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Mr. Kate
Mr. Kate

Join me, Mr. Kate, as I take you on a journey through life, style, interior design, and DIY!

  • jewel0411

    You two..yet again crack me up!

  • All My Things
    All My Things

    Moon is just the cutest!!

  • jewel0411

    Fyi ya'll need to break some beige in my house or just guide me as to what I can do!! TY in advance 😉

  • Abandoned YouTube channel
    Abandoned YouTube channel

    I can’t wait for moons room tour😩

  • jewel0411

    Love it! You two are awesome and so glad you do this for people who need help with their spaces!

  • Tasha Meyer
    Tasha Meyer


  • Summer Girl
    Summer Girl

    Oh I’m so excited to see how you change this house to your tropical paradise.

  • Lisa Bresler
    Lisa Bresler

    Its beautiful, but how do you make it dark enough to sleep?

  • Holly Hughes
    Holly Hughes

    Absolutely Beautiful transformation ❤ Call a locksmith maybe they could open Safe 😀

  • May

    Lovely room but sorry couldn't get on board with the ceiling decals, looked like mould growing on the ceiling 🙈


    I love the bedroom! It’s so peaceful! The nightstands are the best! I’m pondering if Moon will carry on the creativeness that the both of you have. I so enjoy Mr, Kate!

  • Emily R. Desantos
    Emily R. Desantos way

  • Chelsie Marie
    Chelsie Marie

    Love you guys! It would have be sweet to see the view of those decals from laying down on the bed!

  • Suzanne L
    Suzanne L

    Subtle and relaxing

  • Alka Sehrawat
    Alka Sehrawat

    What does ugly elephant (Garage ) means ? Pls let me know..;!

  • Grandma S
    Grandma S

    When Joey started putting up the ceiling decals I thought, "Oh, no, no, no Joey! You've got the angles all wrong." I was so relieved when Kate "fixed" it. OCD much? LOL

  • Ashley Noel Conklin
    Ashley Noel Conklin

    A table with the drum lid on top would be SO cool! And the hole would be perfect for the cords for a lamp, charger, clock, etc.

  • HickChick

    Love how great you two are with Moon!

  • Sa Mellows
    Sa Mellows

    Loved your end tables. As a guest, I don't want to leave a water ring from a beverage. As a guest, with minimum graces, all that white scares me, what if I spill or drip or drop something.... As a guest, I need a chair or a bench at the end of the bed to sit on to dress or while I wait for some one else to dress especially being a little older, want to sit on something solid to put on my shoes.

  • Monika Garcia Kuehn
    Monika Garcia Kuehn

    Excelente!!! Me encantó. ¡Los espero en México cuando quieran! Come over to my place...

  • jewel0411

    Love this video!

  • Adina A
    Adina A

    This is so cute and fun! Love that It’s called Ohana! Reminds me of lilo and stitch… actually the wile fun family and Hawaii and cute kid is like lilo and stitch! Love this channel

  • Melinda P. Ullrich
    Melinda P. Ullrich

    I really like the simplicity of the whole room. Like how cool, calm and airy it looks! Ahhh SPA VIBES!

  • Charity Grace
    Charity Grace

    That wall color with wood paneling is everything to me. I want to paint my whole living room that color

  • linzertube

    Now THAT’S a space in which to unwind and relax!! How SERENE! 🛏 🌴. The palm stickers on the ceiling were an inspired idea, as well as, the night tables. Incredible job, Kate, Joey and Moon!💕💕💕

  • Hannah Jean
    Hannah Jean

    19 24 15

  • Heather R
    Heather R

    The room is so beautiful and tranquil! Those tables 😘👌, I am seriously in need of a DIY tutorial break down on those! They are a must have! 😂😍

  • jewel0411

    You two are too cute...reminds me of me and my big sis....naturally I'm the baby of 5 siblings so yea I am a brat! Great job and love that house!!!

  • Pooja Ghosh
    Pooja Ghosh

    what is the color of the sheer curtain? Is it white or a different color?

  • Kebra Marshall
    Kebra Marshall

    What did Joey used to mount the baskets on the wall?