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Join me, Mr. Kate, as I take you on a journey through life, style, interior design, and DIY!


    Hi Kate & Joey, I am following you guys since 2018 when you had 1m following & after getting so much inspiration from your channel, I have pursued the certified qualification in Interior Design even I had a technical degree previously. I am also an mom of 6yr old boy & you inspire me so much to do something in life, you have such an adorable baby. Also, when it comes to DIY ur mind is like the CREATIVE HUB full of ideas, that is such a blessing…& by the way the backscratcher DIY idea was 👏 awesome…I would specially would love to them be wall mounted for…I always come to ur channel for inspiration whenever i need extra boost..thank you so much for everything guys :) xoxo 😘

  • Doggothegoodboi

    that black african bust is inappropriate in about 10,000 ways

  • Bridgette Butler
    Bridgette Butler

    Wait how come I was re watching sex and the city and saw Kate on the show in a trl scene .... What,... 😆 Soooo cute and ittle

  • Nancy Mayberry
    Nancy Mayberry

    Are you guys affected by the earthquake or volcano in tongue? Be safe!

  • Valerie Louter
    Valerie Louter

    you two are adorable 🥰🇨🇦

  • cj wins
    cj wins

    He’s a sweet kid 😍 he likes salad?!

  • ShinySilverLeaves

    I NEED to know where you got the little green and orange blankets for inside Moon's fabric playhouse! ❤❤

  • Kt85

    My husband and mil were not sure about the purple and green nursery colors i chose when we were still living at their there place before our own home. Now kids grown up it works for them since my daughter loves lilac (purple) and my son loves green. The green is almost the same color as your son room. So at the end of the day my husband happy he doesn't have to paint the room again 😄

  • Victoria D.
    Victoria D.

    I'm DYING over this room, I would like an exact copy of this please 😭

  • Betty Childs
    Betty Childs

    Such a special and creative space! The look on Moon’s face when he entered the room said it all. He was in awe of his new space. What a magical space and place you have created for him in your lives. He will always know he is loved. Someday we may be seeing a Mr Moon channel with his own designs.

  • Janna Fatouh
    Janna Fatouh


  • Tony Rose
    Tony Rose

    By far one of my favorite vid 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you guys are amazing parents can't wait to be able to do this for my son

  • Tony Rose
    Tony Rose

    OMG 🥺 I love Moon so much. Adorable bebe🥺❤️❤️❤️