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  • 123 456
    123 456

    Kate, We would LOVE to see Moon's 2nd birthday celebration!!! ❤

  • carolina zelada m
    carolina zelada m

    BTS. Love 😭😭😭😭👑💜

  • millennium fox
    millennium fox

    Jorden should have won!

  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez

    What store did you got the wallpaper

  • Isabella Heyes
    Isabella Heyes

    Wait what there home less aww I thought they still leaves in the hype house

  • Glagys Krockel
    Glagys Krockel

    Adorable ❤🙏

  • millennium fox
    millennium fox

    That's an apartment so doesn't that mean you could get kicked out or have to pay tons of money if you paint the walls

  • Maddie Voges
    Maddie Voges

    haven’t been here in a little bit and omg moon is so cute! 😍

  • skye erin
    skye erin

    18 and a freshman ?

  • Jharana Behera
    Jharana Behera

    She is looking like halsey

  • Sami Miller
    Sami Miller

    You guys inspired me and are the reason why I’m majoring in interior and architecture design

  • Kreatif Consulting Concepts
    Kreatif Consulting Concepts

    Thank you for posting! The bathroom and plumbing is not highlighted here which I’m sure took a bit to finagle. Can you please film or share this in a garage space?

  • millennium fox
    millennium fox

    Their sponsor is literally a scam 🤣

  • Lyca G.
    Lyca G.

    I would REALLY REALLY LOVE to watch Moon's second birthday 😍

  • reenie rae
    reenie rae

    Lots of hand moment. Dizzy.

  • Al Gom
    Al Gom

    He's beautiful

  • Cassandra

    that’s so cute that they share a room with such a big age difference 😭 a lot of the comments forget that sometimes siblings with a larger age gap get on better. I mean I suppose if they do ever struggle to get on arazo can sleep in akyli and azaio’s room

  • B Esjanté
    B Esjanté

    I love your old mech. ❤️

  • oceanvs unicorn
    oceanvs unicorn


  • millionwonder

    How much is this total renovation and decoration costs?

  • Iridescent Unicorn Farts
    Iridescent Unicorn Farts

    So fun and inspirational a young girls dream.

  • Lmerc1101

    Oh my gosh as soon as I saw this video I clicked on it! I am an ARMY myself and it was amazing!

  • Lmerc1101

    I love what you did! I wish you could do my room!

  • Livie Vibez
    Livie Vibez


  • Erica Zirkelbach
    Erica Zirkelbach

    It’s just too good

  • Erica Zirkelbach
    Erica Zirkelbach

    It all looks very cute but I can’t with the wall of fucking back scratchers

  • Sheera Collections
    Sheera Collections

    Hi Mr Kate. I love the wallpaper very Pretty

  • Ellie Mahowald
    Ellie Mahowald

    i was very nervous seeing all of those colors but it turned out so good

  • Afiqah Aishah
    Afiqah Aishah

    This is my fav room so far. It is so full of character, and life and spirit and it looks so well together.

  • Cassidy Rescigno
    Cassidy Rescigno

    Wait they don’t go rug cuddle with moon?

  • ravit reitman
    ravit reitman


  • croozelee

    I have 5 crazy kids in my house

  • Nada

    Imagine growing up with creative parents the talents you will have 🔥

  • Rayna Dayal
    Rayna Dayal

    Is Amaya actually 16…. She is literally almost the height of her 9 year old sister and she (no offence) sounds 13 or 14…

  • Tatum DiGiovanni
    Tatum DiGiovanni


  • Leslie Hernandez
    Leslie Hernandez

    Leslie Hernandez me office home room you tube like laur Diy Alex wassabi fellsmere 100000$ Leslie Hernandez Diy

  • Diamond Emerson
    Diamond Emerson

    Ugh. You my dear are my hero! 🛠🛠

  • mads life
    mads life

    Yes moons birthday video is needed

  • Caroline Whitesides
    Caroline Whitesides

    I know you will probably never see this but my birthday is the July 10 th I’ll be turning 13 and my mom said I could redo my room but there are so many different ideas I have and I need some help I have been subscribed for probably 4years now and I love the work you do it would be a dream to have you come out and help me. If you see this I was wondering how I could reach out to y’all. I love y’all so much!!

  • Tik Tak
    Tik Tak

    Now Flynn is going to be an older brother to twins!

  • Reuben D
    Reuben D

    I don't really like this video series- rich people making over the houses of other rich people? ok. what about making over community centres, charity offices and homeless shelters? now THAT I would watch.

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa


  • Mirel Ortner
    Mirel Ortner

    Their parents look sooo young!!

  • Tammie Powell-Bishop
    Tammie Powell-Bishop

    Luv make over just subscribed

  • Gabriela Winkels
    Gabriela Winkels

    I just want to say that I started watching you guys while I was pregnant with my son. He was born a month before Moon and so I really felt connected to you during my maternity leave and I have a weird soft spot for you and moon because he reminds me of my little one. For every milestone you talk about for moon, my son is right behind. Love the show and how you’ve grown so much through the years. Just wanted to share how your little family brings me joy in such a unique and special way.

  • Feliza Viveros
    Feliza Viveros




  • Braelyn Beverly
    Braelyn Beverly

    I need to see moons birthday 🥳 vlog pls and I can not believe my little man is going to be TWO OMG 😳

  • Tatum DiGiovanni
    Tatum DiGiovanni

    21:53 HER HAIR IS GORGEOUS 😍😍😍


    I used too live in that house and y’all did y’all thank thank you!!!

  • SimplyTéa

    You guys should do a bedroom makeover using only 5-below products

  • Lynn

    IT LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!!💗💗💗💗

  • Fae Browne
    Fae Browne

    Wow! Gorgeously cute!

  • Rehana zafar
    Rehana zafar

    Spending 40 dollor in 1 diy it’s better to purchase 1 item in 40 dollor save the time and energy 😀

  • Nicole Eboni
    Nicole Eboni

    Very cute!!! but Montessori is not having all his toys out even in the basket 🧺 is technically having them all out, they should be stored away in a closet. It will be messy in 5 minutes.

  • A GZ
    A GZ

    They forgot their theme song??? I love this theme song!!!! :(

  • Scarlett Jones
    Scarlett Jones

    Omg two the moon birthday party from Scarlett spread the word

  • Donors For Africa
    Donors For Africa

    Big stuff🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Katie noseworthy
    Katie noseworthy

    I normally hate babies but yours is so cute

  • Volpina Vii
    Volpina Vii

    Who else thinks they should do this for her again since she is pregnant with twins now!!

  • cj wins
    cj wins

    This is so awesome! You guys are so great! What about the other 3 kids? 💗💜😊

  • Jolanda Jardine
    Jolanda Jardine

    first favorite twix second whoppers third party mix

  • Katie Petrovitz
    Katie Petrovitz

    Definitely would loveeeeeee more diys! 💕

  • Priyanka Dedhia
    Priyanka Dedhia

    I love this Room thanks Mr. Kate to make their days is true amazing to see other people happy .... You guys are awesome and are spreading positivity 😘 please never stop 🙂

  • Sue S
    Sue S

    I wished you show how udid the bedside table door looks so cool

  • Nichola Jones
    Nichola Jones

    Can you do a video on all the diy for moons birthday and preparing

  • LunaaaLovegood

    Liza and Kate are truly the definition of creative weirdos

  • Lasata Shakya
    Lasata Shakya

    WOW theres no way its the same room as before

  • ♡𝒶ℯ𝓈𝓉𝒽ℯ𝓉𝒾𝒸𝓍𝒷𝒷𝓎♡

    He grew so much

  • Wanupgurl

    you should so work with rosanna pansino next

  • Olivia Schexnider
    Olivia Schexnider

    Boom 2 years later she is going to have twins!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Portillo
    Elizabeth Portillo

    I vote yes fir moon birthday video

  • Nhyirax

    I recognized Amayah's bedroom from the thumbnail lol


    Your design technique is always epic.


    Very well done!

  • Amore Lucha
    Amore Lucha


  • Brenda Ayala
    Brenda Ayala

    How do you contact Mr.Kate? Cuz i have a small room small closest. I want them to help me make storage & how to organize it.

  • Stephanie Uribe
    Stephanie Uribe

    I LOVE THE MAZELEE family !!!!

  • Dijana Zdrnja
    Dijana Zdrnja

    I am teacher too, but from other country. Never mind that, i wanna say I would so in love in that bedroom. So "teacher, girly" style..😊