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Join me, Mr. Kate, as I take you on a journey through life, style, interior design, and DIY!

  • Kathryn Leland
    Kathryn Leland

    I really love the mix of black and white/kinda modern vibes with the vintage eclectic, honestly I was a little skeptical at first but its so good!! (Also Rebecca is so adorable what)

  • Falalongkornz

    This video did not age well.

  • Jessica Zambrano
    Jessica Zambrano

    Wow!! This room is so beautiful!

  • Dhq._Nekiesha tnt
    Dhq._Nekiesha tnt

    If she gets a tv she'll have to put the couch where the accent chairs are an mount the tv on that wall.

  • Gabriella Concepcion
    Gabriella Concepcion

    when they were singing to moon😭😭🥺🥺🥺

  • Samandishvare Venkatesan
    Samandishvare Venkatesan

    🙂Congrats to Steven n Sierra👏They must have been so so happy as they wanted this whimsical and magical room to be one💫🧚 fairy tale village for their baby🍼👼. Kate and Joey has done a fabulous job as everytime and not forgetting sweet moon telling all the colours and 🖌️🎨 painting...he's so adorable and cute in his own ways❣️

  • Denise Lippold
    Denise Lippold

    MOON BABY👨‍🦲💕💕

  • fatema rahmi
    fatema rahmi

    Imagine his girlfriend's name being LUNA 😍

  • lol &a
    lol &a

    i was weeping tears of joy while watching this entire video - incredible job mr. kate and congrats stephen & sierra - you deserve it! and baby girl ofc :)

  • Angela M
    Angela M

    It's cute, but I give those windows 2.25 years before they get poked out by curious fingers! I'm truly in awe of all the creative ideas y'all come up with. I also love how the viewer doesn't get the full reveal until the end, too.

  • Gia Marie
    Gia Marie

    This came out so beautiful!😍 Kate & Joey are so awesome at what they do and I just love how grateful and down to earth Sierra is!❤️

  • Brandy Abdelaziz
    Brandy Abdelaziz

    This removable mounting tape is this command strips? I’ve been spending sooo much on command strips. I want to do a family command center and do some floating shelves but the shelves fell. Your so inspiring. I wish you could makeover my master bedroom is this ugly American flag blue and I like pink gold and white. It’s so depressing. I’m searching for ideas. I thought about peel and stick or backsplash but Idk if that would work with the wall being so blue.

  • jaimietherese

    Where is the swag light from? 😍

  • Daisy D
    Daisy D

    He's a cute kid. Then and now.

  • Angel Talks
    Angel Talks

    I have watched SO MANY VIDEOS of Mr Kate but the way Joey looks at Kate while she speaks is just priceless!🥺

  • Aissatou Bah
    Aissatou Bah

    Beautiful family & furniture

  • Валя Щербакова
    Валя Щербакова

    Лапулька 👶🥰👍👍👍

  • Violette Luv
    Violette Luv


  • senni bgon
    senni bgon

    Omg!!!! I’ve waited so long for this. I love Sierra and Steven so much. I can’t wait to meet baby girl.

  • And WeRE fRoM AuStrAYA *
    And WeRE fRoM AuStrAYA *

    He is GORGEOUS 👀

  • jenna good
    jenna good

    kind of being rude, instead of laughing and making fun encourage

  • LittleA1210

    Why was the girl so rude to the boy he was not shaming her things and she was just shaming all of the things he was picking like how rude and he was nice to her even though she was being rude to him

  • mally cat
    mally cat


  • Quest Hedin
    Quest Hedin

    That is one BEAUTIFUL child

  • Melva Herrera
    Melva Herrera

    Omg 😆 that room makes me want to have another baby!! 😝

  • Shilpa Verma
    Shilpa Verma

    I luv u guys ❤

  • Mel B
    Mel B

    What a beautiful couple 💖 Would love an update on them ❤️

  • Snoodle Girl
    Snoodle Girl

    Sew fishing anchors corner beach blankets

  • Snoodle Girl
    Snoodle Girl

    I love that shirt

  • TwiggyBOD Sarav
    TwiggyBOD Sarav

    I love the white storage shelf and the toys. Where can I get them?

  • j m
    j m

    You guys r the best!

  • Keara Bartlett
    Keara Bartlett

    Wish you had painted the dresser knobs to match the rest of the gold :/

  • Mommieslittle LadyBug
    Mommieslittle LadyBug

    What state do you work on peoples houses

  • K Austin
    K Austin

    He is adorbs!

  • K Morris
    K Morris

    Although both designs were beautiful and both women worked very hard on their designs, I thought that Ashley's design was better than Hannah's. Ashley's felt cozy. Hannah's felt a little empty. Maybe it was the editing, but I thought that Mr. Kate and Joey coached Hannah a liiiiittle bit more....even when speaking with the judges.

  • Lusciouzz Gemiinii69
    Lusciouzz Gemiinii69

    That gene sais quoi two have birthed a specimen😍

  • Jennifer Katafias-Luna
    Jennifer Katafias-Luna

    Love the room! And as an ICU Covid nurse for over a year, I applaud your actions with safety regarding Covid. Thank you! 😘

  • Kaylee W
    Kaylee W

    Joey, as a drummer myself, i must say once a drummer, always a dummer

  • Antonella B. Caro
    Antonella B. Caro

    It's so cute!! 💖💖

  • Dani Parada
    Dani Parada

    I love the Moon looks like Justin Bieber with that outfit

  • shani yan
    shani yan

    Omg!!!! I’ve waited so long for this. I love Sierra and Steven so much. I can’t wait to meet baby girl.

  • Amie Marie Creative
    Amie Marie Creative

    Awww yay! I'm so excited! 1 of my fav people! This is going to be adorable!

  • Me

    how long has it been since I stopped watching yt moon is huge omg

  • Emmy Lucinda
    Emmy Lucinda

    I really wish I could find out where that zebra print tee Kate is wearing comes from!

  • Cosmos Adorabilis
    Cosmos Adorabilis

    I just love that you called him Moon!

  • Echo McClellan
    Echo McClellan

    I love both of these channels, so this was doubly awesome!!! ❤❤❤❤

  • Eleanor Anderson
    Eleanor Anderson


  • Tommi Poe
    Tommi Poe

    I’m just wondering if this girl is renting. I would love to see a makeover like this that is renter friendly.

  • misses elise
    misses elise

    this is the cutest freaking thing i’ve ever seen

  • misses elise
    misses elise

    the social distancing in this video is so funny

  • Deborah Huffman
    Deborah Huffman

    It looks really nice. But we're did everything in the closet get put.

  • A Gungor
    A Gungor

    Didn’t see the Doula doing the Csection. 🙄. Please just go to the hospital. It’s there to help! She prob would have had a different journey if she went at the beginning, still the same outcome of a c-section. But prob wouldn’t have been in SO much pain for so long. And yes I said PAIN! Bc that is what it is!

  • Mariah Chantel
    Mariah Chantel

    this is a studio apartment/????

  • seventh child
    seventh child


  • Kendall Sutton
    Kendall Sutton

    It takes a village (to raise a baby)! Amazing room! LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • Miss Melody
    Miss Melody

    Excuse me while I ugly cry.

  • Sushma Gaur
    Sushma Gaur

    U guys are amazing

  • Slowed Audios
    Slowed Audios

    Hes literally gorgeous

  • Dada Zubeda
    Dada Zubeda

    Moon is the coolest kid in the universe. Soo cute

  • vito 97
    vito 97

    Omg this room is so magical, I could live in it. SO CUTE!

  • Cici Marques
    Cici Marques

    Omg you guys! This nursery is just magical! Perfect! Beautiful 😻 beautiful 😻

  • BroBeckham

    A year later and I’m still stuck at home and just found this video lol 😂

  • Opie H
    Opie H

    It’s a small world Disney decoration

  • Sarah VanHouten
    Sarah VanHouten

    This is soooo perfect 😍😍😍😍

  • Jessica Nkatha
    Jessica Nkatha

    How can a nursery look better than my room 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Surifushion

    You two are brilliant. I love the design.

  • Orgoglioso Orgoglioso
    Orgoglioso Orgoglioso

    Quanto mi piaci 💪✌🇮🇹💯

  • zaynab

    Baby got $wag

  • Carla Souza
    Carla Souza

    i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove sierra....... and mr. kate

  • drink z coffee
    drink z coffee

    I know no one is the end all authority on kiddos but I'd like to thank you guys for letting Moon paint with you and bang on paint cans and generally just enjoy himself while being in your workspace. Things like that can be a bit difficult/ overwhelming for parents, and rightly so for many reasons. But giving kiddos a chance to be themselves in those environments can be so healthy for their mental development. So thank you from the bottom of my soul and from my inner child (I honestly think watching the way you include Moon helps my inner kiddo heal). Much Love ✨💚💙💜❤✨

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotoo

    know about how you learn all their preferences?

  • Pragya Jha
    Pragya Jha

    I'm crying....😭

  • tannamerie

    Mr. Kate, you are a creative genius!

  • Susi Figueroa
    Susi Figueroa

    Who would unlike this 🤨

  • Susi Figueroa
    Susi Figueroa

    Oh my god... they always do such an amazing job!!! I love this room its so creative and unique it’s amazing!! Fantastic job! 🥰

  • Sierra Aceves
    Sierra Aceves

    WHEN IS MR.KATE FURNITURE RESTOCKING!!!!!! I can’t find the daphne light gray velvet queen bed anywhere!

  • Kaia Falcon
    Kaia Falcon

    omg where are those pastel bins from in the reading area!!! <3

  • Audrey Bourgeois
    Audrey Bourgeois

    It makes me sad to see that instead of this family rushing to decorate the kids room and get the girls comfy and settled, the dad decided to do communal spaces instead.