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Mr. Kate

Join me, Mr. Kate, as I take you on a journey through life, style, interior design, and DIY!

  • Crafty Girl Artist
    Crafty Girl Artist

    and are u going to do collen balingers twin nursery?

  • Crafty Girl Artist
    Crafty Girl Artist

    ok ok what if what if joey and kate have a baby girl and name her sun or like sunny

  • genesis

    now its filled with trucks!

  • Natalie Carragher
    Natalie Carragher

    Live this room makeover because she has the same bed that I actually have so I know how to make it look good now

  • Andi Trux
    Andi Trux

    I love this, it is soo cute and girly. Perfect for the Amyah since she’s a teenager and great for Arazo.

  • Andi Trux
    Andi Trux

    I love the Maze Lee family and this design was perfect for the girls.

  • Technicolor-mom

    Oh hi Moon baby ! 🌒🌝 little man on the moon ♥️ you both have come so far you deserve this all the best. Keep em coming following you since 300 subbies lol

  • Technicolor-mom

    Holy Cat fart !! Now that’s how you do funky minimalistic!! What an amazing gift

  • T ELAM
    T ELAM


  • Victor Abate
    Victor Abate

    Not interested

  • décor

    Wow this looks makeover makes the room look so expensive!

  • Jennifer Escalante
    Jennifer Escalante

    How do I messages them to redo my room??

  • Lisa -
    Lisa -

    love the vanity

  • Nature's Voice
    Nature's Voice

    omg i also got an aiestream last year!! 16FT... so schmall i love it! You guys wanna redo it? ahah i live in Hollywood :)

  • Melanie Thomas
    Melanie Thomas

    Breaking beige with white walls, beige curtains and a brown leather couch...did I get punked?

  • Tiger Indian
    Tiger Indian


  • Natasha Kalanda
    Natasha Kalanda

    Is there a closet?

    • melanie s.
      melanie s.

      nah dont think so but there wasnt any in the first place

  • Leah Brown
    Leah Brown

    That is so amazing you are a wonderful parents

  • Ginger Black
    Ginger Black

    The Winston sofa? What are the dimensions of the couch?

  • Arini Mukherjee
    Arini Mukherjee

    I’m sure Kate got inspired by this pink wig 💖

  • Nature's Voice
    Nature's Voice

    im Vintage-Eclectic :)

  • Zeynel Cul
    Zeynel Cul

    Too cute 😍

  • Lillian Smith Whyte
    Lillian Smith Whyte


  • Deborah Blackshear
    Deborah Blackshear

    Beautiful girls.

  • Popoola Anuoluwapo
    Popoola Anuoluwapo

    You guys are doing an awesome job. I love it 😍

  • Deborah Blackshear
    Deborah Blackshear

    Beautiful girls

  • Gianella Mena Gonzenbach
    Gianella Mena Gonzenbach

    So cute

  • Sidney Mireles
    Sidney Mireles

    does anyone know where they got the nightstands from?! im in love with them and need them in my new place ASAP!!!

  • Cailyn Frazer
    Cailyn Frazer

    The fact that they involve moon in all of this melts my heart 🥺

  • Μαρία Ν
    Μαρία Ν

    Sooo beautiful and cute👶❤ he is

  • Christine Manjourides
    Christine Manjourides

    Beautiful job with that moon 🌝!! Let alone the ENTIRE PARTY! Happy birthday baby Moon!

  • MrMirimiria

    So adorable!!!



  • kilani delgado
    kilani delgado

    This is my favorite room!!! Absolutely Gorgeous.

  • Mishler Furramily
    Mishler Furramily

    Moon is so freakin adorable.

  • Naval Lote
    Naval Lote

    My god. You guys are my #2 fav couple, after Dax and Kristen. You have so much love oozing that I feel it sitting alone at home. I love your thoughtfulness and kindness and support for each other. I love your growth. I can just write an essay just describing your love.

  • Cerena Leigh
    Cerena Leigh

    Austin is a garbage person and I feel horrible for his family but Mr.Kate & Joey did an amazing job giving these kids a place they can use as a sanctuary away from their dysfunctional father.

  • Carilyn Jurgeson
    Carilyn Jurgeson

    Very nice..I really like this for decorating inspiration. TFS

  • V Thao
    V Thao

    If it was my room, I would have preferred 8 mirrors, just so I can do one for each member and then one for all of them

  • Ginger Black
    Ginger Black

    Do you ever get to Bakersfield, CA?

  • Simran Mehta
    Simran Mehta

    I love you so much. You are so inspiring . Because of you, I made a cool painting on my room wall. My father was so proud of me because of you and wanted me to make one in his office room. However , I could not make one because we got shifted a while ago.but I'm do it soon. My drawing is really good and I'm gonna make my dad's drawing and framing it and so many cool projects through your ideas and inspiring videos. Again, thank you so much for helping lots. I wish I could meet you in real life but because I am from India, its quite not possible. Also, I don't have a brother, and I love moon so much. I think he is the cutest baby on this planet or the Universe. I wish that I could meet you, Joe and Moon. I have been following you from years and doing lots of DIY projects that everyone loved. I can't thank you enough for that. Love you. I hope you reply and I I didn't disturbed you. If you have an Instragram account can I talk to you. Please tell me soon. I just want to ask you about my projects and to get some great advice on that to improve it. I hope you reply and again, sorry for disturbing you.

  • Redonda Turner
    Redonda Turner

    Ehat s cutie

  • Natalie Carragher
    Natalie Carragher

    Colleen said someone who was the perfect person was going to make her twins nursery I bet it’s Joey and Kate

  • My Fake Bones
    My Fake Bones

    What do I have to do to get you guys to do my room ?!

  • Zakenzie Ausmus
    Zakenzie Ausmus


  • Bella And Priscilla
    Bella And Priscilla


  • Dee KK
    Dee KK

    I love that carpeting or blanket on the floor when he was a baby! It’s gorgeous And so is the kid

  • Hunter Andrews
    Hunter Andrews

    “When are you going to have a nursery!?” -Colleen *a few videos later* “Omg we’re having a baby!”

  • Hermione Vestey
    Hermione Vestey

    am i the only one hear from 2021

  • Sofia Varvaro
    Sofia Varvaro

    I need that light fixture!! help!

  • Toniyah Brady
    Toniyah Brady

    Joey! You are underrated!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

  • V Ell
    V Ell

    It's funny how Colleen actually wanted that famous wall off. And changed a lot xDd

  • Gwenyfith

    Is it just me or does Rebecca look exactly like Barbara Hershey from Beaches?

  • Gwenyfith

    I really need to know which wand is in that Ollivander's box.

  • Holly Ho
    Holly Ho

    I love mama Kate!!

  • Helen Glover
    Helen Glover


  • G Mom
    G Mom

    don't like this make over, the desk should have been painted.

  • Queen Jene
    Queen Jene

    Love the sherbet colors!

  • Sarah Adeniran
    Sarah Adeniran

    Wow, this is mind-blowingly beautiful. The way you married both Azaio and Akyli's tastes and even have a sleek/modern touch in the midst of all the color with the desks is out of this world! I'm eager to see what you did for Amayah and Arazo! That one should be exciting.

  • veronica hargrove
    veronica hargrove


  • Nature's Voice
    Nature's Voice

    im binge watching... so good!

  • Whitney Chamberlain
    Whitney Chamberlain

    Happy late birthday Moon 🌙 your such a cool kid!

  • Annette Harris
    Annette Harris

    Ideas overload. I wanna do it all. I have wall-tie-est going to work on that soon.

  • Cailyn Frazer
    Cailyn Frazer

    Mr Kate sounded so sombre At first

  • anonymous horsey
    anonymous horsey

    I'm nearly 18 and I want the pump and splash setup

  • Ashton Heston
    Ashton Heston

    Btw that guy is obviously gay. Lmao his face when Kate mentioned the ladies coming over 😄😂

  • Ashton Heston
    Ashton Heston

    Why is the music teacher bringing kids into his room?

  • T'QUAH - Better to Believe
    T'QUAH - Better to Believe

    27:20 is such a fun montage!😂😂 love love looove this whole look!😭

  • T'QUAH - Better to Believe
    T'QUAH - Better to Believe

    Gallop's reaction is the best thing.😭 my favorite episode!!😔💕💕

  • Luclinta Vasquez
    Luclinta Vasquez

    Oh my god he is so handsome....😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😃😀😀

  • Karla Ponce
    Karla Ponce

    omg this is everything i lov e it im saving this for my move coming up so i can try to make my 2 year olds room like this

  • Bree Smith
    Bree Smith

    at 9:24 joey sounded like gru from despicable me

  • Patricia Blaylock
    Patricia Blaylock

    I actually absolutely love this room it's Galaxy mixed with like 80s and it's so awesome and you guys did an amazing job💖

  • Katelyn Pascal
    Katelyn Pascal

    This is a great one love this and they seemed soooo grateful

  • Mirian Cristiani da silva
    Mirian Cristiani da silva

    Bebê preguiça não se mexe.

  • kimberly ruper
    kimberly ruper

    What a cute little one!!!!

  • ThePrincessSausage

    That nightmare was everything xD lmao

  • Ruth Hennington
    Ruth Hennington

    Aww and Kate ended up pregnant a few months later