prevent broken glass again please! Xo love the ship lap and moon photo!

  • Yummy Slice
    Yummy Slice

    Video starts at 4:00

  • Devon Anderson
    Devon Anderson

    At 17:58 there's a neon light above the bed. Do you know where it is from?

  • pmg1180

    Plus who have times to watch 40 min of this. Try to keep it short.

  • pmg1180

    Nice ideas but need to warn you that sometime painting on the wall over the time and creates a lot of problem for the 3M removable on the wall without nails. Once you hang them so long and they will fall off the wall and the layers of paints pull off and created a patch. Landlord needs to be flexible about nails!

  • Lynn Palmer
    Lynn Palmer

    I'm in my 60's and never heard of removable contact paper, where do you find it? I've been stuck in my apartment since January 2020. I've lived in this apartment for 4 years, in the last year I've been diagnosed with endstage COPD, now I have no energy to clean every day, but this place really needs an awesome re-do, my decor is southwestern, but the crazy things are my kitchen table is in my living room because there is no room in the tiny kitchen, now I'm in a hospital bed in my livkinbedroom lol I don't know what else to call it. But anyway I really like the brick wall covering how can I have that put it. Oh and BTW the Swiffer wet works great on walls, ceilings, & shower walls

  • Wanda Amieiro
    Wanda Amieiro


  • W

    Great tips, but the actual advice starts at 3.49 mark.

  • Amelie barnatt
    Amelie barnatt

    u should do a rug cuddle compilation and it would be soooo cute

  • Rose Pink
    Rose Pink

    I love ❤️ your videos...they are sooo great and inspiring you are AWSOME to me!!! ❤️😘

  • Rose Pink
    Rose Pink

    Hi Mr Kate I’ve been watching how you hang up stuff on the walls...I find that alien tape is great to hang up stuff on walls without putting nails up or making holes into walls...for those that live in apartments.

  • Rare Ringu
    Rare Ringu

    not passing

  • Yvonne Foylan
    Yvonne Foylan

    We on lockdown so doing my flat up and going to sort all the storage out

  • Biqilaa

    Thanks it's so beautiful

  • blueberry_animates

    thanks so much for this vid i just moved to a flat and my room was really plain because i couldent put anthing on the walls

  • Susan Cannon
    Susan Cannon

    OMG...where have you been all my life!!? Love the renter friendly designs. Game changer!!! I HEART you! Lol

  • Hanna Ediza
    Hanna Ediza

    Hi Mr. Kate! I'm a huuuuuge fan of yours! Just have a couple questions here... Can you actually use backsplash a wooden wall? And peel & stick on a wooden countertop? Will I have any difficulty taking them out after 2 to 3 years?

  • Mandy Jolil
    Mandy Jolil

    New subscriber thank you for all the ideas I'm renting in the U.K. And these will come in handy x

  • Kasey Bartusek
    Kasey Bartusek

    lol. day 48. lol.

  • On_sight_

    Your voice is like nails on chalkboard

  • A Lana
    A Lana

    Etagere is pronounced A-ta-g-air ... so cute you speaking French 💕

  • grace crawford
    grace crawford

    what are your thoughts on putting your bed in the closet?

  • Carol Martin
    Carol Martin

    Dont forget... curtains as walls. Awesome!

  • ayman2b

    Wow. You guys are pros!!!

  • Erick White
    Erick White

    I got a question. I'm currently in a rental. I have vaulted ceilings, but a small space. I can't put holes in the wall obviously. I've used command strips for several things. I like my plants and my electronics. But... I only have one window with any real sunlight. Any tips on bringing in enough light to keep my plants alive and decorate them where I want too?

  • Andrea Martin
    Andrea Martin

    what if there is mold on the wall and the paint can't dry? Also can I get your email to get some ideas for my room please cause I need help trying to keep my parents stuff in my room and also mine

  • E.D. H*******
    E.D. H*******

    I LOVE THAT WINGBACK BED! Where did you get it from?

  • bam Glam
    bam Glam

    I love her ideas!!

  • Rachel Gertz
    Rachel Gertz

    Any ideas for what to do for a makeup station in a ledge window in our bedroom (mid mod/scandi style)? We're pretty limited on space. Small stool by the bed and a rectangular box with all makeup and hair stuff is what I've got for now.

  • M Hasenfuss
    M Hasenfuss

    I’m new to your channel. Do you have anything for a small (300sq) studio with no wall space... like all windows?

  • Marie Medeiros
    Marie Medeiros

    Sorry, moved onto another video, the intro was waaay too long

  • Marie Medeiros
    Marie Medeiros

    Why does everyone say "you guys"???just say "you"

  • RʌBBit

    3:50 is when the video starts. I couldn’t make it past the 3:50 mark though.

  • Michelle

    As usual great ideas!

  • nicole jones
    nicole jones

    I actually just opened my blinds all the way and bought a big rod and mounted it over the blinds. You would not even know it’s there lol

  • nicole jones
    nicole jones

    You might want to take a look at a steamer mop then you won’t have to keep buying and throwing away with the swifter. I love mine

  • Sophia Liz
    Sophia Liz

    Hi Kate, at my granny’s house (I stay there all the time) I share a room with my granny. My room is very plain there is nothing on the walls only 2 shelves. But I live in Ireland I always wanted you and Joey to makeover my room. So could you please reply and maybe we can FaceTime and you would tell me what to do and basically I would do the work but you would tell me what to do. Also my granny hates spending money so could you PLEASE help me. Everyone plz like this so that Kate sees this

  • Tha D'Mac
    Tha D'Mac

    Ahahahahahaha I have the same rug! I bought on wayfair.

  • kaat burnham
    kaat burnham

    I love her. THANKU for your amazing creativeness...I gotta do the wood wall idea. The one without nails. genius


    Hi! I need help with my rental how can I reach you and make a project in my apartment please mrs. Kate.

  • Pritty Gritty
    Pritty Gritty

    Have you ever done renter friendly panelling? This is pretty popular just now and I love it but I don’t want to damage that wall!

  • H H
    H H

    Thank you for the wonderful ideas I can use in my small home. I get so excited when I see decorating ideas!!!

  • Lyndakaye Stundal
    Lyndakaye Stundal

    I love your Channel you have so much to help with Decorating ideas.

  • Kathleen Bifulco
    Kathleen Bifulco

    What do you do with the blades from the vertical blinds after you remove them to put up a curtain? There will be a lot, and not all apartments have great storage, what do you think can be done?

  • Forge Ustiss
    Forge Ustiss

    Repeat: eh-ta-JERRRRR

  • XX memes
    XX memes

    15:27 my room colour is blue. My apartment age is 5 years we didn't painted our building from 5 years so my paint is coming out because of pipe lines out side our wall we painTed it 2 times even same problem . Is there any solution for it ? Can I used plastic sheets which are used on cupboards

  • Iridescent Unicorn Farts
    Iridescent Unicorn Farts

    Ok ok I heard you. I’m going to PURGE lol. The clean in 15 is great too. I’m going to set an alarm. I’m organized but I’m behind in dusting and getting rid of a few things. I’ve started giving things away though. Thanks for the motivation.

  • GooshawnXD

    I have 'popcorn' walls and I HATE them so much, I feel like I can't do anything! It's the whole entire house 😭😭

  • Pineapple 13
    Pineapple 13

    These also work if you are just extremely indecisive! LOL

  • Kaylynn Michele
    Kaylynn Michele

    I’m so happy I found you I could scream!!!! We’re moving into a townhouse that has the most ugliest green ever

  • Kshama Parate
    Kshama Parate

    Hi Kate, what are the wall mounting strips to hang paintings? Are they the ones from 3M? I’m asking this cause some of the strips do not stick to the wall because of the wall texture. Please help!

  • skunkpat

    THANK YOU for diagnosing me with wallatis, I could finally start to think clear and "out of the walls" and I am now able to have 3 distinct areas in my small living room! THANK YOU!!

  • sara

    I need ideas for wallpapered rental walls. It has beige textured wallpaper on every single wall. Even behind the kitchen sink.

  • Aris Lodin
    Aris Lodin

    Wow, these are annoying fake people. Granted, I’m only 25 seconds in but I can’t take any more

  • Shubik L
    Shubik L

    nice video to watch! But the french word "étagère", you need to pronounce the final "r" like "étaj-air" if you will....Otherwise, we (annoying franchise watching your vids) cannot recognize the word ! ^^;

  • Jaun Mirza
    Jaun Mirza

    Biggest turn off.Half an hr videos Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Mostly Random
    Mostly Random

    i hate when people use double sided tape since when u remove it recks ur walls and its not rental friendly

  • freddumpling

    Every time people talk about leaning huge mirrors, my Californian earthquake anxiety kicks in lmaooo...

  • Allison Hunter
    Allison Hunter

    I'm in my first apartment which is a studio, the whole complex used to be a hotel and was converted into apartments a few years ago. It doesn't have a stove or oven and minimal counter space. I asked my landlord if I could put holes in the walls/ceiling for like pictures, lights, a canopy, etc. and she told me their rules are that I CAN put holes in the wall, but when I leave, put a little post it or piece of blue tape over every hole I made and leave the patching/painting up to them and it won't affect getting my deposit back as they EXPECT you're going to want to decorate and customize. Just make sure you get your landlord's policy on if they want you to patch and paint before you move or if they would rather you left it to them (many prefer to do it themselves, even IF you've already done it to ensure its been done properly and to code so someone else can move in).

  • Ghada Kandoly
    Ghada Kandoly

    Thank you sooooooo much

  • Elizabeth Deatherage
    Elizabeth Deatherage

    I wish you could come redo my 600 square foot tiny studio apartment I just don't know what to do with it on a small budget and you have such Amazing Ideas

  • Chelsee pennington-jones
    Chelsee pennington-jones

    I just moved into a new apartment, and I had a VERY SMALL budget. I keep trying to find ways to make it feel more like my home, but I don't have the money 😅

  • Shridipta Nag
    Shridipta Nag

    Please make a video on how to make your apartment look like a hotel.

  • Quieramarie Leefoon
    Quieramarie Leefoon

    I have brick walls and honestly no idea how to style them

  • Ginger Espinoza
    Ginger Espinoza

    Video starts at 5:30

  • Babra Malik
    Babra Malik

    U speak a lot

  • Dominique Akpore
    Dominique Akpore

    Great Video! Thank you for the inspiration. I rent an old house which means plaster walls. I've been struggling with how to hang things that it will stay but not leave too much damage. I want to hang some pictures and hooks. Is there a strong enough command strip that can do the job? Thank you!

  • Ginger Black
    Ginger Black

    love your show, really creative!!!

  • Shyam Arora
    Shyam Arora

    hi mr.kate my name is vanshika i live in india in a rented house and my walls are really bad my building is very old so whatever i do the walls keep chipping i had painted my house again but it is still chipping if you have any solutions to his it would be a big help

  • Mausewous

    I love your pregnancy photo's on your photo wall! Did you make them yourself/who is the photographer? So unique and colourfull!

  • Amor mi Mejor Herencia
    Amor mi Mejor Herencia

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  • Kinsadie Bowen
    Kinsadie Bowen

    Help! I have a smaller bedroom and my door and closet takes up one wall and across from them I have a bay window, I have a full size bed and REALLy want it to look bigger!

  • Destiny Gabriella
    Destiny Gabriella

    I suffer of wallitis, but sadly, my room is too small to move things away from them 😔💔🤣

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